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Binance has invested in Zircuit, a provider of on-chain security, to enhance investor security measures. This move underscores the evolving trading landscape in the cryptocurrency sector. The adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to expand, with token owners increasing by more than 32% in 2024.

Traders are increasingly attracted to newly released cryptocurrencies, listings, and presales due to their potential for significant gains despite their lower market capitalization. InsideBitcoins carefully selects and presents these tokens, offering insights into their features, utilities, and market potential.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today stands out as a leading decentralized AI computing network, offering machine learning engineers affordable access to scalable distributed clusters, contrasting sharply with centralized services. UbitEx has emerged as a key player in derivatives trading, catering specifically to market makers. 

GINANCE operates as a vibrant Web3 platform concentrated on game development and publishing. Backed by substantial funding exceeding $2.1 million, 99Bitcoins has launched a pioneering blockchain education platform to enhance user knowledge through interactive learning. Bitcoin prices have surged following new data indicating a slowdown in inflation during May.

1. (IO) is a prominent decentralized AI computing network that empowers machine learning engineers to access scalable distributed clusters at a much lower cost than centralized services. The platform assembles clusters with tens of thousands of co-located or geo-distributed GPUs. It ensures low latency for users. Moreover, leverages decentralized platforms like Render, which specializes in image rendering, and Filecoin, which focuses on storage. These platforms contribute to their computing capacity, thereby monetizing their resources with AI and ML companies.

IO Price Chart

By fostering an ecosystem where compute power acts as a currency, significantly reduces costs for AI and machine learning innovators. Consequently, this makes AI more accessible worldwide. The platform supports several use cases, including deploying on decentralized clusters and streamlining cluster deployment for ML workloads. Additionally, it offers pre-configured deployment options for popular ML stacks and enables instant payment through Solana Pay.

Furthermore, has formed several strategic partnerships to enhance its capabilities and influence within the AI and machine learning landscape. These partnerships include collaborations with ChainGPT to advance decentralized computing and Synthetic AI for on-demand synthetic data generation. also partners with for mutual activation, technical cooperation, and NavyAI to enhance AI development and training. 

RapidNode brings powerful worker nodes to its community, and Ultiverse pioneers the future of AI and gaming with the Internet of GPUs. Therefore, these collaborations underscore’s commitment to creating a cost-effective and scalable computing network, positioning it as a significant player in the future of AI development.

2. UbitEx (UB)

UbitEx emerges as a pivotal player in derivatives trading, specifically tailored for market makers. Established in 2024 by Cambridge University graduates Alex Sandor and Nick, the exchange aims to democratize market access by eliminating high capital requirements.

A standout feature of UbitEx is its proprietary FlyLeopard technology, recognized for technical excellence in AI through awards like the SegmentFault AIGC Hackathon in 2021. This technology introduces AI agent services, diversifying trading products and enhancing user interactions.

UB Price Chart

The platform offers forward-looking services, including lending, a project launchpad, cryptocurrency stock trading linked to ETFs, support for public blockchain infrastructure, a cryptocurrency payment system, and educational resources via Ubit Academy. These services adapt to evolving trader needs, seamlessly blending cryptocurrency with traditional finance.

Central to UbitEx’s ecosystem is the $UB token, designed to decentralize income streams and meet diverse financial needs. $UB optimizes mining revenue by addressing decentralized Sequencer mining challenges, ensuring reliable income for participants. It also promotes continuous liquidity overflow, enhancing user engagement and ecosystem activity.

Moreover, $UB drives value appreciation by leveraging its native asset-driven approach, fostering an environment conducive to natural asset growth. This mechanism creates significant financial opportunities for users while bolstering the overall health and vibrancy of the UbitEx platform.

UbitEx leads trading innovation with its AI-friendly approach and diverse service offerings. Through its technological prowess and commitment to accessibility, the platform aims to reshape the future of trading, making it more inclusive and prosperous for all users.

3. GNB (GNB)

GINANCE operates as a dynamic Web3 platform focused on game production and publishing. It aims to foster a mutually beneficial environment for developers and players worldwide. The platform leverages advanced AI technologies to streamline and accelerate game development processes, empowering developers to prioritize creativity and design.

Its decentralized project launch mechanism is a standout feature powered by blockchain technology. This ensures transparency and equity in project launches and fundraising efforts, providing every project with a fair opportunity for success.

GNB Price Chart

To encourage community engagement, GINANCE implements a proactive user participation incentive plan. This plan includes token rewards and other incentives to actively involve users in the platform ecosystem and promote sustainable community growth.

GNB, the platform’s native token, has a total supply of 10 billion tokens and no future issuance planned. It plays a pivotal role within the ecosystem. It functions as both voting and payment tokens for projects launching on the LaunchPad. It will expand as a payment token across various DeFi and GameFi applications within the ecosystem.

In addition to its utility within the platform ecosystem, GNB serves practical in-game functions such as purchasing items from the game shop, upgrading characters, and seamlessly facilitating on-chain transactions.

Recently, GINANCE announced a strategic partnership with Oyster Labs, marking a significant collaboration in the industry. As part of this alliance, GINANCE plans to distribute a special airdrop to Universal smartphone users, founders, and previous token holders, underscoring its commitment to community expansion and user benefits.

GINANCE is a driving force in the evolving GameFi sector, harnessing AI-driven technologies and blockchain innovations to propel innovation and community growth. With clear tokenomics and a robust ecosystem strategy, GINANCE aims to establish a leading presence in the Web3 gaming landscape.

4. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

99Bitcoins, a well-financed initiative with over $2.1 million in funding, has introduced an innovative blockchain education platform to enhance user understanding through interactive learning. The project’s development team recently unveiled a significant initiative: a $99,999 Bitcoin airdrop targeting early community participants. This move is part of their broader strategy to encourage learning through a “Learn-to-Earn” approach, where users gain blockchain insights via platform courses and quizzes.

Participants will receive 99BTC directly in their wallets as a reward. Moreover, long-term holders can benefit from substantial annual percentage yields (APYs), currently at 775%. The project’s tokenomics framework, detailed in its whitepaper, is gaining recognition for its meticulous distribution strategy. With a capped total supply of 99 billion tokens, allocations include 10.5% for presale buyers, 14% for staking rewards, and 44.5% for community incentives and project growth.

The ongoing airdrop campaign aims to select 99 winners from a pool of over 6,900 entries, with winners set to be announced on July 19th. The 99BTC token strongly emphasizes education, strategic tokenomics, and enticing rewards, offering an appealing proposition for crypto enthusiasts seeking educational opportunities and potential returns.

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