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Mastercard Drops Free NFTs, Letting Collectors Unlock The Web3 Music Accelerator

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Multinational fintech company Mastercard has launched free non-fungible tokens, allowing users to unlock its recently established artist accelerator program. The financial payment service provider has partnered with Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network, to launch free Music Pass NFTs.

Mastercard Drops Free Music Pass NFTs

In an April 12 site publication, Mastercard confirmed dropping a free multisensory Mastercard Music Pass NFT that unlocks its new Web3 music-focused program, the Mastercard Artist Accelerator.

The new music pass NFTs will give collectors access to exclusive future features, such as an AI-powered music generator app, educational material, and an opportunity to win a live concert featuring artists in June. Commenting about the NFT program, Raja Rajamannar, the chief marketing and communication officer at Mastercard, explained:

“This is the first NFT we’ve dropped as part of the accelerator, but there is certainly the potential for others as the participating artists learn how to create their own NFTs as part of the program. As a brand, this isn’t our first NFT, but it is a very exciting one. We love the combination of form and function.”

Mastercard Launches Web3 Music Accelerator

Mastercard launched its new Web3 music accelerator program in January. The new web3 music accelerator program is aimed at helping new music artists, creators, and brands to harness Web3 tech. While commenting about the program, Rajamannar remarked:

“If you think about it, it only makes sense to unlock a Web3-centered program with a Web3 technology. The accelerator program is designed to deepen the experience for the music and Web3 enthusiasts.”

The new program features several successful artists, including R&B singer Young Athena, Grammy Award-winning artist Cocoa Sarai, Latin Grammy nominee songwriter Manu Manzu, Nigerian recording artist LeriQ, and musician Emily Vu.

The accelerator program will also feature top industry mentors, including Polygon Head of Business Development Brian Trunzo, rapper and Zora Head of Programming Latashá, dancer and content creator Nife, Ledger Chief Experience Officer Ian Rodger, and producer/songwriter Tushar Apte.

In the meantime, Mastercard free Music Pass NFTs minting is live and will run until the end of this month. It’s not the first time Mastercard has dropped NFTs. In 2021, Mastercard partnered with soccer coach José Mourinho, who served as a global ambassador for the brand at the time, to an NFT collection.

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