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NEAR Protocol teams up with Google Cloud to push Web3 adoption

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NEAR Protocol teams up with Google Cloud to push Web3 adoption
NEAR Protocol teams up with Google Cloud to push Web3 adoption

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NEAR Protocol, a well-known dApp forum that is considered one of Ethereum’s larger rivals in that regard, recently announced a new partnership. The project revealed that it had just teamed up with Google Cloud and that their partnership will focus on increasing Web3 adoption around the world.

The details of the partnership were revealed in a blog post published by NEAR’s head of developer relations, Drew Gorton. Interestingly, the post was published on Google Cloud’s official website.

In his blog post, Gorton spoke of the partnership and the fact that NEAR intends to build infrastructure services in collaboration with Google Cloud. He explained that Web3 is a sector with great potential and that it is currently experiencing something of a paradigm shift. This allows users to take control of their assets, data, and essentially their identity with the provision of decentralized web services.

According to Gorton, this vision is possible to accomplish. However, in order to actually do it, NEAR will require a layer of fundamental infrastructure, which is what Google Cloud can provide. With the respective layers, it is possible to perform scaling for large numbers of consumers alongside the maintenance of a decentralized but still secure environment.

The plan for the new partnership

Moving on, he noted that the respective infrastructure would need time, but eventually, it would become autonomously sustainable. He further expressed that he believes that this project may very well be essential for driving WEb3 adoption forward on a global scale. Right now, usability is one of the biggest things that are holding Web3’s adoption back. Despite the fact that this technology was introduced 10 years ago, this is still a fairly short period of time, and it can still be considered quite new.

Additionally, the product tooling, layers, as well as data infrastructure are even younger than that. These days, Web3 has plenty of users, and more are coming in every day. However, their numbers still cannot compare to the number of people who are still strictly using Web2.

NEAR was created to address this challenge by providing an open-source Layer 1 blockchain with a scalable and dynamically sharded network that’s actually usable, making it easier for developers to build usable products,“ the blog post said.

This is why NEAR made its move, in order to use its blockchain forum to offer a dynamically sharded, scalable network that would provide convenience for developers to create usable products. There are several upgrades that the project already has on its roadmap that would help increase NEAR’s ongoing adoption. One example is Nightshade Sharding, as its conclusive phase. Sharding will allow the network to scale through parallelization and handle any spike in demand. This also means that it will be able to accommodate multiple consumers.

The idea is to divide the sharding mechanism into 4 stages, and at this time, the project is advancing through the second phase, where there is a fixed number of shards. The final stage will be the one to bring dynamic resharding, which will split the network’s shards and merge them automatically when there is a need.


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