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MAGIC Price Prediction – Is It A Good Buy?

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

MAGIC Price Prediction - Is It A Good Buy?
MAGIC Price Prediction - Is It A Good Buy?

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MAGIC is currently recording gains in the cryptocurrency market. The price is up by 3.90% in the last 24 hours. Also, the trading volume is up by 12.88% today at $7,366,471.57.

This price boost comes with its possible listing on the Coinbase platform. MAGIC is currently ranked number 227 in the cryptocurrency market.

MAGIC serves as the native token for the Treasure DAO network. This network focuses on gaming and NFTs. MAGIC gains can be attributed to the adoption by users of gaming solutions.

Here is all you need to know about the token and its price movement.

What Is MAGIC Token And How Does It Work?

MAGIC is the native token that powers the Treasure Metaverse; the treasure is a decentralized NFT hub that supports metaverse projects.

The MAGIC token is the currency of all activities on the Treasure ecosystem. It is the only currency accepted for trade. It also doubles as a reserve currency for the metaverses connected to the Treasure network.

Players earn MAGIC tokens by playing games, mining, and on Bridgeworld. MAGIC tokens are for staking in the Atlas Mine and joining liquidity pools to earn rewards. MAGIC was created by John Patten and Gaarp and launched in September 2021.

The token reached its all-time high value of $6.32 on February 19, 2022. It has a maximum supply of 347,714,007 MAGIC.

MAGIC Token Price Prediction

Resistance And Support

Magic Price Prediction - Is It A Good Buy?
MAGIC|USD Daily Chart | Source:

MAGIC is currently soaring on the charts today. It has broken through the resistance level of $0.5472 and will likely continue to rise.

Critical support levels of $0.3551 and $0.3027 continue to hold. MAGIC’s utility on the Treasure network will likely continue to push its price.

The token is faring well since it is still relatively new in the cryptocurrency market. Expect a positive price trend in the coming months.

Magic Token Price Prediction With Technical Indicators

Magic Price Prediction - Is It A Good Buy?
MAGIC|USD Daily Chart | Source: Trading

MAGIC is enjoying bullish momentum present in the market. The token trades above the 50-day SMA with more green candle formation on the chart.

Note: MAGIC is still relatively new, with limited historical price data.

The RSI reading is 71.67 in the overbought region. Traders are taking long positions at the moment.

The MACD is showing divergence and is above its signal line. This is a buy signal from the indicator.

With the current rally observed in the MAGIC price, expect the token to maintain its momentum in the coming weeks.

Its utility is its strong point and will sustain the price as the general market recovers. Expect the price of MAGIC to get to $0.9 soon.

Potential Assets To Keep An Eye On During Crypto Winter

MAGIC is making bold moves in the market. However, there are no certainties with cryptocurrencies as the market is highly volatile.

Here are some presale tokens with a great prospect you can benefit from as an investor.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

This platform is currently generating positive reactions in the crypto community. Users can access real-time analytics supported by artificial intelligence.

It is a decentralized trading platform where users can assess their trading strategies using backtesting to gauge previous performance.

With Dash 2 Trade traders can carry out automated transactions backed by artificial intelligence. Also, trading signals are available for buy and sell signals in the market.

Other features available include strategy builders and social trading platforms. It provides traders with much-needed support for quality trades.

With the native token – D2T, users can access the platform and benefit from its innovative features. They can also participate in community-based events and competitions.

Stage 3 of the presale is almost complete and has amassed over $8.4 million. Once the presale is complete, D2T will list on BitMart and LBank Exchanges.

Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria is a gaming platform that offers users free access to play games after signing up and earning NFTs as rewards. It does not require financial or any other resources from gamers before they can earn. It is a welcome shift from the traditional pay-to-play method of gaming.

Calvaria aims at expanding the reach of Web3 gaming by making the platform free to access.

Non-crypto gamers can access all in-game features on Calvaria. Competing players earn rewards such as trade cards or NFTs. Its Native token, RIA, is an ERC-20 token that will drive the calvaria ecosystem.

RIA also doubles as the platform’s governance token. Investors are fully committed to the RIA project, with stage 1 of the presale selling out quickly.

The presale is currently in stage 5 and is  72% sold out. Currently, 30.77 RIA is sold for 1 USDT. However, there will be a price increase by the next presale.

The Calvaria presale has raised around $2.2 million – with the total project funding valued at $3,075,000.

As an added benefit, the platform also offers trading signals for traders.

RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is a free-to-play game that enables users to design their planet in the metaverse.

On the platform, each player represents the RobotEra NFTs as a robot. A robot can team with other robots to carry out projects like planet rebuilding.

Rebuilding planets increases the value of plots of land in the Metaverse. The game is ideal for gamers who enjoy creating and maintaining games.

Also, active and passive earning opportunities are available when users engage in community activities. These activities include mining, staking, planting of holy trees, and concerts – among others.

LBank Labs provides financial backing and support for the program to ensure its success.

The RobotEra presale kicked off on November 9 and is one of the phenomenal presale events of 2022.

TARO is a multiverse currency purchased directly with USD or ETH from a wallet.

Presently, 1 TARO is worth 0.020 USDT. The first presale is concluding – followed by a $0.025 price increase. The TARO presale so far has realized above $348,000.


The IMPT team is creating an efficient world of carbon credits by adding them to the blockchain. The carbon credit system has previously been vague – finding applications only in businesses was outdated.

However, Carbon credits cannot be traded – as NFTs on the blockchain around the clock.

Lbank and Changelly Pro are two centralized exchanges that will list the IMPT token after its DEX launching.

IMPT’s presale has amassed $14.5 million and is close to its end, with less than a week left for completion. Each stage of the presale has seen the token rise to $0.023.


The MAGIC token has enjoyed a positive price movement in recent days. Its application for gaming and across the metaverse helps to sustain its value.

While the token looks promising, investors can also take advantage of presale tokens like D2T, RIA, TARO, and IMPT for a quick profit as the price changes. The presale has less than a week to go, and the time to act is now.

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