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Metropoly Beta 2.0 Launch on Feb 10 Revs up the METRO Presale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The Metropoly Beta 2.0 Dashboard will go live on Feb 10, 2023, with new and upgraded features dedicated to decentralizing the global real estate market using NFTs. The announcement has revved up the METRO presale. At the time of this writing, the project has raised $436,014.06 out of its minimum goal of $500,000, hinting at an early sell-out.

Metropoly Beta 2.0: What to Expect?

Metropoly launched the Beta Dashboard of its NFT marketplace early this year in January to a grand reception. The first version features trading, auctions, and mortgage, in addition to a designated area to monitor monthly payouts made directly to your wallet in USDT.  Although the dashboard was primitive with limited features, it saw remarkable traffic from both crypto and real estate communities, to the pleasant shock of the team. The review of the product has been largely positive, with many referring to the product as a game-changer in real estate.

The second version is now ready for release with improved features and functionalities. While the team has yet to announce what the Beta Dashboard is going to look like, the new features are likely to focus on personalization.

Metropoly Disrupts Global Real Estate

Metropoly has been trending across social media platforms for a few weeks now. It is fast emerging to become the next big blockchain project. What is it, and why does it matter? Let’s take a look.

Real estate is one of the best long-term investments, it goes without saying. But it comes as a surprise that most of us don’t have a real estate portfolio. Our investments are limited to stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, mutual funds, etc. Of course, we didn’t choose to discriminate against real estate assets.

  • It is safe, reliable, and tangible.
  • It doesn’t require technical knowledge like stock or crypto trading.
  • It is a great hedge against inflation.
  • Land is a scarce resource, and as long as the population rises, the real estate market will grow.
  • But it is also off-the-limits for most of us.

Only the rich can afford to make real estate investments today, thanks to the large initial capital it demands. To add to that, there are the hassles of regulations, maintenance, and occupancy.

Metropoly believes that blockchain technology can decentralize the real estate market and take it to more people. The ownership of one of the most important resources on earth can’t be confined to a few. It will lead to economic and social inequality. In fact, it already has.

How does Metropoly Make a Difference?

Metropoly is building an NFT marketplace where users can buy NFTs tied to REAL real-estate properties. The real estate properties are first converted into NFTs and then sold on the marketplace as fractional NFTs for as low as $100.

To clarify again, we’re not talking about metaverse virtual properties here. Metropoly allows you to invest in real estate assets around the world, regardless of your citizenship and credit score. You can discover a wide array of high-yield properties – holiday homes, studio apartments, condos, penthouses, and large villas to name just a few – on the dashboard.

If you’re wondering whether you will still receive all the benefits of real estate ownership, the answer is yes. Your Metropoly NFTs will give you monthly passive income through rent, as well as long-term returns from the value appreciation of the underlying property. But the benefits go beyond that, since the product is blockchain-based.

No banks. No paperwork. No hidden fees.

You don’t have to put yourself through the hassles of traditional real estate when investing with fractional Metropoly NFTs.

$100 Starting Price

With Metropoly, buying real estate is inexpensive. For example, investing in a luxury villa can be as cheap as $100.

20 Seconds on Average

If selling a property typically takes months or even years in the traditional market, it takes seconds to trade your real estate NFT on Metropoly.

100% fully managed 

Don’t worry about site visits, paperwork, regulatory hassles, maintenance, and occupancy. Metropoly has a multidisciplinary team based in London, Dubai, and Ontario, who will head the headaches.

The low cost of fractional NFTs allows investors to diversify their portfolio with a wide range of properties spread across the globe. If the project unfolds as planned, Metropoly NFTs will be one of the first digital assets to go mainstream with real-world utility.

METRO Presale is Heading for an Early Sell-Out

METRO is the native cryptocurrency of Metropoly. It serves a wide range of utilities in the ecosystem, including facilitating the payments and rewards system. Early investors can now purchase the token at the ongoing METRO presale, where it is selling for attractive discounts. (Use the bonus code LAUNCH20 to get an additional 20% on your purchases.)

METRO is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a limited supply of 1B. That makes the Stage – 8 price of $0.05 per token a steal. It will go through a gradual price hike in the next stages of the presale. The presale supports purchases in USDT, ETH, and BNB. As one of the first crypto projects to take the use cases of NFTs outside the art collectibles, gaming, and entertainment markets, METRO makes a wise cryptocurrency investment now. It simplifies and decentralizes the real estate market using NFTs and blockchain technology.

The token has completed a security audit by the leading blockchain security company CertiK to make sure it meets the highest Web3 standards. In addition, the executives have undergone full KYC checks and interviews to provide maximum security and transparency.

The money raised during the presale will be re-invested and used to build the Metropoly ecosystem, support its go-to-market strategy, and make down payments for the first properties. After the presale, the METRO token will be listed on popular CEXs and DEXs for trading.

$1M Burj Khalifa Apartment Up for Grabs

Metropoly has launched a super-compelling giveaway competition, with a $1M Burj Khalifa apartment up for grabs to celebrate the success of the presale. In addition to long-term appreciation, the apartment can earn up to 100,000 USD per year in rental income for the owner.

You, too, can stand a chance to win the prize by completing all the tasks listed under the contest (mostly by spreading the word about Metropoly) and holding METRO worth at least $100 on the day of the draw.

Visit the Metropoly Presale

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