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Mangoes Can Now Be Tracked In Australia Through Blockchain Program


Manbulloo, after a pilot program stretching 2.5 years, will be capable of scaling up the use of its blockchain technology solution in order to boost traceability within the supply chain.

A 2.5 Year Project Reaching Fruition

This comes by way of the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA), who partnered up with Trust Provenance, a traceability software firm, alongside Manbulloo for a test. This test was for a supply chain management program, one spread across the distribution centers and supply chains of the Northern Territory and Queensland.

The project itself was launched back in 2018, and made use of sensors situated in mango crates dedicated to tracking the movement of the fruit. Alongside this, it monitored the humidity, temperature, and transit time as well.

Dr. Sam McMahon stands as the Senator for the Northern Territory, and gave comment about the statement at large. He explained that Manbulloo is now capable of seeing where their fruits are all across the supply chain.

McMohan highlighted that this can be done in real-time, and will ensure that it maintains a proactive level of quality assurance and quality control. Through this technology, McMahon stated that any issues could be immediately addressed, and it complements the approach Manbulloo has, which is already the best-in-industry, according to McMahon.

A Game Changer For Australia’s Mangoes

McMahon made note of the game-changer this project is shaping up to be for Australia’s mango industry at large.

Andrew Grant stands as the founder of Trust Provenance, and stated that the system, now scaled-up, will see to the improvement of the country’s mango distribution. It will do so, according to Grant, by way of pointing out exactly where supply chain inefficiencies lie, and reducing waste overall. More than $827,000 was raised by the CRCNA for the testing phase of the project, which lasted 2.5 years and started back in April of 2018.

The Wheels Of Progress Turn

Blockchain technologies have already been employed by other companies for the use of food supply chain tracing, as well. As was reported, $300 billion in food items can potentially be traced throughout the supply chain annually, doing so within seven years.

Jed Matz stands as the CEO of the CRCNA, and gave a comment about the matter as well. He stated that the impact of the project would be far greater than that of the mango industry.  Matz stated that it would expand to other supply chain systems and agricultural products, which may ultimately benefit from this blockchain platform’s demonstrated efficiencies.

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