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Lenovo Turning To Eco-Friendly Methods To Assist Running GoChain

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Lenovo Turning To Eco-Friendly Methods To Assist Running GoChain
Lenovo Turning To Eco-Friendly Methods To Assist Running GoChain

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Lenovo, one of the world’s prominent computer manufacturing giants, has started to throw its weight around to help the GoChain blockchain network, one of the many startup protocols.

The Creation Of An Eco-Friendly Signing Node

Lenovo will help GoChain by way of very unique assistance of operating a signing node. According to the press release presented on the 6th of January, the signing node will be the first of its kind, running in a liquid immersion data center to promote efficient cooling.

Through the use of advanced, efficient technologies, the Blockchain Resources Corp has constructed eco-friendly data centers. These centers will be the hardware that the signing node Lenovo will sponsor, will operate on.

Lenovo has been approached to make a statement at this time. However, there hasn’t been an official response from the company.

An Empty Void To Throw Power In

Crypto mining is a very demanding task in so many respects. While the most economically-pressing concern is always the amount of power the thing needs, there is a lot of implied costs as well, particularly to the environment.

Even if cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. don’t need paper to issue its funds, it needs the power to facilitate it. This power is typically generated by way of power plants that make use of fossil fuels, which puts an excessive amount of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. As one would imagine, for both ecological and financial reasons, people have been striving to produce efficient mining systems for some time now.

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Many Efforts To Go Green

Back in February of 2018, Cointed tried to do just that, pushing out mining nodes that operate on purely renewable energy sources, like wind and hydro. The group also put massive amounts of priority on these nodes’ cooling systems.

Chia Network, a tech firm based in San Francisco, had also dipped its toes in the so-called “Green Mining” market. The green paper suggested that the crypto networks need to “farm” their various forms of crypto instead of mining it, by making use of Proof of Space and Proof of Time systems. These systems differ from the current Proof of Work systems that dominate the crypto mining industry.

What this means for the future is unclear. The base issue comes from the power generation being done by fossil fuels. Should the world move to green energy, everything that makes use of electricity becomes instantly green.

At best, the crypto industry will create power-saving mining nodes that use less power for more computational output, or develop a more efficient cooling system. Either way, one can only wait and see if this catches on.

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