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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – Laika AI, CRYPTON, SolarX

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The market is experiencing significant activity, particularly with the imminent decision on the first wave of spot Ethereum ETFs. Investors eagerly anticipate a positive outcome, hoping to capitalize on a bullish cryptocurrency trend.

Simultaneously, the market is flooded with new cryptocurrency releases, listings, and presales. This article comprehensively reviews various tokens, discussing their features, utilities, and potential market viability.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Laika AI integrates artificial intelligence with blockchain technology to provide decentralized intelligence solutions. Concurrently, Crypton seeks to mitigate risks in digital asset markets by transforming volatility into predictability. Meanwhile, SolarX, an innovator in eco-friendly cryptocurrency mining technology, has recently established crucial partnerships, marking pivotal strides in its operational strategy. 

Additionally, 99Bitcoins, supported by over $2.2 million in funding, has introduced an innovative blockchain education platform to enhance user comprehension through interactive learning. Furthermore, Brazil’s tax authority plans to summon foreign crypto exchanges for information.

1. Laika AI (LKI)

Laika AI is an innovative project combining artificial intelligence with blockchain technology to offer decentralized intelligence solutions. In the rapidly evolving Web3 environment, Laika AI provides advanced tools and analytics to enhance users’ security and experience within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

A standout feature of Laika AI is its multi-chain wallet tracking. This tool allows users to monitor significant whale transactions and institutional movements effortlessly. It also offers personal wallet oversight, enhancing asset security and management through real-time monitoring and tailored alerts. Furthermore, the intuitive Web3 interface makes these tools accessible to traders, developers, and crypto enthusiasts, keeping them informed and proactive.

LKI Price Chart

Additionally, LAI token holders enjoy several exclusive benefits. They have access to premium features and services, including advanced AI models, additional functionality within the AI extension, and specialized training programs. Token holders can also stake their tokens to support the network and earn rewards, promoting long-term participation. Additionally, they may receive exclusive discounts and priority access to future products and events, encouraging active engagement within the ecosystem.

Laika AI has forged strategic alliances to bolster its offerings. Notably, its collaboration with Google for Startups provides crucial support and infrastructure. Furthermore, partnerships with entities like Novastro Chain, Your AI, Nimble Network, Optopia AI, and NESA enhance Laika AI’s security, efficiency, scalability, and innovative AI capabilities, underscoring its commitment to continuous improvement.

Recent developments include the upcoming release of Laika AI V6, which integrates AI chatbot controls across the ecosystem. This upgrade aims to simplify complex analyses. Moreover, the platform now supports over 18 blockchains, enhancing its analytics across the crypto landscape. In conclusion, Laika AI stands out in Web3 by providing essential tools and establishing strong partnerships to enhance blockchain and cryptocurrency interactions.


Crypton aims to reduce risks in the digital asset markets by converting volatility into predictability. Using “Narrow AI,” Crypton develops dynamic investment strategies responding to anticipated market shifts. This technology is designed to mitigate investment risks, attracting traditional investors, including high-net-worth individuals, fund managers, and institutional investors. The goal is to foster long-term, sustainable investments that enhance market capitalization, liquidity, and stability of digital assets.

Moreover, Crypton has partnered with Tony Bridge Bot, integrating it into Crypton’s sniper and buy bots. This collaboration positions Tony as the primary bridge within the Crypton ecosystem, aiming to simplify bridging functionalities for users. Consequently, the integration is expected to enhance the user experience by offering seamless bridging capabilities and unlocking new potentials.

CRYPTON Price Chart

Additionally, Crypton has joined forces with DexTon, allowing them to incorporate DexTon’s advanced charting features. This partnership will likely improve the quality of token purchase decisions. Enhanced charting capabilities will give users better insights and data for informed decision-making.

In another strategic move, Crypton has partnered with $TORK. Through this collaboration, Crypton will share 30% of the revenue from transaction fees of users who purchase TORK via a specific referral link. This revenue-sharing model is designed to benefit both parties and encourage user engagement.

Furthermore, Crypton has announced a collaboration with $Tepe to advance the TON network. This partnership focuses on co-developing projects to propel the network forward, integrating $Tepe into the Crypton team to achieve mutual growth and development.

Crypton has also been positively verified by TonKeeper, a significant milestone that marks a moment of recognition and trust within the TON community. This verification will enhance Crypton’s credibility and foster greater user and stakeholder confidence.

3. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

99Bitcoins, a well-funded initiative with over $2.2 million backing, has launched an innovative blockchain education platform to enhance user understanding through interactive learning. The project’s development team recently unveiled a significant initiative: a $99,999 Bitcoin airdrop targeting early community participants. This move forms part of their broader strategy to encourage learning through a “Learn-to-Earn” approach, where users acquire blockchain insights via platform courses and quizzes.

Participants will receive 99BTC directly in their wallets as a reward. Additionally, long-term holders can benefit from substantial annual percentage yields (APYs), reaching 762%. The project’s tokenomics framework, detailed in its whitepaper, is gaining recognition for its meticulous distribution strategy. With a capped total supply of 99 billion tokens, allocations include 10.5% for presale buyers, 14% for staking rewards, and 44.5% for community incentives and project growth.

The ongoing airdrop campaign aims to select 99 winners from a pool of over 6,900 entries, with winners set to be announced on July 19th. The 99BTC token strongly emphasizes education, strategic tokenomics, and enticing rewards, offering an appealing proposition for crypto enthusiasts seeking educational opportunities and potential returns.

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4. SolarX (SXCH)

SolarX, a pioneer in eco-friendly cryptocurrency mining technology, has recently forged significant partnerships that mark pivotal steps in its operational strategy. One notable collaboration is with Three Protocol AI, a platform decentralizing marketplaces to foster inclusivity in eCommerce and real-world asset transactions. 

This partnership enables SolarX to list its innovative solar-powered miners on Three Protocol’s platforms, facilitating broader accessibility and awareness through educational initiatives on cryptocurrency mining.

SXCH Price Chart

SolarX has joined forces with Pop Social, a leading decentralized chat platform, to enhance community engagement and explore new collaborative opportunities. This strategic alliance is poised to amplify SolarX’s market presence and bolster its ecosystem.

Furthermore, SolarX has announced a strategic partnership with Spield Trading, renowned for its exceptional financial performance in 2023, achieving $1.8 billion in net profit for its partners. This collaboration aims to leverage SolarX miners for market-making activities, tapping into new avenues for growth and profitability.

In a significant development, SolarX has expanded its blockchain capabilities through partnerships aimed at blockchain creation and utilizing SolarX miners for block validation. This expansion underscores SolarX’s commitment to powering its proprietary blockchain and others within its ecosystem using a mining algorithm akin to Bitcoin’s.

These collaborations position SolarX at the forefront of sustainable cryptocurrency mining, effectively leveraging partnerships to enhance technological capabilities and market reach. SolarX solidifies its role in shaping the future of eco-friendly blockchain solutions and sustainable mining practices with these initiatives.

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