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Meet Hacken, The First Decentralized Marketplace for White Hat Hackers

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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29 Aug 2017, Singapore and Kyiv, Ukraine – Hacken, the cybersecurity marketplace for bug bounties, announces its token sale, scheduled for 12 October, 2017. The project aims to create a collaborative defense ecosystem for  White Hat Hackers and the Blockchain community.

[Note: This is a press release]

Cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies are some of the hottest topics right now. According to CyberSeek there are more than 348,000 open cybersecurity positions in 2017, and this number will be up to 1.8M by 2022. However,  there is not enough supply to meet the high demand in the market for penetration testing and bug bounty programs.


HACKEN is building a sound regional cyber defense system custom tailored for the Blockchain. One which will adjust itself to the cyber challenges that will undoubtedly appear within the next decade. The company will use Blockchain technology and smart contracts to store product data, to conduct research audits and to issue HackenProof Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures Certificates.

Hacken aims to bring cybersecurity professionals together by providing incentives for doing business with one another and for investment in cybersecurity startups.The more vibrant the community is, the more value it delivers to each member.

The Hacken Accelerator, is an initiative started by Hacken in collaboration with 1991 Incubator. Startups will be mentored by the pros of Ukrainian and global cybersecurity companies.The six-month accelerator program hopes to address the shortage of practice and piloting, as well as the sustainability of cyber startups in Ukraine.

Hacken Proof is a bug bounty marketplace platform created by white hat hackers and the blockchain community based on the principle of fair share.This is a place where the two communities can cooperate and support each other. The purposes of this cooperation are high quality penetration testing and vulnerability reports.

HKN Token

Hacken is the first custom-tailored decentralized token for cybersecurity professionals. The Hacken is a  constellation of businesses providing services which can only be received by using HKN as a payment instrument. 20 Mln HKN tokens will be mined and available for sale at $1.00 per HKN. Purchases options will include BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, USD and EUR. For more details visit

Hacken Tokens can be used within the Hacken ecosystem to make new investments via Hacken Accelerator and orders via HackenProof, Unreported Zero-Day Remuneration Platform and the Cybersecurity Analytics Center. Community members will also get rewarded in Hackens, which provides positive liquidity and low volatility.


“The alternative we are promoting is launching a legitimate business and halting being dependant on the Don who pays for petty dirty jobs. Boosting expertise in this area is a matter of survival for European countries. We also want to make sure to give back to the community, by supporting HackIT Competitions and by creating a Cybersecurity Analytics Center” – Dmytro Budorin, CFO

Bright leadership together with strategic partnerships will be supporting the future of the HACKEN. It’s outstanding leadership include Dmytro Budorin (CFO and Lead Manager of Hacken)  one of the top executives within Ukraine’s military defense industry and ACCA for Deloitte for 8 years and Mykyta Knysh (Community Director), who is the cybersecurity advisor to the President of Ukraine and specialized in defense services and training.

Hacken has also teamed up with advisors experts in this field. Ambisafe is the technological advisor in the venture. Oleksii Matiiasevych, EDCC architect at Ambisafe is directly involved with White Hat Hack activities. On July 19, 2017, Oleksii discovered a critical vulnerability during the Parity Ethereum wallet Attack and together with the White Hat Group, he ended up saving $1,4 Mln worth of Ethers from the compromised wallets.


“The ultimate goal of the Hacken ecosystem, is to create a generation of hackers to whom what Oleksii did is entirely normal, the only acceptable life scenario” said Vladimir Taratushka, HackIT conference director and member of HACKEN team.

About Hacken

Hacken Ecosystem is to lay down a framework for creating a stable means of income and financial incentives for its members.

Created to stimulate the emergence of this vibrant cybersecurity industry, our mission is to develop a resourceful and ethical expert community, their vision is to launch a movement, that in several years will become an important factor in deterring and countering international cybercrime.

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