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Liechtenstein Royal Family Flirting with Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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A royal “Bitcoin Dynasty” to rule for generations? Not quite, but Alois — Crown Prince of Liechtenstein — just noted in a new interview that Liechtenstein’s royalty are looking to diversify and build up new wealth. They’re now reportedly interested in cryptocurrencies as a means to do so. 

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Alois: “Whole New Digital Economy”

In the wake of the physical and economic destruction of World War II, Liechtenstein’s royal family sold off many pieces of precious fine art to make ends meet.

Alois pictured.

Decades later, Liechtenstein’s economy is now much stronger, and the royal coffers are thicker. Crown Prince Alois and his family have been fortunate enough to purchase back many of the art masterpieces they sold decades ago.

Thus, with everything currently “back in order,” as it were, Alois noted in a new interview with the press that he and his family have become interested in diversifying beyond art into new classes of assets, including bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies:

“Particularly with this whole new digital economy, it is something to look into more into in the future.”

Alois explained that his family didn’t have the requisite expertise to begin immediately investing, though he’s open to doing so. The Crown Prince has clearly been doing some homework, though, as he referred to the promising administrative potential of blockchain tech:

“Blockchain will change a lot of things, it could even help make our state more efficient the way it is administered.”

Buy the Dip, Prince?

With the market capitalization of the cryptoeconomy bleeding out billions of dollars over the past few days alone, cryptocurrency prices in general have plummeted in kind.

So, while the current bearish trend is a headache for those who bought at the top of the recent bitcoin price bull run, it does mark a possible, more down-to-earth entry point for those have been interested in investing in digital assets but haven’t taken the leap.

Prince Alois might want to do his homework before the next flip in the bear-bull cycle, then.

What do you think? Would you recommend cryptocurrencies to Alois? Which ones? Let us know in the comments below. 

Images via Diccon Bewes, Zimbio

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