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Meet Larva Labs Latest Project – Meebits

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Meebits NFT
Meebits NFT

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Larva Labs, a company dedicated to building amazing NFTs and more, is at it again. As the developer of another exciting NFT project, they are helping to pave more game-changing contributions to the small token market with Meebits this time. Within the first 8 hours of launch, over 9000 of Meebits were sold for an amount of $22 million approximately.

What are Meebits?

Meebits are evolutionary forms of 3D-Avatars that can be connected with blockchain. You can even control them easily in VR or play games with them. Created by an algorithm purely from the voxels available on the Ethereum based blockchain, Meebits 3D models are versatile to be used for different purposes such as metaverse avatars, in virtual reality or in games.

With Meebits, you can collect 3D models that you trade with friends. They are the newest non-traditional form of a token released by Larva Labs that has been selling out since its release. The range of applications for these models are vast, including appealing designs, collections, game’s ability, and education-focused environment. One of the major features for this platform is that people can buy and sell Meebits for other Meebits.

Use Cases of Meebits NFT

Meebits are best used with the metaverse as 3D models, agile avatars that are animated by software. For Meebits, there are a number of different uses for these objects, including being programmed to interact with each other or being used as animated signs in shops. Let’s explore more use cases here:

Rendering Meebits 3D model

With Meebit you get benefits to a range of asset packages, comprising 3D models that come in an OBJ file format. This allows you to import them into a “standard 3D modelling and animation software” and purchase other asset packs from their shop.

Using this powerful animation platform, you can create NFTs and make them more amusing. The avatar can be animated and you make it execute some manoeuvres or a few crazy dance steps. Uploading videos with an animation of your avatar on the social media platforms is another great way to generate community attention.

Furthermore, the NFT also features photorealistic renderings and animation for your Meebits Model 3D. You can convert the models to 2D pixel art after rendering them, you can then use to customize your profiles on social media or broadcast your 2D avatars.

Meebits as avatar in games and VR world

Meebits are so lifelike in appearance that they can be used beyond playing games via 3D NFT technology — you can include these avatars in other virtual worlds such as Decentraland (social) or Cryptovoxels (gaming) among many others.

The Meebits creators believe them to be more than just digital creatures and cryptopunks; they hope that these creatures will provide 3D avatars for games, virtual worlds, and VR.

If you want to be surrounded by something that you’ve made and show it off, 3D printing your Meebits is the way to go.

The Future of Meebits in NFT & Metaverse

Meebits has been successful due to the Larva Labs brand, which supplies users with a 3D voxel format. Larva Labs also features an ever-increasing diversity amongst items for purchase. Management’s plans for the company includes introducing revolutionary inventions that give even more control to players.

The Meebit, a three-dimensional pixel can be purchased and sold on auction sites. These pixels come in various amounts and types, with 20,000 currently in circulation—twice as many as CryptoPunks. Nevertheless, their demand is driven by both type and rarity. CryptoPunk fans should only play the waiting game before they can indulge in this 3D voxel.

Through the DAO, creators are financially backing projects to create a cross-platform metaverse where people can visit another world. Once an entire world inhabits avatars, the development fund will then buy properties on numerous virtual worlds.

Meebits is a decentralized project just like CryptoPunks, and there are no fees charged when using the platform. Meebits shows both what decentralized platforms can do and what they can offer- increased transparency and flexibility. Hopefully, in the future, all NFTs will be distributed through decentralized models and attract more investors as they look NFTs as an investment.

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