Bitcoin System Review: Scam or Legit? The Ultimate Test

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As cryptocurrencies have been with us for over ten years, organizations and crypto enthusiasts have developed plenty of applications in this space. This ranges from wallets, exchanges, trading platforms and bitcoin robots. One of these robots is Bitcoin System. We decided to test it to find out whether it is legit or a scam. The test revealed that the robot is a scam so our suggestion would be to trade with reliable and trustworthy robots like Bitcoin Trader. Read on to find out why you should stay away from this robot, and how to find a legit robot to make you solid profits.

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All trading carries risk

Is the Bitcoin System a scam? YES!

  • We couldn’t test the crypto bots on Bitcoin System as the site can’t be reached. Therefore, we couldn’t verify the success rate of the platform’s bots.
  • We can’t determine whether Bitcoin System is a scam crypto robot platform as we were unable to find the website.
  • InsideBitcoins recommends that you try the Bitcoin Trader software or Bitcoin Loophole instead, which can generate real profits. We recommend an investment of $250 on this platform
  • To start trading with Bitcoin Trader, click here, or read further to see the exact instructions on how to use the platform.

What is Bitcoin System, and is it a scam?

Bitcoin System is an app that utilizes bots to trade cryptocurrencies automatically. Bots like this one usually claim to be ahead of the market, which gives them an advantage and a high chance of guaranteeing profits. They are programmed based on complex algorithms that allow them to analyse financial news and the market within fractions of seconds. They will then automatically place the most profitable investments for you. The platform basically uses a technology that cuts out human error completely. Most robots promise success rates of over 90% and for some of these robots, the promises are realistic, for others, they are not. That is why we wanted to test Bitcoin System.

So we took a look at the Bitcoin System website but we were unable to access it. The Bitcoin System website seems to be currently unavailable, perhaps for maintenance reasons.

In case the site is under maintenance, we believe that it has left either the or domain. In case of a re-launch, we have reason to believe that the Bitcoin System app will migrate to another website than or

Given that the risks of putting your money in the hands of scammers is fairly high, particularly if you are an inexperienced user, we are testing and reviewing robots like Bitcoin System to find out whether they are trustworthy trading platforms. Even though we were unable to properly test the robot due to the fact that the official website is unavailable, we are fairly certain that the robot was a scam.

Who founded Bitcoin System?

As we can’t access the Bitcoin System website, we don’t know the person or persons who have created the crypto robot platform.

How does the Bitcoin System app work

Bitcoin System should work like most of the algorithmic coin trading apps that utilize crypto robots to do all the trading for the user. These systems work as follows. You register to a service, if it is applicable, you verify your account. After that, you need to fund it with money. Not all services have the same pricing models. For some, you usually have to pay a flat fee every month to keep your account on the platform where you can use the bots to trade cryptocurrency. For others, you have to rent the bots that do the trading for you. There’s also another pricing model that is popular at companies who have issued tokens during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). For these services, you have to buy the native token of the service, and hold a certain amount to use different bots and/or features on the platform.

If you are ready to pay these fees, you can set up the bots. After you are done, you don’t have to do a thing other than waiting and hoping that your balance will increase.

Unfortunately, as we don’t have access to either the Bitcoin System app or the Bitcoin System website, we can’t tell you anything about how this service in particular actually works. In case the operators of the service re-launch their platform, we’ll create a Bitcoin System account to test the crypto bot, and will update this review accordingly.

In the next section, we have compiled a step-by-step guide for a trustworthy crypto robot platform. However, as we were unable to create a Bitcoin System sign-up, we decided to show you how to sign up on Bitcoin Trader, a robot that we consider to be legit and reliable. Like Bitcoin System, it is an automated cryptocurrency robot we have reviewed. Our step-by-step Bitcoin Trader tutorial will guide you through the processes of creating an account, testing the robot via the demo trading platform, depositing funds, and using the live trading platform.

How to trade on on Bitcoin Trader

Step 1: Opening an account

To use the Bitcoin Trader app, you’ll need to create an account. Head to the homepage of the service. You’ll find a form on the right side of the page where you’ll have to type in your full name and email. After that, you will be required to choose a password between 6 and 10 characters including letters and numbers. Finally, you will have to select your country of residence and insert your phone number with the correct country code. After that, you will be able to move on to the next step, demo trading.

Step 2: Demo Trading

Now that you have a Bitcoin Trader account, you can try trading in demo mode. You will have $1,500 available to trade in crypto with your demo account. To do that, all you have to do is click on the “Go to Demo” button on the left side of the screen. You’ll see three stats on the top: total profit, total balance, and winning trades (the trades that have resulted in profits). On the right side of the “Open Trades” tab, there’s a slide next to “Auto Trade.” To start your first demo trade, click on it and it will turn on. After a short period of time, you’ll see multiple trades that have been conducted by the crypto bots of the platform. Analyze the results and determine whether this platform is worth your money. Please note that algorithmic cryptocurrency trading involves high risks.

