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Microsoft Patents Crypto Mining System Using Human Brain Waves

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Microsoft bitcoin
Microsoft bitcoin

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Microsoft has owned the right of a new cryptocurrency mining system which would mine cryptocurrency using human brain waves. It is using basic human energy instead of the usual expensive power-intense mining. This may seem a bit bizarre for the crypto community, but Microsoft has explained how the Bitcoin system would work.

The company published the details of the patent yesterday. According to the software giant, the patent is known as w“Cryptocurrency using body activity data.”

With this development, there would be no need for ASICs, as people would be able to mine crypto using the body activity data.

No matter how weird this may sound, it could be possible to mine crypto without causing damage to the environment if Microsoft can achieve the feat without equally risking the lives of humans. According to Microsoft, the mining process via body activity data is quite different from what people think.

Mining process doesn’t require high physical activity

The company stated that it could be very straightforward for the human body activity to mine cryptocurrency. The firm reiterated that the mining process must not necessarily mean the individual has to do extreme physical tasks or exercise vigorously. It could be as simple as an easy brain task.

Body heat or brain waves emitted from the user when they carry out the task provided by a service provider or information could be enough to mine the cryptocurrency. The company revealed that activities such as using certain internet services or viewing an advertisement can be utilized in the mining process.

Microsoft further pointed out that the innovative mining process could replace the usually vigorous computer-generated mining process that consumes a lot of energy and power.

According to the company, it is far better than the traditional crypto mining systems because the energy released and used from the body activity could be seen as proof of work. As a result, the user can provide a solution for computationally difficult problem unknowingly. “A user can solve the computationally difficult problem unconsciously,” the patent reads.

Microsoft revealed that some tasks could increase or reduce computational energy, depending on the amount of activity generated. However, the crypto mining system through body language data would work through a server that gives a command to a wearable device.

Microsoft has not revealed whether the innovative crypto mining system would depend on its framework or whether it would be based on blockchain technology. The company has also not concluded whether the patent would go live. But as it has earned the patent to use human brain waves and body heat to mine crypto, Microsoft could pursue this lofty dream and make it a reality in the future.

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