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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today – Bloxies, Capitalrock, Perpboost

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wall street memes
wall street memes

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Each day, InsideBitcoins covers the latest new cryptocurrency listings on CoinMarketCap, including CEX and DEX tokens and presale projects.

What are the new cryptocurrencies on the market today? The crypto industry welcomed new cryptocurrencies today. The project spans multiple sectors, offering various services. Moreover, some of the projects are out to improve on already existing solutions. 

Hence, this article picks a handful of these crypto projects and reviews their details and what they are all about. Additionally, it examines the economics behind each of these projects. 

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

The information shared in the article is primarily sourced from the project’s website, Twitter handles, whitepapers, and CoinMarketCap data. Thus, there is a need to conduct additional research when considering any of the projects reviewed below. In addition to newly listed cryptocurrencies, today’s review spotlights a presale project that will soon go live on exchanges. The details of its presale and other facts are included in the article. 

1. Bloxies Coin (BXC)

According to the BXC website, Bloxies Coin offers over 10,000 unique meme robots across multiple blockchains. In essence, the platform is a community-driven memecoin project that seeks to poke a new twist on the narrative of memecoins. Users can access one of these unique memes and many other NFT assets when they join the community. The information available on its website states that Users have to acquire an amount of the $BXC token to participate. Other specifics about the project are included in its CoinMarketCap description. The snippet below provides a summary. 

Bloxies Coin Price Chart

Ignite the Future with the Ultimate Meme Coin! Step into the world of Bloxies, where a unique meme coin is set to reshape blockchain technology. Bloxies Coin ($BXC) opens the door to a universe of surprises and possibilities. Fueling Bloxies Ecosystem: $BXC isn’t just a cryptocurrency; it’s the heartbeat of Bloxies’ thriving ecosystem. As $BXC holders, individuals become vital community members centered on innovation, utility, and the essence of digital existence. Surprise Rewards Await: Owning Bloxies brings unexpected rewards. As a $BXC holder, embark on an adventure of unboxing surprises that enrich your digital experience. Unlocking Utility Expansion: Bloxies’ evolution means more utility. Efforts to enhance $BXC and its captivating NFTs ensure a constantly evolving experience. 

BXC is currently valued at $0.000907, and its trading volume went as high as $625,295 in the last 24 hours. The new coin also ranks #2342 on CoinMarketCap, but the value is still being computed at press time due to price fluctuation. The circulating supply of the token is the same as the value of its maximum supply, pegged at 4 billion tokens. At the time of writing, the information about the plants where BXC is listed is private. 

2. Capitalrock (CR)

Capitalrock is described as a miniature features trading platform. It uses the asset tokenization model to provide share ownership to users and holders of the CR token. According to its white paper, Capitalrock owns the shares of over 400 companies. The platform’s vision is to become the leader in the DeFi and, by extension, traditional financial platforms. Also, the details in its whitepaper state that the CR token helps it maintain exclusivity over the assets under its management and helps users maximize their returns. The summary below gives an additional overview. 

The CapitalRock project, overseen by CapitalRock Asset Managers, primarily focuses on investing in shares, cryptocurrencies, and start-ups, ensuring secure long-term returns for investors. Their strategy promotes sharing links with family and friends to earn more tokens and enhance the token’s value. They aim to provide a unique experience, allowing token holders to stay updated on rising token rates while receiving CapitalRock tokens and rewards. Capital Rock differentiates itself by blending modern technology with traditional business practices, highlighting its dedication to digital and tangible realms. The project has a significant physical presence, with its headquarters in Skopje, Macedonia, emphasizing its commitment to fostering local and international collaborations and shaping the financial landscape.

Bloxies Coin Price Chart

As of today, the price of CR is $0.145700, with a trading volume of $8,823.51. The new token is ranked #4472 according to CoinMarketCap, listed on PancakeSwap v2 (BSC) and Tokpie. In the meantime, the value of its circulating supply is unknown. However, it has a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens, according to CoinMarketCap data.

3. Perpboost (BOOST)

Perboost prides itself as the world’s first aggregator and P2P perpetual protocol powered by LSDs. The information obtained from its website reveals that the platform provides leveraged trading with no price impact. It claims traders can trade with leverages as high as 100x using its liquid staking derivatives model. In that case, it maintains Perps liquidity by aggregating P2P matching. Furthermore, it states that the project’s vision is to provide optimized trading costs and improve the liquidity of the crypto DeFi sector. Below is a bit of its description on CoinMarketCap. 

Perpboost Price Chart

PerpBoost is a groundbreaking DeFi protocol combining P2P smart order matching, cross-chain liquidity aggregation, and liquid staking derivatives. It offers up to 100x leverage, minimal funding rates, and eliminates counterparty risk. With its unique fusion of features, including zero price impact, multi-collateral support, and intersections with liquid staking derivatives, PerpBoost empowers traders with an optimized and efficient trading experience.

The information about the exchanges where BOOST is listed is not accessible at press time. Its price today is $0.006334. Over the past 24 hours, a trading volume of $201,118 has been. Its current position on CoinMarketCap is #2654, and while the present market capitalization remains undisclosed, the circulating supply details are not provided. However, the maximum supply of BOOST coins is established at 1,000,000,000.


As stated in its whitepaper, the POV project aims to redefine how Decentralized dApps and smart contracts work. It further noted that the peak of its vision is to ensure that these tools and platforms function faster and offer optimized solutions. It also said that the POV chain is working to address the situation of scalability without depending on Layer 2 solutions. Overall, it promised to restore the power to create and interact with dApps to users and developers. The summary below tells more. 

POV Chain Price Chart

Pov Chain is a revolutionary project that aims to redefine the world of decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts by offering lightning-fast transaction speeds and unparalleled scalability. Pov Chain empowers developers and users to create and interact with DApps more efficiently and seamlessly by addressing the key challenges existing blockchain networks face. As a Layer 2 blockchain, POV Chain leverages the concept of layering to enhance scalability and improve the efficiency of transaction processing. Layer 2 solutions are designed to operate on top of existing blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, and provide additional capabilities and optimizations without compromising the security and decentralization of the underlying layer.

The current price of POVCHAIN is $0.0000000000001502, and over $117,185 worth of the token moved across the market in the last 24 hours. Presently, it holds the #2895 rank on CoinMarketCap as computed from its market cap. Nonetheless, the accurate value of its market cap is unavailable at press time. POVCHAIN is reported to have a maximum supply of 420,000,000,000,000,000 $POVCHAIN coins. The new cryptocurrency is listed on Uniswap v2.

5. Wall Street Memes (WSM) 

As the crypto community awaits the launch of the Wall Street Memes, what are the latest developments across the platform?

Since the platform crossed the 25 million milestone, it has started working towards its listing. At press time, it’s only 33 days and 17 hours to WSM exchange listing, and the plan is to list the token on multiple tier 1 exchanges. 

However, there’s still a chance for investors to come on board and participate in the project. The token’s price is now fixed at $0.0337 until its launch in the next 33 days. The presale page is still up and provides the needed information about the launch plan. 

Also, the team keeps engaging with the community on Twitter and other social media platforms, providing the needed information about the listing and further details. Besides, the community continues to maintain the focus on fun. 

Visit Wall Street Memes presale.

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