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LeverFi Price Forecast: LEVER Ascends 5% – DeFi’s New Star On The Rise?

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

LeverFi Price Forecast: LEVER Ascends 5% - DeFi's New Star On The Rise?
LeverFi Price Forecast: LEVER Ascends 5% - DeFi's New Star On The Rise?

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LeverFi is currently worth $0.001412 and traded for $109.63 million last day. The trading pace increased by about 550%, and the Price of LEVER went up by more than 7%.

LEVER’s price dropped by about 3% last week but jumped by about 16% in the past month.

LeverFi coin (LEVER) held steady at $0.001210 between June 22 and August 21. Traders and investors wonder if this is just market guessing or something more significant. Keep an eye on LEVER. In this article, we’ll talk about what LEVER might do.

LeverFi (LEVER) Statistics:

  • Today’s price – $0.001412
  • Market cap – $27.28 Million
  • Circulating supply – 19.39B LEVER
  • Total supply – 35B LEVER
  • Coinmarketcap ranking – 496
Source: CoinMarketCap

Microsoft’s Morpheus: AI DeFi Solution for Smart Investments

On August 15, the crypto company announced on X (formerly Twitter) that they’re teaming up with Microsoft to make an AI DeFi solution called Morpheus. Based on Microsoft Azure OpenAI services, this solution acts like an AI assistant for managing investment portfolios.

Morpheus is designed to help people with their investment choices. It uses clever machine learning to offer valuable insights into managing portfolios and watching the market in real-time.

There are two main AI engines behind this AI DeFi Solution. One scans and watches protocols to quickly react and keep users safe if there are any security problems or risks. The other helps users by monitoring their portfolios. It’s there to be the first to react and protect if the market changes to help users avoid losing money.

After the news, buyers reacted fast, pushing the LeverFi token’s price up to levels not seen in over two months. However, the price of the LEVER token changed. Currently, it’s trading positively on the four-hour chart at $0.001412. Where the token goes from here is the big question.

Navigating LeverFi’s Path: Watching Resistance and Support Levels

Take a look at the 4-hour chart for important information. The price of LEVER could reach a point where it faces resistance at $0.001550. If it goes above that, the price might increase. However, if it doesn’t go past that level, it could drop to about $0.001240, a support area.

Source: TradingView 4H Chart LEVER/USDT

Remember these important facts when checking the chart: there might be resistance around $0.001550, but the price might find support around $0.001240.

In the upcoming days, if the price stays higher than the moving averages for 30 and 50 days, it might keep going up and even reach $0.00001150 or more.

LEVER’s RSI is over 50, and the moving averages for 30 and 50 days also point upwards, suggesting the price could increase in the next trading session. The moving averages and RSI signals indicate that LEVER’s price could rise. Watch out for the support level S1 at $0.001240 and the RSI-14. The price might decrease if the first support level breaks and the RSI-14 exceeds 50. Stop-loss orders are a wise choice to safeguard your investment from significant losses.

Alternative to LeverFi (LEVER)

Sonik Coin is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token based on SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog. A unique blend of humor and charm makes Sonik Coin stand out in the meme coin space. The company wants to carve out its niche in this multifaceted market.

The SONIK token has had a maximum supply of 299,792,458,000 since it debuted on Ethereum. Tokens pay homage to speed and humor—Sonic’s iconic velocity as he dashes to collect coins and his light speed.

Platform activities include its presale, which releases half of the token supply to the general public. The team’s strategic choice shows their dedication to early supporters. The presale price for each SONIK token is $0.000014, and the presale raised over $343,000. Community engagement will be boosted, and fair access will be ensured for active participants.

The Sonik project has a clear goal. Like the famed character, it aims to get a fast $100 million market capitalization. Sonik Coin is a meme coin aimed at risk-averse meme coin fans who are drawn to the design and nostalgia of a beloved gaming icon.

Sonik Coin combines humor with ambitious aspirations in its whitepaper, revealing a forward-looking strategy aligned with current crypto trends and focusing on community involvement.

Community engagement and market dynamics will determine SONIK’s future value and the team’s ability to execute. By staking, billions of coins are removed from circulation, rewarding those who hold them long-term.

The SONIK token looks promising as the launch sets the stage and establishes an initial price point. Nevertheless, investors should thoroughly research and assess their risk tolerance before investing in a rapidly evolving landscape.

SONIK will be listed on multiple exchanges by the end of the year. This could boost its price and market presence. The crypto community will be buzzing with excitement and intrigue.

Click here to check out Sonik Coin.

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