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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – Develocity Finance, Lif3, Apeiron

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The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a modest revival over the past two days amid the ongoing lull. In the recent intraday session, the global crypto market cap grew by 2.60% to $2.16T. Similarly, the overall Fear & Greed Index has experienced a mild uptick to 40. Market commentators attribute the revived optimism to the SEC’s impending ruling on Ether ETF.

In light of the anticipated market rebound, many investors are shifting attention to new cryptocurrency releases, listings, & presales today. To aid this search, InsideBitcoins provides a selection of these tokens, including their features, utilities, and market prospects.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Develocity aims to revolutionize decentralized finance (DeFi) through a secure and comprehensive cryptocurrency trading and investment platform. Similarly, Lif3 is gaining prominence within the DeFi sector, offering a variety of tools for managing digital assets across multiple blockchains. Meanwhile, Apeiron presents a casual competitive mobile game where players take on the role of a newborn deity, overseeing planets inhabited by creatures known as Doods. 

On the other hand, SHIBASHOOT has achieved significant success by raising over $500,000 in its ongoing presale, with its current valuation set at $0.0195 per token. Moreover, Bitcoin is experiencing an uptick following Federal Reserve Chair Powell’s warnings about the risks of maintaining high interest rates for too long.

1. Develocity Finance (DEVE)

Develocity seeks to transform decentralized finance (DeFi) by offering a secure, comprehensive cryptocurrency trading and investment platform. By addressing critical DeFi issues such as security, transparency, and usability, the platform aims to enhance user confidence and safety in DeFi transactions. 

The company’s multi-stage approach includes several innovative solutions, such as an intelligent contract scanner, a crypto swap platform, a cross-chain bridge, a digital wallet, and a decentralized exchange. These tools support seamless interactions across multiple blockchain networks, fostering a more inclusive and accessible financial ecosystem.

DEVE Price Chart

Furthermore, Develocity has formed a strategic partnership with WOW EARN, which has the potential for mutual growth. WOW EARN is an ecosystem that drives innovation in the blockchain space by offering a range of groundbreaking solutions. 

In addition, Develocity has partnered with HibikiRun to combine the excitement of rhythm gaming with the DeFi space. This collaboration promises a unique and engaging experience for users. Moreover, Develocity has appreciated its partnership with Nxgen Signals, a platform that provides educational information, news, and trading insights.

In recent developments,’s GateWeb3Wallet has now supported Develocity. Users can connect their Gate Wallet to join Develocity’s secure and innovative DeFi ecosystem. Overall, Develocity’s approach to addressing key DeFi challenges through its offerings and partnerships highlights its commitment to enhancing the decentralized finance landscape. Develocity is creating a more robust and user-friendly platform for the DeFi community by integrating various tools and forming strategic collaborations.

2. Lif3 (LIF3)

Lif3 is gaining recognition in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. It offers a range of features for managing digital assets across various blockchains. Yield farming is one of Lif3’s notable benefits for investors, providing opportunities to earn additional rewards, such as trading fees or tokens. 

This method allows users to enhance the efficiency of their idle tokens. By participating in yield farming, users contribute to the DeFi ecosystem in which they are involved. Specifically, those who provide liquidity on the “Garden” tab of Lif3 receive $LSHARE tokens and the trading fees generated by swaps in that liquidity pool.

Lif3 Price Chart

Moreover, Lif3 has formed several key partnerships. has collaborated with EvmosOrg to create the first Layer-1 solution with curated DeFi contracts. This partnership aims to launch the “Lif3 Chain,” designed for public permissionless use with curated contract deployment. 

Additionally, Lif3 announced a partnership with SoftConstruct at SiGMA EURASIA in Dubai. This collaboration, involving Fast Token ($FTN), highlights the importance of cross-sector innovation and cooperation. Soon, $LIF3 and $L3USD will be deployed on the FTN Network and integrated into the Fastex Ecosystem.

Security is also a major focus for Lif3. For instance, the partnership with BitGo will enhance confidence in secure storage and transactions within the Lif3 ecosystem. BitGo’s advanced cold storage technology will be used for $LIF3, $LSHARE, and $L3USD, adding a significant layer of security. 

Furthermore, Lif3 prioritizes user safety. New collaborations may only sometimes have immediate visible impacts but contribute to a secure user experience. The integration with Fireblocks will utilize its non-custodial WaaS and Fireblocks Network to secure the Lif3 ecosystem further.

Also, Lif3 has partnered with Push Protocol, a web3 communication network. This partnership will enable developers to send cross-chain notifications and messages for dApps and wallets, enhancing communication within the Lif3 ecosystem.

3. Apeiron (APRS)

Apeiron is a casual competitive mobile game where players assume the role of a newborn god, ruling over planets inhabited by creatures called Doods. Apeiron has raised $24 million from investors like Hashed, IVC, Morningstar Ventures, Spartan Group, and DeFiance, reflecting belief among major market entities. 

Players explore dungeons and engage in battles using powerful Avatars. The game features an NFT-centric model, allowing players to make strategic decisions with real economic impacts. Moreover, the core ecosystem token, $APRS, is integral for minting new NFTs, renting, purchasing premium items, and governing a community treasury.

APRS Price Chart

The project’s NFT model enhances the gameplay by providing economic incentives. Players can trade and invest, affecting the development of the in-game world. This aspect adds a layer of strategy, making decisions more meaningful. Apeiron is currently available as a non-blockchain demo on the Epic Games Store; however, the full web3 version will launch on the Ronin blockchain, expanding its functionalities.

Meanwhile, Apeiron has announced several strategic partnerships. These include collaborating with ProGamerDAO, a Korean gaming guild aiming for web3 dominance, and Metasense, an investment organization with deep web3 connections. These partnerships are expected to enhance the game’s reach and influence significantly.

The project combines casual gameplay with strategic NFT elements, creating a unique experience. With substantial financial backing and strategic partnerships, it has the potential to make a significant impact in the web3 gaming space. Furthermore, its current availability on the Epic Games Store provides a preview, with the full version promising more extensive features.

4. Shiba Shootout (SHIBASHOOT)

ShibaShootout is a community-driven project within the cryptocurrency sphere. It combines creativity, competition, and community interaction in a Wild West-themed environment. The project’s innovative staking mechanism, Cactus Staking, allows SHIBASHOOT token holders to lock their tokens for rewards. This feature boasts transparency, with all staking activities accessible via an official dashboard.

Currently, the platform offers an impressive annual percentage yield (APY) exceeding 1734%, with over 19 million tokens already staked. The visual representation of staking rewards through a digital cactus grows as the stakeholder’s commitment lengthens, indicating earnings progression.

Community engagement is facilitated through Token Governance Roundups, enabling users to participate in decision-making processes concerning the project’s future. Additionally, the Lucky Lasso Lotteries add a layer of excitement, offering participants opportunities to win prizes through token-based draws.

For prudent financial planners, Shiba Shootout introduces the Savings Saddlebags feature. This feature allows users to automatically allocate a portion of their tokens to a designated wallet, promoting long-term savings and strategic resource allocation.


Meanwhile, ShibaShootout’s presale gathers market hype, signaling growing optimism around the project. SHIBASHOOT has raised over $500,000 in its ongoing presale, with its current value pegged at $0.0195. With four days left until the next price increase, investors should capitalize on its current value.

ShibaShootout integrates thematic creativity with practical staking and savings mechanisms to provide users with an engaging and comprehensive experience. The project’s emphasis on transparency, community involvement, and innovative features within its Wild West theme sets it apart in the competitive landscape of crypto ventures.

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