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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today – Game Meteor Coin, ApeBond, Ice Network

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We explore some of the newest cryptocurrency releases, recently listed on exchanges and featured on CoinMarketCap.

Today’s global cryptocurrency market cap is $1.64 trillion, indicating a 2.36% increase in the last 24 hours. This uptrend has seen the broader crypto market bounce back from last week’s decline of 3.2%. In response to this, CoinMarketCap has seen more than 20 new tokens listed on the platform today, with the majority showing upside potential.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Meanwhile, the three newly listed tokens that have stood out today are Game Meteor Coin, ApeBond, and Ice Network. In addition, these tokens have surged by 8.21%, 3.33%, and 8.58% in the last seven days, ranking them above their counterparts. We’ll look at their various use cases, achievements, and future developments that make them viable coins worth investing in.

1. Game Meteor Coin (GMTO)

Meteorn Run introduces the MTO token as an integral part of its P2E gaming platform based on the Polygon Network. The project aims to offer users a unique gaming experience where they can earn while playing. Japanese blockchain game entrepreneur Yuki Omata founded it in January 2023.

In addition, the MTO token serves as the in-game currency. Also, it allows users to purchase items in the marketplace, place bets, and access various benefits within the platform.

Furthermore, GMTO aims to provide a rewarding platform for gamers and users. Moreover, the project leverages P2E Gaming to create an environment where individuals can make money while enjoying entertainment.


GMTO envisions a competitive space for users to grow their assets and experience joy and revenue through the P2E platform. Consequently, Meteorn utilizes the Polygon blockchain; Run aspires to spread the benefits of blockchain technology worldwide.

Game Meteorn price chart

In addition, the platform is committed to delivering quality and value. This is evident in its robust ecosystem and in-game characters. Thus contributing to a more straightforward and understandable core game loop than traditional running games.

Meteorn Run has a productive ecosystem with its P2E gaming genre, where the users can make a lot of revenue. The players will put their energies into making their adventures successful in the games, running on the space stage, and earning from playing the game. Meteorn Run has an MTO token to purchase in-game items in the marketplace. This token can also be used to get other vital benefits from the token MTO.

Meanwhile, the Game Meteor Coin price is currently $0.003774, and the 24-hour trading volume is $612,821. The GMTO to USD price is updated in real-time, reflecting a 1.48% decrease in the last 24 hours.

Ultimately, Game Meteor Coin holds the #2596 ranking on CoinMarketCap, with an unavailable live market cap. The circulating and maximum supply is also unavailable; the total GMTO coins have reached 100,000,000,000.

2. ApeBond (ABOND)

ApeBond is a multi-chain bonding protocol that fosters a sustainable DeFi future for various projects and communities. The ApeBond Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) oversees this initiative. It provides the community and partners a platform to engage in the next generation of financial innovation through secure, transparent, and globally accessible bonds.

To participate in ApeBond:

  • Users can join the community
  • Utilize the DeFi platform
  • Acquire the native utility token, ABOND.

Furthermore, the protocol offers a Multi-Chain DEX aggregator powered by LiFi for swapping between cryptocurrency tokens on multiple chains.

ApeBond price chart

Users can earn tokens through asset staking in Farms and Staking Pools. In addition, ApeBond has introduced liquidity bonds, allowing users to purchase NFTs representing discounted ABOND or partner tokens.

ApeBond is a multi-chain bonding protocol committed to building a sustainable DeFi future for projects and communities. They are overseen by the ApeBond Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Our community and partners can tap into the next generation of financial innovation. This can be done through our bonds in a secure, transparent, and globally accessible way. To get started with ApeBond: – Join by interacting with our community, using our DeFi platform, and purchasing our native utility token, ABOND. – Swap between cryptocurrency tokens on multiple chains using our Multi-Chain DEX aggregator powered by LiFi. 

Reserve Bonds, purchased with blue-chip tokens or stablecoins, provide NFTs representing discounted tokens from partner projects. The live ApeBond price is $0.021072, indicating a 5.09% increase in the last 24 hours.

3. Ice Network (ICE)

Ice Network, representing the next generation of digital currency, stands out as a mineable asset accessible on any mobile device. The project was founded on the principles of trust and the belief in maintaining value across diverse use cases.

Furthermore, Ice Network builds a community through invitation-based membership, allowing new users to earn and establish micro-communities swiftly. In addition, engaging in daily mining sessions is made simple, with increased rates through collaborative efforts. This offers a 25% bonus for simultaneous check-ins.

Ice Network price chart

Moreover, Ice has rapidly become a leader in digital currency communities, attracting over 1 million users in its first month. The Ice Open Network (ION) employs a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm to ensure high throughput and scalability. This ION emphasizes energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint.

Ice represents the next generation of digital currency, mineable on any mobile device. Ice Network fosters a trusted community at its core. Further, this increases the belief that digital currencies can maintain value across diverse use cases. Membership is initiated through invitations, enabling new users to earn and build micro-communities immediately.

In summary, the live Ice Network price is $0.008324. It is down by 8.73% in the last 24 hours, showcasing its position as a dynamic player in the blockchain space.

3. Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

The concluded Launchpad presale signals an imminent opportunity for investors—the claim for $LP tokens is set to launch on January 31st at 11 am UTC.

Launchpad XYZ positions itself as a guiding force in the complex realm of Web 3.0 products. It claims to offer investors a comprehensive platform for informed decision-making.

Also central to the project’s ecosystem is the cutting-edge analysis tool, ‘Launchpad XYZ Quotient. In addition, the LQ employs artificial intelligence to assess up to 400 real-time data points, providing a singular risk-reward value.

Furthermore, this tool aids in evaluating the worthiness of cryptocurrencies as investments, complemented by user-friendly data analytics and market insights. LPX, the core token, unlocks unparalleled utility. It also offers access to private round presales, ‘hot’ NFT mints, and play-to-earn games for staked LPX holders.

Moreover, Launchpad XYZ’s vision extends to providing access to tokenized assets like luxury watches, real estate, and supercars. Further, the project aims to foster diversification opportunities.

Launchpad XYZ stands poised to navigate the evolving Web 3.0 landscape. Thus making it an intriguing prospect for investors seeking a holistic approach to crypto investments.

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