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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – MemeCoinDAO, Moon App, UNODEX 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Newly released crypto assets can offer buyers a higher return on investment (ROI) – today, we review various new coins on the market.

The crypto industry faces an unexpected dilemma as the Bitcoin ETF approval appears contrary to investors’ expectations. Forty-eight hours after ETF approval, BTC has lost Nearly 5% of its value, and recovery is not apparent. 

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

Ultimately, now might be the best time to pay attention to new crypto opportunities as the industry anticipates a clear path to recovery. Today, MemeCoinDAO, Moon App, and Unodex are some of the latest arrivals on the market. 

Also, Bitcoin Minterix earns its place as one of the best-performing presales. Below is a quick highlight of the market in the last 24 hours, particularly in new cryptocurrency releases, listings, and presale categories. 

1. Moon App (APP) 

According to its website, the Moon App project aims to improve how investors make money On-Chain. It claims it features advanced bots that enhance the transaction execution rate. 

Furthermore, Moon App says it offers hands-free trading capability to users through simple bot commands. With the feature, users provide detailed parameters to the bots, and it executes trades based on the details provided. The project’s vision is to help traders and investors identify and tap into opportunities in the low market, especially with small market cap projects. Below is additional information about the project gleaned from its CoinMarketCap page. 

Moon App

Moon App is an Injective-focused launchpad superapp, integrating advanced on-chain trading bots – trading, placing on-chain limit orders, sniping presales, sniping liquidity, and sandwiching bot, available to retail users. Moon App is the fastest-growing Injective app, with 270k users on the App Store, Play Store, and Web App. Thankfully, ex-Binance, ex-Kraken, and ex-MoonPay team are behind the project.

Moon App is Ethereum-based, with the APP token as its native cryptocurrency. In the last 24 hours, APP recorded a trading volume of $9,369,347, and its price is $0.039156. In addition, the circulating supply of APP is reportedly 405 million coins, while its maximum supply has a value of 3 billion tokens. Traders can find the new token on Bybit, Bitget,, KuCoin, and MEXC. Also, it has a ranking of ranking is #2311 on CoinMarketCap


It describes itself as the first decentralized trading application using its Ethereum NODE and including revolutionary protocols. It claims it provides a multi-function trading system to help improve traders’ experience in the market. According to the project’s website, some of the tools it features include copy trading systems, sniper, social trading features, etc. 

Moreover, it claims that its vision is to become the revolutionary trading system that traders turn to when thinking about earning remarkable results in the market. According to its website, another key feature of the UNODEX project is the goal to bridge the gap between CEX and DEX. It claims to put the infrastructure in place to activate the transaction between these platforms. Readers can find further details about the project in the snippet below. 

Unodex Price Chart

UNODEX is a hybrid trading platform (between DEX and CEX) using Ethereum NODE and RPC. UNODEX can offer transactions up to 25x faster than any other current platform, with gas fees reduced by up to 30%. Through the interface, users have access to classic trading functions such as BUY/SELL limit orders, the sniper function, a dedicated dashboard that allows them to track their journey and progress in DeFi, and many more features to come in the upcoming updates. 

UNODEX is one of the latest projects in the Ethereum ecosystem, with the UNODEX token as its native cryptocurrency. Today, over $204,598 worth of UNODEX moved across the market, and its Circulating supply is 100 million coins. Similarly, the new token has a maximum supply of 100 million tokens. At press time, investors can buy UNODEX on Uniswap v2. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

3. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) 

It’s only two days before the price of BTCMTX increases again. Investors who understand the crypto market dynamics know that the market often moves in response to BTC news. With the BTC halving happening in a few days, now is the best time to take a position in the market. 

Capitalizing on BTC price action may not necessarily require investors to own the back of the asset. Alternatively, investors can venture into BTC mining to profit from the prospective trend resulting from the halving. 


However, one of the barriers to entry in the cryptocurrency mining sector is the equipment price. Also, the competitive nature of the industry makes it difficult to achieve profitability early enough. 

Thus, the Bitcoin Minetrix project aims to democratize the BTC mining practice. Several investors can come together and own a Bitcoin Cloud Mining system. Each investor holds the system’s underlying asset, the BTCMTX. As the business improves and attains profitability, the value of BTCMTX also climbs with it.


Overall, the gains of BTCMTX became the benefit of the investors who participated in the project, especially the early investors. At press time, BTCMTX sells for $0.0128. Sadly, the price will only last for 2 days. It’s best to get on board before the BTCMT price increases. 

Visit the Bitcoin Minetrix presale.

4. MemeCoinDAO (MEMES) 

Regarding trading, accessibility, efficiency, and profitability are the most critical factors determining a platform’s value. MemecoinDAO claims it’s out to democratize the rapidly evolving DeFi sector of the crypto industry. It claims it allows traders to manage their portfolios on the Solana blockchain. According to its whitepaper, some of the core value propositions of MemeCoinDAO include high throughput, low transaction cost, and Strong scalability. The snippet below offers additional information about the project. 

Our approach is about breaking down barriers and making sophisticated trading tools available and easily navigable for everyone. We cater to all users, from those just starting in DeFi to profoundly experienced traders, ensuring equitable access to advanced trading resources.


MemeCoinDAO is part of the Solana chain, and its native crypto is the MEMES coin. The token has a price of $0.008555 today with a trading volume of $300,382. Currently, the project ranks #2863 on CoinMarketCap. Jupiter and Raydium are some of the exchanges where investors can find MEMES. Plus, it has an undisclosed maximum and circulating supply value. 

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