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Most Trending Cryptocurrency on Base Chain Now – Ethlas, Grand Base, Mfercoin

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Ethereum is finally showing signs of price action as it recorded an increase of over 4% in the past 48 hours, closer to the $4k mark. With the ETH price pump, the altcoin market might see increased momentum in the new week. 

One network of interest to investors is the Base chain. It gained attention after it replaced Solana as the platform of choice for memecoin crypto projects early in the last quarter. The top trending cryptocurrencies on the Base chain appear to outperform the market. Thus, today’s post provides some context to the market trends of the best-performing crypto tokens in the network. 

Most Trending Cryptocurrency on Base Chain 

Moreover, the article includes an overview of the 99Bitcoins presale offering. The project kicked off the presale offering of its native cryptocurrency, the 99BTC, which has attracted over $1.6 million as of the time of writing. The growing investors’ interest in the project makes it an asset of interest, and this article takes a deep dive into the uniqueness of the 99Bitcoins platform and provides insight into why it’s worth the hype. 

1. Ethlas (ELS)

Ethlas, a trailblazer in Web3 gaming, is gaining attention with its cutting-edge games and infrastructure tools. By enhancing Web3 experiences, Ethlas strives to make this technology more accessible and secure for users and companies.

With ambitions similar to industry leaders like Epic Games and Valve, Ethlas aims to make a lasting impact through their game titles and the infrastructure they offer. Moreover, the company’s governance token, $ELS, empowers holders to influence the project’s direction and growth. As Ethlas expands, the $ELS token will benefit from increased player engagement, games, and transactions.

WELS Price Chart

The current price of Ethlas (ELS) stands at $0.2953, reflecting a 7.97% increase in the last 24 hours. ELS’ 24-hour trading volume reached $1,710,049. Over the past week, $ELS has seen a notable 24.17% price rise. This performance significantly outperforms the global cryptocurrency market, which has seen a modest increase of 0.30%, and Ethereum Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, which have risen by 12.70%.

The sharp rise in $ELS trading volume, which increased by 36.10% in the last 24 hours, highlights growing interest and activity in the market. This trend signals investors’ increasing confidence in Ethlas’s potential and vision.

As Ethlas continues to innovate and attract more users, the $ELS token will significantly impact the Web3 gaming landscape. Investors and gamers should watch Ethlas closely as it carves out its future in the digital assets arena.

2. Grand Base (GB)

GRAND BASE is making a name for itself in the decentralized finance world. This platform provides exposure to real-world assets (RWAs) without needing to hold the actual assets. By combining synthetic assets with an active market, GRAND BASE ensures deep liquidity for its users.

Consequently, the price of Grand Base (GB) is $0.004058, and its 24-hour trading volume is $10,805. Despite having a market cap and market dominance of $0.00, the token has seen a price increase of 6.19% in the last 24 hours.

GB Price Chart

Looking back, Grand Base reached its highest price of $4.50 on March 28, 2024. However, it hit an all-time low of $0.002709 on May 14, 2024, which is also its cycle low.

GB tokens are primarily traded on decentralized exchanges, with Matcha (Base) being the most popular platform. The most active trading pair is GB/WETH, although it has a modest 24-hour trading volume of $1.08.

Overall, GRAND BASE is emerging as a significant player in the decentralized market for synthetic RWAs. This token is worth watching because of its innovative approach and recent price movements.

3. Mfercoin (MFER)

Mfercoin (MFER), a peer-to-peer electronic system, has made notable strides in cryptocurrency. Today, the price of MFER stands at $0.04468, with a 24-hour trading volume of $16,288,863.22. However, the token has experienced a 4.43% decline in price over the last 24 hours.

Despite this short-term dip, MFER has seen a significant price increase of 31.72% over the past week. This strong performance brings MFER’s market cap to $44,782,151, based on its circulating supply of 1 billion tokens.

mfer Price Chart

MFER’s recent surge has outpaced the global cryptocurrency market, which has only increased by 0.40% in the same period. Additionally, it has outperformed other Meme cryptocurrencies, up by 23.30% over the past week.

Traders can buy and sell MFER tokens on both decentralized and centralized exchanges. The most popular platform for trading MFER is Uniswap V3 (Base), where the MFER/WETH trading pair has a 24-hour volume of $579,494. Other notable exchanges include HTX and


In the last 24 hours, MFER’s trading volume has risen by 17.40%, indicating increased market activity and interest. This uptick in volume suggests that traders are paying close attention to MFER despite its recent price fluctuation.

Overall, Mfercoin’s impressive performance over the past week and growing trading activity highlight its potential in the cryptocurrency market. Investors and traders should watch MFER as it develops and attracts interest.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto

One particular value of the 99Bitcoins project is the unique approach to providing knowledge to users. The market is used to Play-to-Earn concepts. However, 99bitcoins brings the learning perspective to the education space. The project focuses on equipping traders, investors, and crypto enthusiasts with adequate knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry. 

Thanks to the blockchain technology, the students acquire knowledge from the platform. The platform leverages the decentralized technology to provide access to its native cryptocurrency, the 99BTC, which is currently on presale. Token holders can access extensive benefits, including hands-on industry updates and market trends. 

The project also provides traders exclusive access to signals. This is especially important for beginner traders who wish to improve their win rate and success. It also benefits experienced traders and investors since it adds to their war chest. 

At press time, investors can acquire the 99BTC token for $0.00106 at a discount. However, it’s best to purchase it now because the price increases regularly. The next increase comes up within 19 hours from the time of writing.  

Consequently, early investors won’t have to wait until the launch pump to realize the value of their investment. The price of 99BTC remains inflationary consistently till the launch date. Similarly, 99BTC offers staking opportunities with interesting APY. The details of the project’s staking offer and their essential information are available on its presale page. 

Visit 99BTC Presale 

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