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Long-Term SHEPE Price Forecast: Could It Rival Pepe or Shiba Inu with a Market Cap in the Billions? – WSM

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

shepe token
shepe token

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Shepe, a meme coin combining Shiba Inu and Pepe Coin, has been on the uptrend amid the volatility of crypto markets. SHEPE pumped by more than 65% over the past day.

SHEPE has reflected an outstanding performance over the past few days through its dual features. As of 04:46 AM EST on September 4, SHEPE is trading at $0.00000001733, following a whopping 65.61% increase over the past 24 hours.

With the increasing fluctuation of prices and performances from most top crypto assets, will SHEPE’s bullish run last longer? Let’s explore the possibility of a long-term price uptrend for the Shiba V Pepe token.

SHEPE Projects a Long-term Bullish Run – Could It Rival Pepe or Shiba Inu with a Massive Market Cap?

SHEPE, a new meme coin launched on August 29, strongly impacts the meme coin sector. 

The meme coin has garnered attention from several meme coin enthusiasts through its combination of Shiba Inu and Pepe coins. It aims to present its uniqueness in the world of memes such that it surpasses both SHIB and PEPE coins by scaling its popularity in the industry through a styled battle.

The SHEPE coin reflects a war between the Shiba Inu and Pepe communities as it strives to outperform both. Hence, its name is the Shiba V Pepe coin.

Ranked in the 2160th position by CoinMarketCap, Shepe boasts a market cap of $7.18 million. While targeting to raise its market cap to billions, SHEPE could rival Shiba Inu and Pepe. 

Its outstanding performance is already creating a strong push that could trigger a massive price surge and sustainability in the future. 

Within two days of its emergence, SHEPE recorded a staggering increase of 1,943%. This astonishing price movement is similar to the experience seen with PEPE during its explosive price surge between April and May this year.

Also, SHEPE has scaled up to the sixth position on the HOT Pairs List on DEXTools in less than a week from its launch date. Some prominent crypto experts and influencers believe that the meme coin is the next bomb in the sector.

According to Eric Cryptoman, SHEPE is the ‘Strongest token of the day’ following its recent explosive price rally. 

Also, TraderNJ tweeted that the meme sector remains the most powerful in the crypto industry, noting that SHEPE witnessed almost a 10x price rally while it was just getting started.

Riding on the waves of high bullish forces, SHEPE has hit a milestone since its creation. In the early hours of today, September 4, it reached an all-time high (ATH) of $0.00000002319. 

Further, the meme coin recorded a 22.69% increase in its trading volume over the past 24 hours, taking the value to $3.42 million. The volume indicates the sales of more than 196.82 trillion SHEPE coins within the period.

The one-week action for Shiba V Pepe showed a surge of over 93% in its value. 

Hourly Chart Reveals SHEPE Within Lower Bollinger Band: What Should Investors Expect?

From the hourly chart above, the SHEPE market records notable buying activity, depicted by forming the three green candlesticks.

Again, technical indicators used for analysis show that SHEPE is above the lower Bollinger band, indicating a bullish trend. If the buying pressure persists today, SHEPE could hit the upper Bollinger Band due to favorable market sentiment.

Again, the token’s Relating Strength Index (RSI) is at 50.85, in the neutral region, and moving toward the oversold zone, implying that SHEPE is recording increasing buying strength. 

Moreover, SHEPE’s Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) has faded red histogram bars, suggesting the bearish strength drops as bullish momentum increases. 

Given the token has not reached the overbought zone, there’s ample chance for more buyers to join the market, facilitating more rallies in the coming days. However, given that SHEPE is still new and could be subject to high scrutiny among investors, its price movement could record high fluctuations. Therefore, investors must remain cautious. 

SHEPE’s Support and Resistance Price Levels

Based on the technical chart above, the SHEPE market is witnessing growing buying pressure. If the bullish momentum is maintained today, it could push SHEPE’s price to the $0.000000002274 resistance before the weekend.

However, if the bears take control of the market, the token’s value may drop to the first support level at $0.0000000009356.

If the bearish momentum continues due to a perceived negative sentiment, traders could place sell orders to evade more losses. This situation will make the asset’s price fall further and hit the second resistance level at $0.0000000004951.

What Could Trigger Long-Term Sustainability for SHEPE?

The crypto industry was thrown into a meme coin mania following Pepe Coin’s momentary success early this year. Many coins have since emerged in crypto, with most becoming successful stories.

SHEPE coin comes with a different approach to the meme world. Without any promises on utilities, SHEPE is building a robust community using some influencing entrance points.

  • The Shiba Vs PEPE (SHEPE) Narrative

The success of several meme coins followed a description of some older and trending crypto assets in the industry. For instance, BabyDoge followed the narrative of Dogecoin, while Evil Pepe followed that of Pepe coin.

SHEPE creates uniqueness by combining Shiba Inu and Pepe to birth Shiba V Pepe. The meme coin focuses on street-like battle imagery to develop its “Versus” narration.

The uniqueness embedded in the electrifying ‘Street-fighting-style’ for Shiba V Pepe triggers massive excitement for meme coin fans and crypto gamers. This forms part of its growth strategy while offering a good investment option in cryptocurrency.

  • SHEPE’s Low Investment Price

Shepe investment price places the meme coin among the cheapest crypto tokens for investments. The price is considerably lower than most projects that investors of all levels could quickly plunge into for potential high returns.

SHEPE trades at $0.00000001733. With just a capital of $100, you could purchase over 5.7 billion SHEPE coins. Also, its explosive price trend proves that investors could earn up to 10x their investment amounts even on a short-term basis.

SHEPE Coin Best Alternative – Wall Street Memes (WSM)


Amid the high volatility in the crypto market, some investors could feel uncertain about SHEPE based on its connection with Pepe, a meme coin in decline due to recent drama with creators.

However, Wall Street Memes (WSM) is a good alternative for meme coin enthusiasts with a low engaging price.

Wall Street Memes comes from the same developers of Wall St Bulls, an NFT project that sold out within half an hour from its launch. The coin brings a revolutionary approach to the meme coin sector with its transparency and real-world utility.

WSM Presale Approaches its Conclusion – Final Call to Investors

Wall Street Memes has been running its presale, which has entered its final stage. The presale price is $0.0337, a low investment price that allows investors of all levels to engage seamlessly without breaking the bank.

With just 22 days to the conclusion of the presale, WSM makes a final call to investors to join its trending and robust community. They could purchase WSM tokens through its official website using ETH, USDT, or a bank card.

Wall Street Memes has already generated over $25 million through its presale within a few months. This reflects its high potential for sustainability and prominent investors’ interest in the meme coin.

One of the top utilities of the meme coin is its staking project. WSM holders could stake the tokens on the platform to earn passive income. Wall Street Memes calculates staking rewards based on the user’s percentage of the $WSM staking pool and the available APY.

The staking project has an estimated up to 73% APY for users, with more than 272.74 million WSM tokens already staked on the platform and a reward of 75 per block.

Wall Street Memes is designed to be a fully community-centered project, eliminating the possibility of rug pull as it has no allocated tokens for the developing team.

According to its tokenomics, Wall Street Memes has a total supply of 2 billion coins, with 50% (1 billion WSM tokens) available for its presale. 30% is allocated to community rewards, while the remaining 20% is set for equal distribution on DEX and CEX liquidity pools.


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