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Metropoly Presale Stage 12 Ends in One Day: The Real Estate Token is the Latest Crypto Craze

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Metropoly crypto
Metropoly crypto

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Metropoly’s presale is moving to the thirteenth stage in just one day, after raising 1.3M. The event is headed for an early sell-out at this pace with 3235 participants already. On entering the next stage, the METRO price will take a small increase from $0.08.

Crypto investors are stocking up on the token in bulk due to its real-world use cases embedded in the real estate market. Metropoly is the world’s first NFT marketplace backed by 100% real-world assets.

A crypto token with mainstream appeal

The crypto market can make you multifold returns over two days. Similarly, it can black out your wallet overnight. Notorious for its rapid ups and downs, crypto assets are feared by a large share of investors. But as cryptocurrencies and NFTs become an integral part of the global economy, it would be harder for investors to turn a blind eye to them.

Apart from blue-chip cryptos like BTC and ETH, investors will be looking for tokens that can stand market volatility. Metropoly is one of those crypto assets, being backed by real-world real estate assets. With its value anchored in the real estate market, Metropoly assets won’t be vulnerable to the whims of the market. The project taps into blockchain innovation to make real estate investments affordable for a large group of people, regardless of their financial background and credit score.

Buying derivatives is an excellent way to invest in the crypto market while mitigating risk, but it requires good technical knowledge. Not everyone has the time or patience to learn how they work. If you’re like most crypto investors, looking for something easier to understand with little to no effort, Metropoly will make a good choice.

The increasing traffic to the presale finds its route to not just crypto communities, but also traditional real estate communities. The mainstream attention to the project, even before the token launch, speaks for its market relevance and growth potential. The mass appeal of the token is one of the reasons why leading crypto publications cite it as the next 10X coin of this year.

How Metropoly decentralizes global real estate

Real estate is believed to be one of the best long-term investments. Not surprising, since most of us humans like a roof over our heads. As a result, the world’s richest people stock up their portfolios with real estate to build long-term wealth. If you’ve invested in a high-yield rental property located in a strategic location with a bustling urban population or tourists, it is also an excellent source of cash flow and passive income.

That said, real estate transactions are costly. Not just in terms of money, but also time. A real estate change of hands can take an average of 60 days to complete. Despite digitization infesting all industries, 98% of real estate deals are still done offline. That won’t be the case long, with Metropoly setting a Web 3.0 trend of tokenizing real estate assets.

It radically overhauls the primitive model by allowing you to buy and sell fractional ownership of income-generating properties as NFTs in seconds. The blockchain digitization of the multi-trillion-dollar industry will make real estate trading quite similar to trading stocks, only less complicated and easier to understand.

Similar to their traditional counterparts, Metropoly NFT owners can benefit from passive income and long-term value appreciation. More importantly, they have to do much less work than traditional investors, with the Metropoly team taking care of hassles like documentation, legal compliance, and property maintenance.

Metropoly is easy, accessible, and liquid

Here is a quick look at the advantages of investing in a Metropoly real estate asset:

  • Metropoly converts real estate properties into NFTs, which allows keeping a transparent record of all details regarding the property.
  • The real asset is fractionalized into affordable pieces at prices starting from $100. Blockchain-based community ownership makes real estate investments affordable and less complicated.
  • The Metropoly marketplace features a wide range of properties – holiday villas, luxury apartments, or even penthouses – hand-picked from hotspots from around the world.
  • No paperwork. No banks. No commission. Most operations and transactions are executed on the blockchain using smart contracts.
  • Fractionalization of NFTs allows better portfolio diversification, which mitigates risk in effect.
  • Passive income and value appreciation

If real estate is one of the most stable and reliable investments in the traditional market, Metropoly brings its luster to the crypto market.

Buy METRO before the presale sells out

As the next token predicted to acquire a $1B market cap, METRO will take steep hikes from its current presale price of $0.08 in the coming months. Once the token launches on external crypto exchanges, the presale investment has the potential to book multifold returns for investors.

The fact that the beta dashboard of the Metropoly marketplace went live to glowing reviews from the community strengthens the predictions. METRO launch is scheduled for early May.

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