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Milady Meme Coin Pumps 20% in Past Week as Hottest SOL Meme Coin Nears Exchange Listings

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Milady Meme Coin Price Prediction
Milady Meme Coin Price Prediction

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The Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) is grabbing attention in the cryptocurrency realm as it surged 20% over the past week, catching the eye of investors.

Yet, LADYS has had ups and downs, dropping 23% in the last month and seeing a 35% decrease in trading volume over 24 hours.

Though not much discussed before, the recent price spike calls for a closer look at its path, possibilities, and community. Let’s explore further to determine if LADYS is set for success or facing trouble.

Milady Meme Coin price prediction

Recently, Milady Meme Coin has seen its price go up, catching the attention of traders and investors. But, this rise happens during a time of uncertainty and ups and downs common in meme coins. Despite the gains today, looking at the bigger picture shows big losses over the past month.

LADYS has a dedicated community, which is important for meme coins to succeed. With a market cap of $127.7 million, it’s in a good position to compete with big meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Milady Price Graph

Digging into its details, Milady Meme Coin has a unique tokenomics setup: 94% goes to liquidity pool, 5% to its ecosystem, and 1% to airdrops. This mix aims to balance liquidity and community involvement.

Also, its plans for the future include teaming up with the community, getting on more exchanges, and growing its number of holders.

While there’s promise, it’s important to face the challenges ahead. There’s not much happening on its official Twitter, which raises questions about how they communicate and engage with the community. Still, the community is very enthusiastic, as seen in their strong support and hope.

Aside from its main focus, Milady Meme Coin has also started doing NFTs with the Milady NFT collection, showing they’re into trying new things. But, their side project, Milady Wif Hat, hasn’t gone smoothly and has lost value since it started.

If the team keeps making questionable moves, the community loses trust, and the meme coin excitement fades, LADYS could see a big drop in price. However, if they use their strong community and meme coin potential, get on Binance, and earn back trust, the price could shoot up.

It’s a stretch, but some experts think LADYS could hit the $0.000005 mark by 2032.

Sloth-themed meme coin on Solana prepares for exchange listing

In the world of meme coins, presales are key moments for investors looking to get in on promising projects early. While Milady Meme Coin has had its ups and downs, other cryptocurrencies, like Slothana on Solana, offer exciting opportunities for those wanting to ride emerging trends.

The trend of presale meme coins continues with Slothana, a meme coin featuring a lazy sloth theme that’s gaining huge momentum in the crypto world. After a very successful presale raising over $10 million, Slothana is set to debut on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) soon.

The $SLOTH token will officially launch in just nine days after the presale, where early investors will get 10,000 $SLOTH for 1 SOL. For those who missed out on the initial excitement, this might be their last chance to get in early before $SLOTH starts trading freely. Potential investors can visit our guide on how to buy Slothana token here.

Slothana’s popularity comes from its unique theme. Unlike typical ‘dog coins,’ Slothana stands out with its theme of a tired office sloth fed up with the 9-5 routine. This resonates with crypto investors who might feel the same way. You can explore the potential future of Slothana through our $SLOTH price prediction.

With its appealing theme, successful presale, and strong team, Slothana seems ready to skyrocket once it hits exchanges. Whether or not the excitement is warranted, the hype alone could lead to a huge debut for $SLOTH in less than two weeks. To take part in the $SLOTH unique presale, visit


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