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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – FAST, Biturbo, ORANGE

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Institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies is on the rise, underscored by the approval of Ethereum ETFs. Moreover, Hong Kong has begun testing China’s digital Yuan, marking a significant step toward broader cryptocurrency acceptance. 

Thailand also launched Bitcoin ETF, which debuted between May 31 and June 6, amid growing investor interest in new token releases, listings, and presales during this bullish trend. This article aims to aid investors by compiling a detailed list of promising tokens.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Edge Video AI, the issuer of the FAST token, is advancing significantly through the integration of artificial intelligence and Web 3 technologies. It aims to revolutionize television viewing into interactive, shoppable, and gamified experiences. Biturbo is the first hybrid EVM blockchain, leveraging Proof of Transaction (PoT) with Proof of Liquidity (PoL). 

Orange, a Layer 1 blockchain platform, offers user-generated content (UGC) tools for Web3 environments. WienerAI has shown considerable progress; during its presale phase, the platform raised over $6.8 million, with each token priced at $0.000723. Bitcoin, meanwhile, dips to $60,000, marking a downturn in the cryptocurrency’s month.


Edge Video AI, the issuer of the FAST token, is making significant strides by integrating artificial intelligence and Web 3 technologies to transform television viewing into interactive, shoppable, and gamified experiences. With its innovative shoppable TV feature, viewers can seamlessly purchase products displayed on the screen using QR codes, thus turning their smartphones into shopping tools. This integration boosts viewer engagement and generates instant revenue for broadcasters and content creators.

Moreover, Edge Video AI enhances viewer interaction through AI-generated quizzes. Viewers can earn virtual points, see their standings on leaderboards, and convert them into $FAST tokens or rewards like movie rentals and discounts. This feature fosters deeper engagement and loyalty among viewers.

FAST Price Chart

Edge Video AI is making significant strides in Europe, starting with the Netherlands. Partnerships with top brands like HEMA, Action, and Lidl enable viewers to shop directly from their screens and book tickets for attractions and travel adventures. In Austria, a new partnership with OTTO Austria, a leading online retailer, combines Edge Video AI’s technology with OTTO’s extensive product catalog and market presence, creating an interactive shopping experience.

In the entertainment sector, a partnership with NBC Universal brings blockbuster experiences to Edge’s platform. Moreover, the company collaborates with leading sports vendors to offer interactive shopping for sports enthusiasts, covering activities from ballet to golf and yoga. Additionally, the $FAST token is now listed on Ref Finance, the first decentralized exchange on NEAR, thus signaling a step forward in integrating digital finance with interactive media.

2. Biturbo (TBO)

Biturbo is the first hybrid EVM blockchain to utilize Proof of Transaction (PoT) alongside Proof of Liquidity (PoL). This unique combination enhances network security and activity by drawing from Bitcoin’s PoT and Ethereum’s PoL. Consequently, Biturbo rewards active participation and liquidity provision while maintaining compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The native TBO token is central to Biturbo’s ecosystem, supporting multiple functions to promote network security, incentivize user participation, and facilitate decentralized governance. For instance, TBO tokens are used for transaction fees (gas fees) on the Biturbo network, which is essential for executing transactions and smart contracts. 

Additionally, users can stake TBO tokens to participate in network validation through PoT and PoL mechanisms, thereby earning rewards. Furthermore, TBO token holders have a voice in the decentralized governance of the Biturbo network, allowing them to vote on and submit proposals. In addition to these functionalities, TBO tokens incentivize and reward contributions to the growth and development of the Biturbo ecosystem.

Biturbo Price Chart

Moreover, they are staked in liquidity pools to facilitate trading and ensure smooth network operations. Consequently, the staking and validation processes using TBO tokens enhance network security by encouraging honest behavior among validators. Finally, TBO tokens are integrated into various decentralized applications (dApps) on the Biturbo network, enabling seamless interaction within these applications.

To strengthen its ecosystem further, Biturbo has formed strategic partnerships. For example, it partnered with Bool Network, a decentralized Bitcoin verification layer utilizing advanced cryptographic techniques, enhancing Biturbo’s security and scalability. 

Meanwhile, Biturbo has established a significant partnership with UXUY, a decentralized exchange, to develop its ecosystem further and offer new opportunities for investors and developers. Moreover, the partnership with Oooo focuses on improving cross-chain interoperability for Bitcoin Layer2s and advancing standards for seamless transactions and liquidity.


Orange is a Layer 1 blockchain platform that provides user-generated content (UGC) tools for Web3 environments. It focuses on gaming, AI integration, and the metaverse. Its primary goal is democratizing access to these tools, enabling creators and developers to express their creativity while governing the network’s direction through token governance. 

Furthermore, Orange promotes community engagement and collaboration through regular cohort workshops, fostering an ecosystem where creators shape the platform’s evolution. Moreover, the platform aims to offer accessible pathways to the market for creators without requiring advanced technical knowledge.

ORANGE Price Chart

The Orange Network utilizes Avalanche’s subnet architecture and Snow consensus mechanism. Supported by a dual-token system, it is designed to maximize network efficiency and enhance security. High-volume transactions limit many blockchains, and for the metaverse and Web3 to achieve widespread adoption, a more affordable and faster solution is needed. Thus, Orange’s model ensures that the ecosystem performs well while remaining secure and user-friendly.

In addition, Orange has established several notable partnerships to enhance its offerings. Its collaboration with SiaLabsAI provides access to community-developed AI models, infrastructure, hardware, and applications. The collaboration with RFOX also aims to revolutionize UGC in Web3 and the metaverse, offering new ways to create and engage. Teaming up with 0xMacroSecurity, known for smart contract audits with projects like MakerDAO and Frax Finance, will help ensure Orange’s security. 

Besides, Orange creators gain access to advanced image and video technology through its partnership with Stability World AI. Additionally, the collaboration with Ava Labs facilitates the rapid building, customizing, deploying, and scaling of Orange’s decentralized network through AvaCloud’s managed blockchain service. Meanwhile, Orange is listed on Coingecko, signaling its growing presence in the blockchain space. 

4. WienerAI (WAI)

WienerAI generates market interest by integrating artificial intelligence through its AI token and trading bot. This combination aims to simplify crypto trading, particularly for beginners, by using predictive technology.

Since its launch in mid-April, WienerAI has demonstrated considerable progress. During its presale phase, the platform raised over $6.8 million, with each token priced at $0.000723. This success has generated optimism about the WAI token’s potential, even amid bearish market conditions. The demand for WAI indicates a growing interest in the project, supported by a strategic tokenomics plan that incentivizes early investors and promotes sustainable growth.

A key attraction for investors is WienerAI’s staking rewards. The platform provides an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of over 165% for those staking their WAI tokens during the presale. This has led to over 6.2 billion WAI tokens being staked, reflecting strong investor confidence in the project’s future.

Transparency and security are fundamental aspects of WienerAI’s appeal. The project’s commitment to these principles has garnered the trust of the investor community. Its strategic tokenomics and attractive staking rewards also contribute to this trust.

Technological features further enhance WienerAI’s attractiveness. The AI-driven trading interface predicts market movements and provides straightforward analysis. The platform supports seamless swaps across decentralized exchanges and imposes no fees, aligning with a decentralized philosophy. Moreover, WienerAI offers protection against Miner Extractable Value (MEV) bots, ensuring users can trade without interference.

In summary, WienerAI’s integration of AI, strategic approach to tokenomics, and commitment to transparency and security make it a noteworthy player in the crypto trading sector. Its user-friendly design and technological advancements make it accessible to new and experienced traders.

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