Step 3: Deposit Funds


If you have come to the conclusion that you want to trade cryptocurrencies live on Bitcoin Trader, then you’ll have to first deposit funds into your account. To switch back from demo mode, click “Go to Live” on the left side of the page. When you are there, click the green “Deposit” button, and the website’s administrators will reach out to you with instructions on how to deposit funds into your account. Look for their email and follow the instructions in order to fund your Bitcoin Trader account. Robots like Bitcoin Trader connect to online brokers to be able to function. Depending on what broker you are connected to, you will have different payment options available to deposit your funds. In our case, we could pay with credit or debit cards as well as Bitcoins.

Step 4: Trading


As soon as your funds are credited on your account, you can start trading. Before that, you will have to decide on your trading settings. You will have to set up a daily stop loss, the maximum profits you wish to make in a day and how many trades you want to make daily. You will also have to choose your investment amount for each trade. After that, you may also choose which cryptocurrencies you wish to trade with, depending on your personal preferences. If not, you can leave that to the robot. At this point, you can officially start trading. You will see a red circle saying “Off” on the right side of the screen. Click it to turn it on. You are all set. All you have to do now is sit back and watch the robot make money for you.

Can you make money with Bitcoin System?

At the moment, you can’t make profits with the Bitcoin System app as the website of the service is down. We have searched everywhere, but we were unable to find the domain Bitcoin System is using. Before the website was down, it may have been possible to generate profits with the crypto robot platform. However, we can’t verify this information until the site gets back up.

Recommended Robots

Just forget about Bitcoin System. Even though Bitcoin Trader is a great option and you will definitely make profits on it, you can also try Bitcoin Profit or Bitcoin Revolution. We have tested both robots and have found them to be as reliable and accurate as Bitcoin Trader. Of course, no matter what platform you decide to trade on, a risk of losing part or all of your funds remains and it often does not depend on the accuracy of the software you are using but on the high volatility of the market. So, even if you are trading on the best platform, some changes in the markets are totally unpredictable and can result in a loss of money. Despite this though, trading with an accurate and trustworthy robot will definitely improve your chances of profits.

If you are searching for other trustworthy and profitable robots, feel free to have a look through our bitcoin robot page to view your options.

Bitcoin Revolution

Like many other auto trading robots out there, this one guarantees significant profits in little time. Based on our tests of robots like this one, that is not true in most cases, but for Bitcoin Revolution, we did make great profits.

  • It is a legit robot.
  • You can actually make more than $1,000 daily.
  • You have the possibility to try a demo account first.
  • The web is full of user reviews claiming they have made profits on this robot.
  • Have a look at our robot review if you want to know more about Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Trader

We have found Bitcoin Trader to be another profitable robot with a very high accuracy. During our test of the robot, we made significant profits even though it was not as much as they promised. Such high returns can only be seen with high investments.

  • The trading platform is suitable for both novices and advanced users.
  • It is transparent about the risks linked to crypto trading.
  • Trading in demo mode mode is an option.
  • The robot is over 90% accurate.
  • Check out our Bitcoin Trader review to find out more the robot.


As we have mentioned already, you do not have to trade on these robots in particular. There are other robots that we consider to be reliable. The ones we mentioned however, are highly reliable and trustworthy and investing on them would definitely be a good idea. There are a couple of things to remember whenever you are trying to find out whether a robot is reliable, especially if you are a beginner and are new to this world.

  1. Look for the creator’s identity. Always try and look for the name of main developer of the software you are on. If you find a name, it is most likely that the creator has nothing to hide, which means that there is a good chance that the platform you are on is a legitimate one.
  2. Try the demo account first. Most reliable robots offer the option to try a demo account before you deposit real funds on it. Whenever a demo option is available, it usually means that the robot is fairly transparent in its proceedings. Some scams do not offer demo accounts just so you are forced to deposit money in them right away and you will most likely never see it again. Demo accounts give you a chance to see how the trading space works. Never deposit money on a platform without having tried a demo account first. 
  3. Look for good review pages. A good idea before you even look for a reliable robot is to find a good review page. We are aware that there are many of them out there and finding one can be challenging. However, we suggest to spend some time on that because once you find it, that page can become your main source whenever you are searching for advice or any kind of information on crypto trading. 
  4. Check for risk disclaimers. Another thing you should look for when you are on a robot page is risk disclaimers. When robots are unreliable, they usually try to hide that crypto trading is a highly risky activity that can result in capital loss. Whenever a platform is honest about this, it usually means it is trustworthy and reliable.

Bitcoin System Review: the Verdict!

So, we have given the Bitcoin System system the worst rating we could give. As mentioned before, the reason for this is insufficient information on the service and the fact that users are unable to trade via the Bitcoin System app. They can’t create a Bitcoin System account either, which is really bad since the users can’t even test the demo trading platform of the service – as well as no access to basic information on the website.

