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Meme Coin Whales Gobble Up Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) As ICO Rockets Past $500,000

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Pepe Unchained
Pepe Unchained

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As market volatility increases, crypto whales are on the hunt for tasty newcomers like Pepe Unchained.

The new unchained Pepe has an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain, meaning transactions are faster and cheaper than on the original. 

Indeed, transactions on Pepe Unchained will be 100x faster than on Ethereum and come with super-convenient instant bridging between ETH and Pepe Chain. 

No longer will Pepe be held back by the sluggish and cumbersome Ethereum network. 

It means Pepe Unchained will have the best of both worlds – the lightning-fast speed and low costs of its own Layer 2, plus the security of the Layer 1 Ethereum chain, which is still the premier commercial rail of the crypto ecosystem.

By liberating Pepe, Pepe Unchained opens up a new era of meme coins where you can instantly stake, trade and interact on Pepe Chain.

Furthermore, in addition to having its own state-of-the-art blockchain, the new freedom-loving version of Pepe offers staking rewards that at the time of writing earn 4,729% per annum.

Even $100 Invested In Pepe Unchained Today Might Turn You Into A Millionaire

There are less than 48 hours to go to lock-in the current lowest available $PEPU purchase price of $0.00803, before it bumps up to $0.00806410.  

Getting in on the ground floor of the Pepe Unchained story could deliver a wildly profitable pay-off for early birds.

Meme coin trading is as popular as it is because of the gigantic upside that can be bagged, especially from investing in the newcomers on the presale market. 

Take Pepe for example. If you had bought $100 worth of Pepe on 17 April last year and held it until today, it would now be worth $1.26 million.

As we have seen, Pepe Unchained improves on the original in so many ways, which means it is sitting pretty as a contender to be the next Pepe blockbuster. 

Add to that a presale run-rate that is powering ahead at a blistering pace, it provides prospective buyers with a key leading indicator of what’s to come in terms of return on investment (ROI) for those in the know.

In a nutshell there is so much more to $PEPU than just the usual mirth and irreverence that is the hallmark of a meme coin and its community.

It’s no wonder then that YouTubers are lining up to sing its praises. Matthew Perry, for instance, with nearly a quarter of a million subscribers on YouTube, sees a $PEPU explosion coming.

Meanwhile, Crypto Gains YouTube channel with 134k subscribers implores its viewers to get in early because anything to do with Pepe, in particular a token that brings something major and new to the table like Pepe Unchained does, has a strong chance of blowing up big.

As Markets Drop, Are Whales Preparing To Buy Pepe Unchained ($PEPU)?

While Pepe ($PEPE) maintains its position as the third-largest meme coin with a market cap of $4.5 billion, traders are looking to the future.

As the advent of Pepe Unchained illustrates, nothing stands still in crypto for long. Perpetual innovation is the name of the game, which makes Pepe Unchained the one to watch among up-and-coming meme coin prospects.

Of course Pepe is very far from down and out, although it has lost $500 million in market capitalization valuation in the past couple of days. Nevertheless, the frog coin still sits at third place in the meme coin rankings, valued at $4.5 billion.

Yet it is at times like these when markets are retrenching that traders and investors look afresh at their portfolios – sometimes because they need to raise funds in a hurry or perhaps they want to rebalance their holdings and take advantage of bottom-picking opportunities.

Remember, on the other end of every sale there is a buyer. Bitcoin and Ethereum have both dropped through critical support levels at $64k and $3,500 respectively, opening the way to a period of heightened volatility. However, for those who see opportunity amidst the pullbacks, there is hay to be made.

Volatility means more profits for savvy traders who can spot the diamonds in the rough like Pepe Unchained. 

Smart money is getting ready to make big moves and Pepe Unchained will be a beneficiary. Three days ago a Shiba Inu whale address withdrew SHIB from Coinbase valued at the time at $4.41 million.

It is highly likely that this whale is making funds available to trade either on another centralized exchange with more expansive listings than Coinbase, or to invest in coins only available on decentralized exchanges, or to swap into ETH or USDT to directly invest in presales.

$PEPU: All You Need To Know Before Buying

Pepe Unchained is a true innovator, being the first Pepe token to run on its own proprietary Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain. 

To reiterate, Ethereum can only manage a maximum of around 15 transactions per second (tps), which makes it slow and expensive to transact on. 

Transaction fees tend to rise as the chain becomes busier, which means at times when a trader most wants to interact with it, the costs of doing so can be astronomical, making smaller trades uneconomical. 

As mentioned, Layer 2 protocols have been created to solve these problems. Well-known iterations of the technology include the Polygon network ($MATIC) token that can log 429 tps, and Arbitrum ($ARB), with speeds of up to 598 tps

The continuing popularity of Layer 2 protocols has seen their collective value soar to $22 billion, according to CoinGecko data.

Because Pepe Unchained is the first meme coin to leverage this technology by creating its very own Layer 2 blockchain, its value differential over other meme coins is substantial. 

Information set out in the project’s whitepaper shows that 20% of the supply of 8 billion $PEPU is allocated to the presale and 30% for staking. 

It should be noted that the generous allocation for staking rewards is such that it will provide passive income to stakers over a two-year disbursement period. 

Another 20% is set aside for marketing, while the remaining 30% is split equally between liquidity, project development and the Pepe Unchained Layer 2 treasury. 

Pepe remains one of the most recognizable brands in the meme coin category, which explains why the Pepe Unchained presale has garnered such strong support since its initial coin offering began last week. 

Keep in touch with the project news on X and Telegram to make sure you don’t miss out on the best chance in crypto to make yourself a millionaire.

Contribute to the Pepe Unchained presale today for the opportunity to snare life-changing ROI.

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