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NASA To Hire Crypto Expert For Data Scientist Role

NASA To Hire Crypto Expert For Data Scientist Role
NASA To Hire Crypto Expert For Data Scientist Role

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is reportedly working on hiring a data scientist who has experience working with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The agency’s intention to employ this data scientist was announced through an advert on Linkedln.

The person who gets the job being offered by NASA will be working at the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory located in Pasadena, California. The advert did not specify how much knowledge about crypto the person will need.

In addition to the blockchain and cryptocurrency experience, the ad states that candidates should have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Science, Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Science or any other similar and relevant fields.

This new member of staff at NASA is required to have knowledge about big data, machine learning, database management, AI, cloud computing, robotics, statistics, and internet of things.

The person is also required to have a strong background in mathematics as their role will deal with a lot of things that make use of the field.

Duties of the data scientist

Some of the duties specified for the data scientist include creating analysis programs for large data sets. This suggests that the agency may be looking to study blockchain and cryptocurrency further.

The data scientist will be responsible for creating programs to help analyze any data about digital assets.

The job posting talks about how the data scientist will be responsible for the development and conceptualization of applications which will be used in various tech sectors such as cloud computing, intelligent digital assistants, multi-mission estates, next-generation flight hardware, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

US agencies and cryptocurrency

Several countries have developed applications for cryptocurrency wallets and are using them in different industries. You can see the list of the best Bitcoin wallets here . The US government has shown a negative perception towards cryptocurrency and restrictive policies have been created.

Many crypto related businesses have stopped doing business in the US or have created US-centric platforms to circumvent the country’s unfriendly regulations.

The world’s cyberspace is being controlled by nations that make use of digital assets.There are 27 places to buy Bitcoin in the United States listed on . The asset class provides access to data that puts these countries in a position of power in the various geopolitical battles that occur worldwide.

The US has started delving deeper into the study of cryptocurrency exchanges in a bid to get ahead of other countries that are making use of the asset class.

China and South Korea are some of the countries that are ahead in the crypto game.

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