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Lucky Block Lists on On 1st September: Should You Invest?

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Luckblock on Gate dot io
Luckblock on Gate dot io

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Since the debut of the token, the Lucky Block team has already achieved an astounding performance. Many token holders are having the “good fortune” to become overnight billionaires as a result of their ownership of the token. Now, the team is delighted to share the news that LBLOCK has been listed on

Lucky Block Platform is the King of NFT Prize Draw

The Lucky Block initiative is one that gives individuals the opportunity to take part in NFT prize drawings. By purchasing an NFT, participants have the opportunity to enter any one of a number of different prize draws, each of which offers them the chance to win one of a number of opulent prizes.

Should I buy Luckyblock

The community now has tens of thousands of members and is unmatchable in the realm of NFT contests. There is no other project that offers a product offering comparable to the scale that Lucky Block promises.

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Chance to Win a Lamborghini, Bitcoins, Dream House or Vacation

There is nothing else in the cryptocurrency industry that can compare to the awards that Lucky Block provides.

With Lucky Block, you have the opportunity to win a Lamborghini, unlike with many other start-up tokens; the goal is to make the tokens as valuable as possible so that their holders may all purchase Lamborghini cars.

People are automatically entered into the prize draw after making a purchase of an NFT from a prize collection. There is no further action required of them to take part in the competition.

Lucky Block V2 is Tax Free

People found it difficult to trade because LBLOCK V1, the initial version on Binance Smart Chain, imposed transaction costs, which made trading more difficult.

Instead, users were encouraged to HODL, and the price increased proportionally as a result: there is presently over $1.5 million in BNB available for liquidity on LBLOCK on PancakeSwap, and the market value of the cryptocurrency is above $45 million.

In contrast to Binance Smart Chain, LBLOCK V2 runs on Ethereum and is completely exempt from any and all taxes. The V2 version does have liquidity on Uniswap; however, it is already listed other controlled exchanges such as LBANK as well.

The Listing LBLOCK Angle

Within the next few weeks, LBLOCK will be listed on, which is a sizable tier-one exchange that has a lot of liquidity. As a matter of custom, LBLOCK has performed admirably on past exchange listings, and it is anticipated that its value will continue to rise once it is made accessible to’s more extensive user base.

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