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Mysten Labs Partners With Various Gaming Ecosystems To Launch Games On Sui

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Mysten Labs, a web3 infrastructure company and initial Sui Layer 1 blockchain developer, has revealed its partnership with 11 gaming partners. One of the partners includes one company making a game based on The Walking Dead. Evan Cheng, CEO of Palo Alto, California-based Mysten Labs, noted in an interview with GamesBeat that the gaming partners launched on the Sui blockchain would go live as early as May 15. Nonetheless, Mysten Labs is a bit late to the blockchain gaming party. However, the company has raised $300 million and is serious about launching high-end games on its Sui Layer 1 blockchain.

Further, the CEO provided insight into the workings of the decentralized gaming agenda. Cheng further stipulated that players can gain immediate access to the games developed by Mysten’s developers, publishers, and ecosystems. According to the company’s CEO, the Sui project is built around the idea that not all protocols are identical. Sui is a next-gen platform that empowers experienced game developers to enable more profound player engagement levels. Nonetheless, it is an agency with a seamless user experience thanks to its scalable, fast, and secure infrastructure.

Mysten Labs Working Closely With Leading Game Partners to Leverage Sui Chain Advanced Technology

Mysten Labs has partnered with some of the world’s most prominent game developers, publishers, and ecosystems in the past year. These collaborations aimed to build unique, immersive, fun games that leverage Sui’s advanced technology. However, during last week’s Consensus 2023 Conference, Mysten Labs’ cofounder and chief product officer, Adeniyi Abiodun, showcased several new game trailers.

Notably, Mysten Labs CEO Cheng has expressed enthusiasm and optimism at Sui’s prospects, noting:

Our team has been working tirelessly with some of the world’s most prominent, recognizable, and innovative gaming brands and creators to build games that offer users brand new experiences on the Sui Layer 1 blockchain. We are excited to start in the summer of Sui. Our partners have truly enjoyed building games on Sui’s secure, scalable, and easy-to-use infrastructure. We look forward to continuing to release cutting-edge on-chain games.

The Sui Gaming Rollout

From May 15, Mysten’s partners will publish games weekly for its teeming users. Commencing next week, May 15-21, some games slated to debut on the Sui blockchain include Orange Comet: Final Stardust, Talofa: Run Legends, and Arrivant: Project Eluune. Further, from May 22 to May 28, some games launching include Worlds Beyond, Lucky Cat: Cosmocadia, and Aether Games: Cards of Ethernity. From May 29-June 4, the games launching include Seascape: Mini Miners, Orange Comet: Dehens & Dragons, Ghost Ivy: Haven’s Compass, and BlueJay: Arcade Champion. Nonetheless, from June 5 to June 1, the games launching will be Onenet: Bushi, Lucky Kat: Panzerdogs, and Orange Comet: The Walking Dead.

However, reports have noted that the company concludes with the Walking Dead title from the Orange Comet offering because it is the most prominent entertainment brand supporting Sui. Additionally, Sui has so far secured deals from over 30 gaming platforms.

“The future is looking very Sui-eet,” cofounder of Worlds Beyond

In a statement, Clive Bennett, cofounder of Worlds Beyond, gave some remarks noting:

At Worlds Beyond, we’re committed to providing creators with the resources and innovations with Sui’s help to bring their visions to life. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of tools, including our world-building tools, user-generated content, digital asset library, and game builder portal – everything creators need to create fully-realized gaming and non-gaming experiences. The future is looking very Sui-eet indeed for blockchain gaming.

On the other hand, various game partners are independent studios formed by veteran actors, as per Cheng. They know how to build games and want to incorporate multiple blockchain elements. One of the partners includes a South Korean game company, Netmarble, one of the world’s biggest game makers. The Netmarble collaborated with Mysten Labs to bring Grand Cross: Metaworld to Sui blockchain.

Further, Seascape stated,” Sui chain is the future of gaming, and strategy games in particular. It’s fast, secure, and provides endless possibilities for in-game assets and experiences. Seascape Network is proud to be one of the launching titles.”

Significantly, Mysten Labs has concentrated on game developers who either still need to choose a chain or are coming to Mysten to explore a newer chain with better scalability. Notably, Mysten has made some investments, not many, hence introducing developers to VC funds. Additionally, Mysten plans to assist dev in marketing, according to Jennifer Kye, marketing lead at Mysten Labs, in an interview with GamesBeat.

The Courting Game platforms

Mysten Labs has taken its time to court the right game developers working on high-quality games from the outset, according to the platform CEO. Cheng further asserted,” Fundamentally, you need a game that attracts people. Quality is so vital to us.”

Anthony Palma, head of gaming and partnerships at Mysten Labs, said the company went after partners making great game experiences in seeking partners. Developers will be able to address opportunities like user-generated content more meaningfully. Further, platforms can re-target players who have churned to return via rewards. Players can play without Web3 or upgrade to it when they’re ready after playing it for a while. He further added:

It’s been cumbersome to build the game that you want to build at scale with a good user experience up to this point with the ecosystem up to today. Sui is looking to fix that user experience for gamers and game developers. This is by providing infrastructure that can scale to meet the demands of the network. But that also allows you as a game developer to build the game you want instead of having to work around the constraints of a chain to try to fit it in.

Nonetheless, Palma has asserted that Mysten Labs was able to find most of the developers because he had previously encountered them while being a venture capitalist at Griffin Gaming Partners, the biggest game fund. Further, Palma has noted that “our tagline is onboarding the next billion users into Web3. We are backed by technology that supports great games and better player engagement and agency. ‘’

The blockchain gaming outlook

However, there is an excellent chance that the metaverse and blockchain networks will get overshadowed by the applause around the generative AI. Notably, most traditional gamers and game developers have opposed blockchain games. On the other hand, with the crypto and NFT slowdown, Palma has noted that the scam-like deals are dying off, and the actual companies are still operating. Additionally, one can show a proof of concept that works. In that case, that project will still likely get funding and traction with hiring. Significantly, Kye has asserted that it’s time for the builders to take over.

The company has succeeded in Asia Pacific, landing partners among significant Korean platforms. However, in Asia, game companies are more relaxed about resistance from gamers to blockchain games.

Nonetheless, as Mysten Labs might be late compared to other blockchains, the company believes it’s in the early stages of blockchain gaming. Further, nobody has a huge advantage at this point, partly due to gamer resistance. The company believes the pie is still growing and in the first inning, Palma noted. The head of gaming and partnerships at Mysten Labs has stated:

This is not the end. This is the starting line as we ramp up our gaming adventure.

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