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Lucky Block Price goes Explosively High

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Only a few days remain for the launch of Lucky Block Crypto games. The anticipation has given an explosive rise to LBLOCK’s price. It is especially due to the much-anticipated daily jackpot price, which is coming on May 31st- leading many buyers to flock to the official website to buy the cryptocurrency.

Lucky Block is accumulating in the $0.0024 range, 25% higher than a week ago.

You can buy Lucky Block from the official website or Pancake swap.

Product Launch Driving Interest in Lucky block

The recent surge in Lucky Block’s price is proof of the platform’s vision to increase cryptocurrency adoption by providing an immediate revenue stream with immense growth potential.

With the web app launch, Lucky Block would reach an important and take another step towards realizing its original vision – making Web3 mainstream.

News of the app dropped on Telegram on May 20th 2022, by Terence Ribaudo, Lucky Block’s head of product.

Emphasizing that this launch will bring cutting-edge Web3 experiences to the users, Ribaudo said:

” We are focused on creating cutting edge Web3 experiences and bringing the best of the gaming and entertainment world to attract and reward new users into the space through multi-channel marketing.”

He further stated that Lucky Block is adding the best blockchain technologies and delivering experiences that can be enjoyed by those with no prior experience in crypto. Such an inclusive way is sure to not only help the developers but the entire Web3 community.

Lucky Block recently showed that it has begun building its games gallery. The initial features of the Gallery will include high-value items such as cars and luxury watches. The web app will follow it by launching an array of play-to-earn games.

The recent rise of Lucky Block is particularly impressive, considering it has only been trading since January. Another noteworthy is the fact that the prevailing bearish sentiment hasn’t suppressed people’s interest in LBLOCK’s offerings.

The cryptocurrency broke into the CoinMarketCap top gainers a few days ago. Not only that, the term “Lucky Block Crypto” became among the top 5 searched queries in several countries.

Lucky Block also reached the number 1 spot on Dextools, a popular DEX exchange that provides in-depth analytical data about the crypto market.

If reading till now has got you interested in the crypto market, you can check out our how to buy cryptocurrency guide.

Everyone’s a Winner, According to Lucky Block

Lucky Block’s daily jackpot price is unique. Why? Each draw rewards all users.

The participants receive a share of the 10% of the LBLOCK that goes to token holders.

10% of Jackpot goes to charities that the platform supports that the players have voted for, and 10% is set aside by LuckyBlock to support marketing and development. The remaining 70% goes to the winner of the Jackpot.

Lucky Block top crypto to buy

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High Octane Marketing Proved Worth it

Lucky Block sponsored Dillian Whyte in a Boxing match with Tyson Fury last month. This high octane and audacious marketing pushed Lucky Block to the mainstream audience as the sponsor of the biggest boxing match in European history.

The watchers of the match became Lucky Block’s Core demographic – men with age between 20-40 years old.

The match resulted in Lucky Block’s web address and logo visible to millions of boxing enthusiasts worldwide. “The marketing is paying off, and there is plenty more to come.” – the team has said – doubling down on the project that will bring new money to the crypto ecosystem.

To learn more about Lucky Block, you can look at Youtuber Jacob Crypto Bury’s video. He has gone deeper into the token’s perks and provides more information in simple terms.

YouTube video

Free Draw Tickets will likely Supercharge the Adoption Rate

A further boost to Lucky Block’s adoption rate will likely come from free draw tickets. It will tempt those outside the crypto ecosystem to buy multiple tickets to increase their chances of winning.

Lucky Block NFT Giveaway increases the Attention on the Web App

Lucky Block has recently launched its NFT collection, known as the Platinum Roller’s club, holding another prize draw after the main draw. It is open only to the NFT owners.

Currently, there are 2,500 NFT holders, and the special draw is their chance to become a millionaire overnight. NFT holders will get access to the special draw, but they will also get a lifetime free entry into the different NFT draw, which is held daily.

In addition to these perks, Lucky Block is also planning on giving away a Lamborghini to a lucky NFT owner in another draw. Want to know more about the best NFTs to buy? Check out our guide.

More News to Arrive about Lucky Block

The launch date is drawing near, and people are anticipating prizes. The Lucky Block developers are dropping more news on their Telegram.

Login to their Telegram group to stay updated.

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Your capital is at risk.

Lucky Block - Our Recommended Crypto of 2022

Our Rating

Lucky Block
  • New Crypto Games Platform
  • Featured in Forbes,, Yahoo Finance
  • LBLOCK Token Up 1000%+ From Presale
  • Listed on Pancakeswap, LBank
  • Free Tickets to Jackpot Prize Draws for Holders
  • Passive Income Rewards - Play to Earn Utility
  • 10,000 NFTs Minted in 2022 - Now on
  • $1 Million NFT Jackpot in May 2022
  • Worldwide Decentralized Competitions
Lucky Block

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