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Mog Coin’s Moggle: MOG Could Leap 70% With New Partnership Announcements

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Mog Coin
Mog Coin

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The Mog Coin’s price trend throughout the past month has been dramatic, instilling fear gradually into the crypto market. After closing at $0.00000002142 at the first market entrance on July 21, the coin has recorded high fluctuations within a short period.

On July 23, MOG recorded an opening price of $0.000000009637, which raised concerns among traders and investors about whether the coin will continue downward or increase.

Fortunately, MOG shot up, rocketing from $0.00000001152 on July 25 to $ 0.00000009681 on August 19.

Despite the overall crypto market crash on August 17, MOG stood unshaken but has commenced a downtrend in the past 16 days (August 20 till today, September 4). At 5:50 a.m. EST on September 4, MOG trades at $0.00000003516 and is down by 1%.

MOG’s Losses Surpass Gains – Could It Lose More?

One of the top crypto analytic sites and trading platforms, Coingecko, reveals that MOG has recorded more price losses than gains since it joined the crypto market.

According to Coingecko, the coin gained 13.8% during the last month. However, in the past 14 days, it shed approximately 51%, with another 21% loss within a week. Nevertheless, MOG’s 24-hour trading volume is still up by 20.34%, recording $1.18 million.

Speculation is rising that these loss streaks may not last longer, given the new partnership announcements within MOG’s ecosystem. Also, the high trading volume suggests the increased utility of Mog Coin, which could trigger demand and foster price recovery for the coin.

Mog Coin’s Listing on Open Exchange Could Foster Value Recovery

A recent tweet by MOG’s team, MogCoinEth, on August 23, revealed the listing of MOG on the crypto and real-world assets platform, Open Exchange (OPNX).

Also, another tweet by OPNX on the X platform showed that it added $MOG perps to its listing as well.

Given the exchange’s reputation, this listing could have several positive effects on MOG’s price and its overall market perception.

Being listed on OPNX with its broader user base can increase liquidity for MOG. This means more buyers and sellers are in the market, which can reduce price volatility and make it easier to buy or sell MOG at fair market prices.

Again, this listing exposes MOG to a larger and potentially global audience of traders and investors. Increased visibility can attract new participants, potentially driving demand.

The listing can stimulate trading activity around MOG, leading to higher trading volumes. Increased trading can create price momentum and generate interest from traders looking for opportunities.

Listing perpetual futures contracts (perps) for MOG can allow traders to speculate on its price movements and hedge their positions. This additional utility can further boost trading activity and interest in MOG.

INC’s Review About MOG Could Attract More Partnerships, Trigger Token Value Appreciation

The review and analysis of $MOG in a thread by Schizoloid transmission system v.3, INC showed why the coin was causing traction in the market.

According to the thread, MOG represents a beacon of creativity, cultural buzz, and community-driven success. It emphasizes that $MOG stands out from other meme coins due to its association with Hunter Biden, which adds an element of novelty and credibility. 

The thread also highlights the strong community support behind $MOG, symbolized by the use of pit vipers, and its cultural engagement beyond the crypto world.

Furthermore, it mentions interactions with non-crypto influencers and suggests that $MOG is expanding its reach into broader cultural spaces. Despite not being listed on major exchanges, $MOG has a significant market presence, demonstrating its community’s dedication and growth potential.

The thread speculates that $MOG may not be just a passing trend but could potentially lead to significant wealth generation. It suggests that $ MOG’s unique approach, strong community, and cultural influence set it apart and may enable it to challenge established meme coins.

Finally, the thread anticipates a promising future for $MOG, especially as the crypto market enters a bullish phase. It suggests that $ MOG’s solid foundation and unwavering community support could lead to substantial price increases, potentially redefining the standards for success in the meme coin space.

Given the highlights of the INC’s thread, $ MOG’s cultural relevance, unique identity, and community engagement could attract the attention of a broader audience, including potential investors who may not have been aware of $MOG previously.

Also, mentioning $ MOG’s association with Hunter Biden adds an element of novelty and intrigue. While meme coins often emerge from anonymity, this association can enhance $ MOG’s credibility and differentiate it from the crowd.

INC’s review emphasizes the strong community support behind $MOG, including using the pit viper symbol. This community engagement can foster a sense of trust and unity, encouraging more users to join the $MOG community.

Expecting a potential “face-melting increase” during the next crypto bull market can create excitement and anticipation among traders, potentially driving up demand and the token’s price.

MOG’s Bearish Market Looks Prevalent – Could Market Trend Reverse?

Mog Coin

The chart above shows three consecutive red candle stick formations between the Middle and Lower Bollinger bands. 

This shows the selling pressure has increased within the past three days and its price ranges within the critical moving averages. If more selling pressure persists, the bearish trend projects the coin’s potential to hit the oversold market region.

Also, MOG’s MACD is below the signal line with red bold histogram bars, showing the solid bearish momentum on the coin’s price, which could fuel more loss before today ends.

On the other hand, MOG’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) is flattened at 45.85, showing the balance between buying and selling pressure. While this indicator shows a neutral market, its flat movement suggests two outcomes. 

Firstly, a bullish move towards the overbought area could force a rally. But, if significant selling activities are recorded, MOG will continue downward, representing more losses in the long run.

While the RSI shows MOG’s potential for another uptrend, traders and investors should monitor the indicators closely as the overall market trend is still bearish in the short term.

MOG Sits Range-Bound – Will It Bounce or Breakdown Further?


Mog Coin faces resistance at $0.00000004482 and support at $0.00000003256, meaning that the market is experiencing specific dynamics that traders and investors closely monitor.

The MOG may continue fluctuating within this price range as traders buy at or near $0.00000003256 and sell at or near $0.00000004482. This can result in a sideways or range-bound market.

Meanwhile, if there is a significant increase in buying volume, the price could break above $0.00000004482, a bullish signal, indicating breached resistance and price surge. 

Conversely, if selling volume and MOG fall below $0.00000003256, the price may decline further. Traders may see these as signals to enter long or short positions to buy more coins or sell existing holdings.

Meanwhile, Given MOG’s price range between these two significant levels, the coin will likely rebound if it declines toward the support level in the coming days.

While anticipating a potential surge in MOG’s price, traders may consider investing in groundbreaking meme coins like Sonik (SONIK), which promises a massive return on investment.

Why Is Sonik Coin an Ideal Alternative to MOG?

Sonik Coin (SONIK) is a compelling alternative to MOG due to its relatively stable and promising trajectory. Unlike MOG, which has faced dramatic price fluctuations and significant losses, Sonik has introduced resilience and steady growth features. 

With a well-designed staking mechanism and a four-year token lock-in period, Sonik offers stability and incentives for long-term investment, reducing the risks associated with volatile trends.

Sonik’s anticipated listing on a reputable exchange, Uniswap, also positions it for increased liquidity and broader exposure. The positive community sentiment and potential for sustainable growth make Sonik an appealing choice for investors seeking a reliable meme coin.

$SONIK Presale Ending in 23 Hours with Over $1.27 Million Already Raised – Will It Hit the Presale Benchmark?

$ SONIK’s presale is finally ending in the next 23 hours and has already raised more than $1.27 million out of its $2,098,547 initial valuation. Considering Sonik’s community’s massive attention and support, speculations are rising that the project’s presale could hit its target before the countdown elapses. 

$SONIK is still selling at $0.000014, which offers an attractive price for interested investors to join early. Visit the official presale website to secure a slot before it sells out.


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