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Meta Masters Is Here – Make MEMAG Your Top Crypto Gainer for 2023!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Meta Masters Top Crypto gainer
Meta Masters Top Crypto gainer

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The Play-to-earn space is flooded with games that are just not fun. And players still rely on traditional games despite their developer’s predatory practices because they are. Meta Masters Guild is a unique metaverse project that aims to bring fun back to the Web 3 gaming space with its unique – fun before everything – approach.

Meta Masters has opened the beta phase of this presale, which will remain open for only ten days. The project will then proceed into three more presale stages which will see the price of its native token – MEMAG – appreciate with each stage.

And if you want your next crypto investment to be a profitable one, you can make MEMAG the top gainer of 2023 by investing by visiting the official website and participating in the presale.

Gameplay-Centric Ecosystem – A Theme That’s Not Too Common in P2E space

To put it mildly, play-to-earn games have continued to fail at grabbing the interest of non-crypto gamers. Many projects have emerged which are basically earning mechanics with “games” as window dressing. The result of that approach is games that are not at all fun to play.

These games take the bare-bones gameplay mechanic and hope to entice the crowd – which is a wrong approach. That is why Meta Masters Guild changes everything with its Play and Earn approach.

The project devs say that they don’t want to stop any blockchain technology, earning mechanics, or tokenomics from getting in the way of fun – and that is why it is slowly becoming one of our favorite presale cryptos of this year.

What is Meta Masters Guild, and What makes it Unique?

Meta Masters Guild is the world’s first mobile-focused Web 3 Gaming platform that aims to make the mobile gaming space better with better games, a better community, and better earning mechanics.

At the center of this ecosystem lies the MEMAG tokens. These tokens will allow you to play the gems hosted on the platform and earn Gems – in-app tokens that you can convert into MEMAG and then cash them out or contribute back into the ecosystem.

This project aims to bring gamers and game developers together on one platform. That will push the developer to make better games as they will have player input. And it will allow players to have access to better and more fun games that they need to keep contributing to the ecosystem.

Fun Comes First and Play-n-Earn – Elements That Might Make it a Top Gainer of 2023

There are just too many games in the P2E ecosystem, and not all of them are fun. As we already mentioned, most of them use games as window dressing to operate the underlying earning mechanics.

But Meta Masters Guide is taking a different approach – its main goal is to create fun games. To the devs – fun is the attribute that will make the Web 3 gaming system more sustainable.

If all players come with a profit-seeking mindset, sooner or later, the overgeneration of tokens will dive their value – and that even if players come to play. Most don’t because the games aren’t fun. Meta Masters Guild aims to create games that, while offering rewards, are more focused on getting the fun element to players.

The result of this approach leads to the creation of a game that doesn’t follow the standard of Play-to-earn but rather play-and-earn.

Other features of this platform include the following –

  1. Ownable, customizable and tradeable assets.
  2. Having a say on how the games are made.
  3. eSport games

There is a lot in this pipeline, and there is a lot more to come later; you can join this project right now.

Meta Masters Guild is Now Open For Presale

Such a crucial crypto project is the need of the hour and has the potential to become a top gainer, And you can help with that by participating in the presale by going to the official website.

This presale project has already made waves by raising upwards of $30k within a few minutes of launch. And at the time of writing, it has raised more than $46k. Visit the Meta Masters today to participate in the presale.

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