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Justin Sun Promises $1 Million Donation To Greta Thunberg’s Cause

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Justin Sun Promises $1 Million Donation To Greta Thunberg’s Cause
Justin Sun Promises $1 Million Donation To Greta Thunberg’s Cause

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Justin Sun, a billionaire heavyweight in the crypto industry, has thrown in his support for Greta Thunberg, the world’s favorite environmental activist. Sun promised to donate 1 million in crypto to charity.

A Million Dollar Pledge

Justin Sun announced this via his preferred media format, Twitter. He boldly proclaimed that he shared Greta Thunberg’s views on preserving the environment, pledging to donate $1 million in crypto to support her cause.

For once, the CEO of Tron didn’t mention his own coin solving one sort of crisis or another. He only announced his intention of taking part in Greta’s movement through the donation of $1 million.

Making Waves

“As a young entrepreneur, I share [Greta Thunberg]’s passion to change the world” Justin Sun’s tweet started. Sun also stated that “crypto will contribute immensely to reducing carbon footprint by implementing the decentralized settlement.” Justin sun pledged his funds by saying, “I would like to personally commit USD$1 Mil to [Greta Thundburg]’s initiative.”

Greta Thunberg has become famous in public media due to her scathing criticisms of the world’s government and how said governments are failing the environment. A few highlights about this is that Greta and the American President, Donald J. Trump, have very little tolerance for each other. Another critical issue is that Greta was voted the Person of the Year by Time Magazine. Something that caused controversy due to the political turmoils and bravery of protestors within Hong Kong, prompting many to believe that the people of Hong Kong should have won the award.

Key Issues of Sincerity

The issue with a lot of this comes from Justin Sun himself, his history of hyping everything to oblivion, and Sun’s statements in the tweet itself. Firstly, Justin Sun has shown no prior history of philanthropy, with the only other substantial donation to charity in his history being his auction to talk to Warren Buffet. This auction didn’t have the express intent of donating to charity, but rather to sway the views of a wealthy man to benefit Sun’s crypto.

The second issue comes from Sun being a very well known figure in the crypto community for overhyping everything he does. There have been times where Sun misread the situation in his efforts to spread good sentiment for his crypto coin.

Lastly, the tweet itself has a few falsehoods. While an argument can be made that digital currencies don’t need paper, with the prevalent coin being Bitcoin, it would actually damage the environment more. Crypto mining is a very energy-intensive practice, which would put more greenhouse gasses into the air. Lastly, for someone like Justin Sun, a million USD is nothing. A million USD is, however, a very convenient number to shout out to the world and earn positive sentiment for it.

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