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Hamster Kombat: Everything You Need To Know About The Viral Telegram Game

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hamster kombat
hamster kombat

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Hamster Kombat, Telegram’s hottest new mini game, has exploded onto the scene, racking up over 150 million users from across the globe in a matter of weeks after a wave of social media hype.

Following the successful launch of Notcoin (NOT), Hamster Kombat seems to be on track to surpass its predecessor as the project’s team teases an upcoming token airdrop.

Hamster Kombat - p2e-game in Telegram - GEMS 💎 Crypto

Bitget, KuCoin And To Launch Pre-Market Trading For The Hamster Kombat Token

Notcoin launched its NOT token on the The Open Network (TON) chain in May, and has become the biggest crypto gaming token this year with a market cap exceeding $2 billion. 

Back in May, Hamster Kombat announced that it, too,will launch a token on TON, which is a layer-1 blockchain network originally created by Telegram’s team. 

Hamster Kombat’s team is now gearing up for their token airdrop, which is anticipated to take place some time in July, according to the game’s website.

Through this token, players will be able to swap their in-game rewards for physical cash.

Looking to get in on the action, multiple crypto exchanges, including big names such as Bitget, and KuCoin, have already said that they intend on supporting pre-market trading of the Hamster Kombat token.

The impending launch has not come without controversy. Regulators from different parts of the world have expressed their concerns regarding players’ ability to exchange their easy-to-come-by in-game rewards for cash. 

Not Like Other Airdrops

It is still not clear how many tokens players will be able to claim. However, the team has said that airdrop allocations will not be based on how many coins players accumulated before a specified deadline, which is a traditional approach taken by many projects.

Instead, the airdrop will “depend on the profit per hour and some other parameters.” These additional parameters will be revealed closer to the time, the team said in a Jun. 6 X post. 

As the crypto community awaits further details, hot GameFi presales including PlayDoge (PLAY), eTukTuk (TUK), Mega Dice (DICE) and Sponge V2 (SPONGE) are cryptos likely to benefit from the hype surrounding Hamster Kombat.

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