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Most Trending Cryptos on Ethereum Chain Today – Gigantix Wallet Token, Cellframe Token, Aurox Token

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Trending cryptos on the Ethereum chain indicate a market attempting to overcome the downtrend. The significant number of daily gainers and their percentage gains suggest optimism for the future of the crypto market.

In the constantly shifting terrain of the cryptocurrency market, the Ethereum chain is experiencing an influx of top trending cryptos on DEXTools. Amidst this flurry of activity, we’ll narrow our focus to a select few. Also, we will examine their performance relative to the broader crypto market and uncover the promising prospects they offer.

Most Trending Cryptos on Ethereum Chain Today

The cryptocurrency market is attempting to recover from the recent pullback, with several coins making significant moves today. Bitcoin has faced downward pressure, stabilizing around $43,392.09 following the recent decline. However, tokens like Gigantix Wallet Token, Cellframe, and Aurox Token show bullish trends, diverging from the overall market pattern.

While Bitcoin remains a crucial indicator of market sentiment, the divergent paths of these cryptos emphasize the importance of maintaining a broad perspective on the market.

1. Gigantix Wallet Token (GTX)

Gigantix Wallet Token (GTX) utilizes blockchain technology for secure transactions, offering users a decentralized digital CURRENCY. In addition, the platform transforms ordinary cards into secure cold wallets using NFC-enabled cards. This project aims to revolutionize digital asset management by merging advanced security measures with user-friendly features.

Furthermore, Gigantix Wallet successfully combines encrypted SODEP and PIN to address security concerns. This multi-layered approach, along with the inherent security features of everyday cards, guarantees maximum protection for users’ private information.

GTX price chart

GTX tokens are tradable on decentralized exchanges. Moreover, Uniswap V2 (Ethereum) is the most popular platform for buying and trading Gigantix Wallet. The most active trading pair, GTX/WETH, recorded a trading volume of $98,855.04 in the last 24 hours.

As of today, Gigantix Wallet is priced at $0.029137, with a 24-hour trading volume of $110,497. It experienced a significant increase of 50.68% in the last 24 hours. However, the highest price recorded for Gigantix Wallet on Dec 10, 2023, was $0.049188. Its lowest price was on Dec 2, 2023, at $0.002389.

The Fear & Greed Index currently stands at 61, indicating a sentiment of greed among investors. This means that there is a tendency for investors to exhibit more confidence and optimism in the market. Thus leading to increased buying activity.

2. Cellframe Token (CELL)

Cellframe is a blockchain platform focused on services featuring a quantum-resistant layer-1 network. Quantum-resistant algorithms, also called post-quantum, protect against attacks from quantum computers, which surpass even the most powerful supercomputers today. Therefore, post-quantum encryption is a standard for top-notch security.

Cellframe is a multi-channel, quantum-resistant blockchain allowing multiple keys and signing algorithms. It was built from scratch in plain C, resulting in efficient CPU and memory usage. In addition, Cellframe’s performance and scalability meet demands from both the public blockchain industry and enterprise solutions.

CELL price chart

Moreover, Cellframe includes smart contracts that directly interact with operating system resources. This feature enables Cellframe to utilize disk space, computing power, and internet channels for business logic.

Furthermore, the CELL token is Cellframe’s native token. It serves various purposes, such as proof-of-stake consensus rewards and participation in Cellchain auctions and leasing.

Meanwhile, the highest price for Cellframe Token was $7.24 on Mar 25, 2021, while the lowest was $0.00 on May 10, 2021. Currently, the sentiment for Cellframe Token is bullish, with the Fear & Greed Index indicating 61 (Greed).

In 2023, Cellframe Token had its best performance, increasing by 66.23%. Conversely, 2022 saw its worst performance, dropping -83.40%.

On average, Cellframe Token’s yearly growth over the past four years is -24.49%. Typically, it performs best in Q1 with an average gain of 90.26% and worst in Q2 with a -67.74% loss.

3. Aurox Token (URUS)

Aurox (URUS) is a decentralized platform enabling users to lend and borrow cryptocurrency inexpensively. In addition, the project facilitates faster trading and offers margin lending, allowing users to borrow funds for investment purposes.

Furthermore, the platform aims to address issues in Defi lending. It does so by merging Defi lending and borrowing markets with exchange’s margin borrowers to overcome the limitations of decentralized exchanges.

Defi lending often relies on slow and costly smart contracts, while DEX transactions may face delays in recording and updating on the blockchain. This could lead to failed transactions and losses for traders.

URUS price chart

In addition, Aurox leverages its expertise to optimize DEX execution. Also, it offers features like indicators, configurable workspace, trade alerts, and news feeds to benefit traders.

On the Aurox platform, cryptocurrency is lent to borrowers on margin at competitive rates, with lenders earning interest on their capital. A fee of 0.15% is charged on every trade from borrowers and lenders. In addition to this fee, borrowers are charged a 10% margin fee. However, borrowers can expect better returns than the payable interest.

Moreover, the token serves as the utility token of the Aurox platform, adhering to ERC-20 token standards. Further, URUS holders receive a 50% discount on trading and margin fees and a 20% increase in yield on lending the tokens. In addition, token holders receive staking rewards for holding Aurox tokens and rewards for participating in trading competitions and referrals.

Currently, Aurox is traded on three cryptocurrency exchanges across four trading pairs. The most popular pair is URUS/USDT on, with a trading volume of $19,903. Meanwhile, users can trade Aurox with various fiat currencies and stablecoins like USDT.

Meanwhile, Aurox reached its highest price on Nov 11, 2021, trading at $284.54, while its lowest price was recorded on Feb 14, 2022, at $1.282580. The price prediction sentiment for Aurox is currently bearish, while the Fear & Greed Index indicates 61 (Greed).

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto

The Sponge project presents its Sponge V2 token launch as an opportunity for investors to earn significant profits. This opportunity echoes the success observed with the Sponge V1 token in 2023.

SPONGEV2 represents an upgraded version of the original SPONGE meme coin. Furthermore, it introduces unique tokenomics while retaining similarities with its predecessor. Both tokens belong to the meme and ERC-20 token categories, contributing to the expansion of the Sponge ecosystem.

Moreover, the main goal of SPONGE V2 is to replace V1 eventually rather than coexist with it. Investors can acquire V2 tokens exclusively by locking their V1 tokens into the V2 smart contract. This mechanism has drawn significant interest from investors seeking to acquire SPONGE tokens. Further, it assures them of receiving equivalent SPONGEV2 tokens in their wallets following the launch.

This token-locking process makes investors eligible for staking rewards, paid in SPONGEV2 tokens. The rewards have a variable Annual Percentage Yield (APY) set for a 4-year. However, the APY currently stands at 250%, with over 6 billion $SPONGE tokens staked, having raised $3,958,206.14.

Anticipated developments and upcoming announcements are expected to act as potential catalysts for the upward momentum of the SPONGEV2 token. This is similar to the growth observed with other tokens in the past.

Meanwhile, the launch of the SPONGEV2 token is anticipated to generate increased demand. This demand increase will swiftly attract attention from multiple exchanges upon listing.

The token’s potential surge in exchange listings could further boost its value, strengthening the Sponge community. In addition, the imminent launch of the P2E game is a significant factor that could positively impact the token’s growth.

While specific details about the game remain undisclosed, speculation suggests the project will soon unveil its Sponge P2E racer game. This move is expected to bring substantial utility to the project, aligning with the preferences of the broader community.

Overall, these factors may work together to propel the token to new heights upon its launch, positioning SPONGE V2 as an attractive investment option for all investors.

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