There may be a time when the service re-launches. If that happens, we’ll create an account at the service, and we’ll analyze and test it, then update this Bitcoin System review with the new information as well as our take on the crypto bot.

Meanwhile, we recommend checking out the Bitcoin Trader app as a trustworthy crypto robot platform.

Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


So, what’s the best cryptocurrency trading bot?
While we ranked Bitcoin System as a bad cryptocurrency trading bot, there’s plenty of services that offer a good service for crypto robots. We have tested and analyzed each of these services and concluded the winner: Bitcoin Code. Bitcoin Code, along with CryptoSoft is ranked as a top-performing cryptocurrency trading bot by InsideBitcoins. Bitcoin Trader, which we featured in our step-by-step tutorial is also a solid service.
Are there any risks involved with algorithmic crypto trading?
Yes, the risks of algorithmic crypto trading are really high. There are two main reasons for that. Firstly, cryptocurrencies tend to be volatile, so their rate can increase by five percent in an hour, and decrease by another five in the next hour or so. Secondly, a part of algorithmic crypto trading solutions is not legit, which means that the service providers are scammers who want to steal your hard-earned money.

Furthermore, some algorithmic crypto trading platforms require a certain knowledge from its users. Therefore, beginners will have a hard time trading digital currencies on such services, which can result in losses for them.

So, use algorithmic crypto trading platforms at your own risk and be extra careful when you are testing a new service.

Do I need my own algorithmic trading strategies to trade cryptocurrencies via a crypto bot?
Some bots might need your own algorithmic trading strategies in order to succeed. However, most of the platforms, such as Bitcoin Trader, do not require you to develop your own algorithmic trading strategies.
I’m interested in holding Bitcoin instead. Can you recommend a good cryptocurrency wallet app?
We think choosing the right cryptocurrency wallet app for your coins is super important. Unfortunately, the crypto space is constantly targeted by hackers who are after stealing your funds. If you are using an unsafe cryptocurrency wallet app, you are putting your coins at risk, and attackers will have an easier job stealing your funds. So, yes, we can recommend a good cryptocurrency wallet app. If you are looking for a wallet from a regulated broker, the eToro app is a no-brainer. We can also recommend using hardware wallets as they have added protection. They require you to type in a PIN via the hardware device every time you try to log into your wallet and when you try to send outgoing transactions. Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey are all trusted brands that are worth checking out.
What are the best cryptocurrency trading platforms?
So as choosing a safe wallet, selecting the best cryptocurrency trading platform is essential. You don’t want to lose money on your trades, do you? Then you need a cryptocurrency trading platform that has low fees, easy-to-use platform, and a trusted service. If you check our buying guides for each of the coins, you’ll see that we ranked eToro as the best among all cryptocurrency trading platforms. eToro is a broker with over 12 years of experience and a great service that is regulated in many countries, including top-tier regulators, such as the UK’s FCA. The platform offers outright crypto trading, meaning that you can buy the actual coins on the platform. Both the registration and verification process is fast. You can fund your account with multiple payment methods, including PayPal and credit cards. Other great cryptocurrency trading platforms are Plus500, Binance, and Changelly. While Plus500 is a broker that offers coin trading via CFDs, Binance and Changelly are cryptocurrency exchanges where you are the owner of the coins you are buying.



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    1. Hello kerath90, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Our website contains a lot of content that will help you understand crypto trading and get you up to date with what’s going on in the industry. Please note that we would not recommend you to invest in this platform as it is a scam. Try one these legit and secure crypto robots instead.

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    1. Hello Cooper, we have tested and reviewed a number of crypto bots in the industry and identified the legit ones. Check out our detailed guide on the topic. This guide also contains our top recommendations.

    1. Hello jonah32, we have run multiple tests on Bitcoin System and have invested a lot of money to make sure that this robot is a scam. Sadly, all of our investment was lost and none of our tests on the crypto robot passed with satisfactory scores. We are sure that it is a scam and would not recommend anyone to use it.

  8. thanks for warning people with your bitcoin system review! this robot is a scam and is not worth your investment. i’ve tried so many by now and honestly the only ones that i recommend are bitcoin profit and bitcoin trader. with bitcoin system I lost over $100 in 1 day!!!

    1. Hello Leon, we are sorry to hear about your loss. It is our aim to make sure that none of our viewers invest their money on a scam robot as they could end up losing it all within a matter of days.

    1. Hello Liana, scammers use a number of different strategies to make people believe that their robot is not a scam. This is why we recommend our viewers to always perform proper research before investing in a robot.

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    You will not know what you have really done for me with this piece of information. however, I think I need a better way through which I can get myself on track with the bitcoin robots out there. This robot, Bitcoin system was the one I usually used when I first started but I could not make a tangible profit from my transactions so I had to stop.

    Is there a way through which people can access the money they invested on the Bitcoin system app?

    1. Hello Frank, we highly appreciate your vote of confidence in our review. Our aim is to keep our viewers informed of the latest opportunities and help them stay away from scam platforms.

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