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New Crypto Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) To List on Pancakeswap Wednesday Oct 4, 09:00 UTC

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

New Crypto Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) To List on Pancakeswap
New Crypto Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) To List on Pancakeswap

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New crypto Bitcoin BSC is landing on Pancakeswap on Wednesday, October 4, at 9:00 am UTC.

This news comes after the Binance chain equivalent of early BTC hit its hard cap earlier than expected. It has now led to the speeding up of its exchange listing, and Pancakeswap is the first DEX on which Bitcoin BSC is going to land.

“Mark your calendars”, announced Bitcoin BSC devs as they tweeted this development on

What is Bitcoin BSC?

Bitcoin BSC is a BEP-20 cryptocurrency taking cues from the earlier success of Bitcoin but bringing it to the greener ecosystem – BNB Smart Chain. By introducing its presale, in which it offered 6.125 million tokens at $1 each, its goal was to follow in Bitcoin’s footsteps in 2011 when the same number of tokens were offered to the public.

However, the inspiration from Bitcoin does not stop there. Bitcoin BSC has also implemented a staking model that mirrors Bitcoin’s mining rewards system. The remaining portion of the 21 million tokens that are locked inside the staking pool is going to be released to the Bitcoin BSC stakers over the course of the next 120 years in the form of block rewards. This block reward will be released every 10 minutes, similar to how Bitcoin did in its early days.

This way by BTCBSC to pay homage to Bitcoin was received extremely well by the community, who moved in droves to invest in its presale in hopes that this Binance chain equivalent of Bitcoin will follow the same path of growth as the original crypto.

Crypto analyst Joe Parys has said that it is one of the best Bitcoin alternatives under $100 to buy. He also postulates that these tokens can explode in the next bull run.

Claiming Bitcoin BSC Tokens

Those who invested in the Bitcoin BSC presale can go to the official website – – and connect their crypto wallet to claim their tokens at 9 am UTC on 4th October.

However, those who wish to compound their gains can choose to stake their tokens instead, which will give them access to lucrative APY rewards.

How Far Can Bitcoin BSC Pump Post Pancakeswap Listing?

If Bitcoin BSC follows the same route as other Bitcoin alternatives that have arrived this year, it is possible for it to go up by 6x or 10x as soon as it arrives on Pancakeswap. But some hope that many would prefer staking their tokens in a bid to compound their gains to take advantage of Bitcoin BSC’s long-term upsides.

If that happens, there is a possibility that Bitcoin BSC’s initial growth post-listing would be subtle. In that event, those who missed their chance to participate in Bitcoin BSC’s presale can participate in the token’s IDO on Pancakeswap.

Note – There is fake BTCBSC token currently on PancakeSwap (and CoinMarketCap / Binance’s coin price tracking) which is not the official token.

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