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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – Cellana Finance, CreBit, TAIKAI

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Cellana Finance
Cellana Finance

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Cryptocurrencies are gaining traction in the global financial market, especially with the introduction of spot ETFs. The anticipated trading of an Ether spot ETF in July has further fueled interest in digital assets. With this growing excitement and institutional adoption, investors look for straightforward ways to enter the market.

In response, several new cryptocurrencies are being released, listed, and offered in presales, capturing significant attention. This article simplifies the search by highlighting the top tokens in these categories and providing detailed insights into their features, utilities, and market potential.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Cellana is a community-owned decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Aptos network. It aims to drive DeFi growth through a sustainable liquidity incentives model. Meanwhile, CreBit harnesses AI-driven blockchain technology and global payment data, focusing on future sales receivable factoring and IT solutions. 

On the other hand, TAIKAI Garden provides a nurturing environment where hackathon projects can thrive. Base Dawgz has made significant strides in fundraising, raising $200,000 on its first day and reaching $1 million within a week, ultimately culminating in a presale that secured over $1.9 million. Meanwhile, the Winklevoss twins have donated $2 million in Bitcoin to the Trump campaign.

1. Cellana Finance (CELL)

Cellana is a community-owned decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Aptos network. It aims to drive DeFi growth through a sustainable liquidity incentives model. Notably, it is the first DEX to implement the Ve(3,3) Model using the Move Language. The Ve(3,3) economic model addresses key challenges in motivating liquidity providers and ensuring revenue for DEX governance token holders. Therefore, this approach seeks to balance incentives and rewards effectively, offering a self-sustaining solution.

A DEX based on the Ve(3,3) model provides an ideal platform for new projects to establish their liquidity pools. Unlike traditional DEXs, where the control over token emissions and incentives lies solely with the exchange, the Ve(3,3) DEX empowers the community. Consequently, this model allows the community to introduce incentives and manage token emissions. As a result, projects gain more control and influence. Cellana offers several solutions to enhance its ecosystem. For example, all trading fees are directed to voters, ensuring they are rewarded for participating.

CELL Price Chart

Moreover, liquidity providers are attracted by CELL emissions, which incentivize them to participate. Projects can also add incentives to liquidity pools to attract voters. Voting power represents a share of token emissions.

Cellana has established several strategic partnerships to bolster its ecosystem. It is collaborating with Avex Defy in a waitlist campaign. This campaign offers participants the chance to win limited-edition Defy Avatar NFTs and a share of the $10,000 $GUI and $ZAAP giveaway. 

During Aptos DeFi Days, the CRED social graph supported Cellana to provide an incentivized trading experience for all users. Furthermore, another partnership with Zabava Labs aims to enhance liquidity solutions and support emerging protocols within the Aptos ecosystem. Likewise, by joining forces with VibrantX, a leading yield optimizer, Cellana seeks to unlock new avenues for liquidity provision and utilization. 

2. CreBit (CBAB)

CreBit harnesses AI-driven blockchain technology and global payment data to focus on future sales receivable factoring and IT solutions. It caters specifically to self-employed individuals, small business owners, and startups facing challenges in accessing financial support. Moreover, CreBit actively promotes crypto job assistance and financial aid initiatives for underserved communities worldwide.

The platform aims to develop a blockchain-based system for trading credit card merchants’ receivables. By purchasing these receivables, CreBit enhances merchants’ cash liquidity. Simultaneously, it attracts investors to fund these purchases, rewarding them with convertible receivable certificates and incentive tokens (CBAB) for future monetization. 

CBAB Price Chart

Drawing on the industry-specific insights of Gomi Payments Co., Ltd., which specializes in payment and POS installation across sectors such as hospitals, gas stations, restaurants, online malls, and cafes, CreBit leverages its understanding of payment environments and settlement cycles. This knowledge empowers users holding CBAB tokens to swiftly procure goods and services online and offline.

CreBit has forged strategic partnerships to augment its offerings. A notable collaboration with JoyFan enables CBAB token holders to ‘discount’ and pay for services popular Japanese and Korean influencers offer. 

CreBit Foundation’s parent company, Gomi Payments Inc., has partnered with South Korea’s leading delivery platform, Baemin Robot. Furthermore, a partnership with Teunteunplant Dentistry enhances the utility of CBAB tokens within the ecosystem. Moreover, CreBit has been listed on Coingecko, marking a significant milestone in its development and market presence.

In summary, CreBit’s innovative use of AI and blockchain technology for receivable trading and strategic partnerships positions it as a prominent player in fintech. The platform’s commitment to improving merchant liquidity and providing diverse financial solutions underscores its potential for widespread impact.


TAIKAI Garden provides a nurturing environment where hackathon projects can thrive. The platform fosters innovation through inclusive and collaborative practices, aiming to transform initial ideas into sustainable businesses. Participants, including Project Owners, benefit from an incentive structure that rewards innovation and collaboration, ensuring a level playing field within the ecosystem.

Central to its operation is the TKAI token, which serves as a medium of exchange for accessing exclusive services within TAIKAI Garden. Users can mint ERC-721 Project NFTs, granting ownership and publishing rights on the platform, albeit at the cost of gas fees and other expenses. 

TKAI Price Chart

Projects can also gain visibility through features on TAIKAI’s main platform, thereby enhancing exposure to potential users and customers. Project updates encourage interaction and collaboration, reinforcing the ecosystem’s interconnected network.

TAIKAI Garden promotes feeless peer-to-peer interactions, enabling users to engage in activities like mentorship and donations without transaction fees. This approach supports a supportive community environment conducive to project development. Moreover, TAIKAI Garden emphasizes partnerships to expand its impact. 

Collaborations with entities such as ETH Belgrade and DoppioGames illustrate its commitment to supporting innovation communities globally and enhancing opportunities for builders and innovators. TAIKAI Garden represents a structured approach to nurturing and developing hackathon projects, underpinned by a robust incentive framework and collaborative ethos.

4. Base Dawgz (DAWGZ)

Base Dawgz, a newly launched cryptocurrency project, has quickly gained attention within the community for its innovative approach. The project integrates familiar meme characters into a novel concept centered around “base jumping.” Base jumping represents seamless asset transfers across Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains.

In its initial phases, Base Dawgz has shown promising growth. It raised $200,000 on its first day and reached $1 million within a week, culminating in a presale that secured over $1.9 million. The project’s native token, DAWGZ, started at $0.00527 and is set to increase in the coming days. This growth strategy is part of a structured tokenomics plan to incentivize early investors and participants.

Base Dawgz is also implementing a “Be Social for Airdrop” initiative. This initiative encourages users to generate and share content related to the project on designated channels to earn reward points. These points can later be exchanged for additional DAWGZ tokens post-presale, fostering community engagement and visibility.

With a total token supply of 8,453,000,000 DAWGZ, the project allocates its tokens strategically: 20% for initial availability, 20% for staking, and another 20% for liquidity. The remaining 40% is distributed across marketing efforts (15%), community rewards (15%), and exchange listings (10%), aiming to maximize impact and sustainability.

Overall, Base Dawgz presents a unique proposition in the cryptocurrency market. It aims to simplify and enhance cross-blockchain asset transfers while leveraging effective tokenomics and community-driven strategies for growth and adoption. As it progresses, its success will likely depend on continued community engagement and the execution of its outlined roadmap.

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