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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today – KYVE Network, Wall Street Memes, ASENIX ENIX

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Kyve 2
Kyve 2

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InsideBitcoins regularly reviews new cryptocurrency releases, ICOs, and the latest CoinMarketCap listings to add to your watchlist.

Today’s list features assets on exchanges in the last 24 hours. The review presents a quick overview of each asset without risking information overloading. 

With the information provided below, traders and crypto investors should be able to stay updated on the new token that goes on the market daily. 

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

Besides listed assets, the heights below also cover the crypto presales on their way to explosive growth. Wall Street Memes, for example, has raised millions in presale funds even before going on exchanges. What it means is that something unique about the project must draw investors. We delve into its details later in the article. Read to the end to find out. 

1. KYVE Network (KYVE)

The KYVE Network Stack is leveraged as a Data Lake and Data Pipeline model to enable users to access accurate and consistent data across the web3 space.  

According to the information in its whitepaper, the platform uses a trustless technique to query and validate data in the web3 space before disseminating it to the end user. 

Furthermore, it claims to provide on-chain and off-chain tools that allow for fast and easy solutions to data decentralization, validation, immutability, and retrieval. In their claims, these solutions will revolutionize how developers, data engineers, and clothes access trustless data. 

KYVE Network Price Chart

More invocations are contained in its CoinMarketCap description. A quick snippet is shared below.

KYVE Network is revolutionizing customized access to on- and off-chain data by providing fast and easy tooling for decentralized data validation, immutability, and retrieval. With KYVE, developers, node runners, data analysts, and more no longer need to worry about tedious querying or relying on centralized, non-validated data solutions when building for the future. Rely on KYVE as your trustless data hub.

From the information available on its website and CoinMaakretCap page, we gathered a brief overview of KYVE tokens. The token’s price is $0.066804, with a trading volume of $441,997 in the last 24 hours. Also, KYVE recorded a market cap of $20.03M, based on its price at press time. 

Finally, CoinMakretCap ranks the token at #2470, and its total supply is pegged at 1.04B tokens. Besides being featured on CoinMarketCap, the token is listed on and BTSE. Find out about other tokens like KYVE here.

2. AggrX (AGGRX)

AggrX also lists new cryptocurrency releases, listings & presales today. The token went live on CoinMarketCap in the last 24 hours and is described as a bot that leverages the 1inch API to provide coin swap services across chains. 

1inch is best known for its exchange aggregation. Hence, AggrX claims to use the platform’s capability to help users swap coins conveniently, primarily through the telegram platform. 

Moreover, it also states that users leveraging the platform for swap services can swap up to 50 cryptocurrencies. In its claims, its solution does not require users to connect their wallets to the platform.

AggrX Price Chart

 How it works and the benefits its new cryptocurrency releases offer are highlighted on its CoinMarketCap coin page, and a brief portion is shared below. 

The Telegram bot, AggrX, is an aggregator not designed to optimize crypto swaps and find the best prices across different blockchain networks. The bot allows users to swap their crypto assets seamlessly and efficiently while ensuring privacy, security, and minimal transaction costs. It supports multiple blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Arbitrum, Tron, Polygon, and much more, enabling users to perform cross-chain transactions. The bot’s interface is user-friendly and provides real-time updates on swap transactions.

AGGRX is currently priced at $0.289702, with a trading volume of $110,625. According to CoinMarketCap, the new crypto coin is ranked at #2965. Its CoinMarketCap, as measured by its current price, is $306,821.81. 

Furthermore, its total supply is 1 million tokens. Information about its circulating supply is currently unavailable. However, the token is listed on Uniswap V2, according to data shared on CoinMarketCap. 


Still on new cryptocurrency listings, another token that went live in the last 24 hours is the ASENIX. The native cryptocurrency of the platform is the ENIX token. The new cryptocurrency project is described as the solution to our planet’s embattled water bodies and sea life. 

According to the information gathered from its whitepaper, the project uses advocacy, research, funding, and blockchain technology to fight for, defend and save the oceans and ecosystems on the planet. 

Its CoinMarketCap page shares further information, and some of it is captured below. 

ASENIX Price Chart

ASENIX is the first web3 platform that supports and invests in teams committed to developing swift, innovative solutions to ocean pollution. The ASENIX Initiative is committed to achieving long-term, robust protection for the most crucial areas of the oceans for both current and future generations. ASENIX supports the implementation of Goals 12 & 14 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are committed to safeguarding our oceans and ecosystem through funding, encouraging, and supporting scientific research (through our ecosystem), as well as educating and increasing public awareness on the impact of non-sustainable lifestyles on the oceans and ecosystems.

However, a warning note on its CoinMarketCap page indicates that Asenix’s contract can be modified. Therefore, users should approach the platform with caution. 

ASENIX has a price of $0.001587 at press time, resulting in a fully diluted market cap of $693,620. Furthermore, CoinMarketCap ranks the new token at #2734, and its max supply is pegged at 500,000 tokens. ASENIX is listed on MEXC. 

4. SeaPad (SPT)

Based on the information in its whitepaper, SeaPad is a new cryptocurrency project providing a trusted launchpad to help improve web3 adoption. 

The project claims to provide the platform where innovative web3 and blockchain-based projects can take off. In its claim, the project provides the needed tools, support, and even fundraising opportunities to teams with creative ideas. 

Moreover, it claims that the platform allows investors to identify and key into emerging projects with the potential to become a winning project. 

SeaPad Price Chart

Additional information is provided on CoinMarketCap and featured below. 

SeaPad is a fair and trusted launchpad platform on the Sui network that accelerates creative ideas and brings projects to life. SPT is the native utility token used for * Higher Priority in Seed/Private Rounds * Platform Governance * Token Earnings * Token Swapping/Exchange * Fee Discounts for Services. Unlike many other launchpad platforms focusing on the IDO only, Seapad has many options to launch a project based on the project situation, such as Incubator, Seed, Private, and Public round. One of SeaPad’s visions is to help with web3 mass adoption. 

SPT has a price of $0.1036 today, according to the information on CoinMarketCap. It also has a market cap of $635,614.99, calculated based on its current price. Besides, it has a maximum supply of 1 million tokens; the new coin is listed on MEXC. 

What Might Be The Best Cryptocurrency To Buy?

While newly listed tokens offer the prospect of amassing sizable returns in the long run, rug pull has immense risks. As a matter of fact, CoinMarketCap community page is littered with stories of new cryptocurrency listings that ended in rug pull. 

On that account, it’s better to identify and monitor cryptocurrencies still in the presale phase. With that, investors can keep a close eye on the team and review the engagement of the community. The Below one featured a presale that’s currently making a killing across social media.

5. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

Wall Street Memes is still recording immense progress at its presale. At press time, investors have committed $22,290,843.44, making it among the highest-grossing presales. 

Unlike the conventional investment community, Wall Street memes set themselves apart by establishing different philosophies. Its community is focused on the mutual drive and a fun atmosphere rather than the overt focus on money and profit. 

With the WSM philosophy, prosperity comes from the community being able to lift each other. 

However, it makes no guarantees. It only serves as the platform for investors with shared values and goals to come together. It offers the leadership, the team, the interface, and the bond, which is the WSM token. 

At press time, WSM is offered for $0.0331 and will go to $0.0334 in another four days. Degen investors can take advantage of this. The presale page provides additional information.

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