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John McAfee is a Free Man Once Again

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John McAfee Releases His Own Cryptocurrency Debit Card
John McAfee Releases His Own Cryptocurrency Debit Card

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From all indications, it would seem that John McAfee is free again, and he’s free to continue with his semi-erratic behavior. Earlier this week, the tech mogul posted a picture on his official Twitter account, stating that he had been released from his incarceration in the Dominican Republic and that while behind bars, he had been treated rather well.

The news about his detainment in the country was made public via Twitter as well. On Tuesday, a post on the social media platform revealed that he had been arrested along with his boat crew. The post is believed to have been published by McAfee’s campaign manager Rob Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Loggia-Ramirez.

The new conveyed by the post was confirmed by a separate report on the Associated Press. The report, which was published just yesterday, revealed that the billionaire antivirus pioneer had been apprehended while docking his yacht in the Puerto Plata region.
It added that authorities went on to search the vessel, with the search resulting in the discovery of high caliber weapons and military props.

MacAfee has been on the run ever since he was identified as a person of interest in the 2012 murder of his one-time neighbor in Belize. The victim, a 52-year-old man, named Gregory Viant, lived just next door to McAfee at the time. He was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head in his home in San Pedro, a small town on the island of Ambergris Caye. While no charges were filed against the billionaire at the time, he was described as a person of interest in the case.

According to a spokesperson, local police officers subsequently went into his house, but he was not there. Since then, the tech entrepreneur has pretty much been on the run. However, even his self-imposed exile hasn’t stopped him from sounding off on issues whenever he sees fit. He’s an avid fan of cryptocurrencies, so much so that he offered his help when Binance, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, was hacked back in May.

However, his most ambitious project to date will have to be his bid for the White House in 2020, which he launched via a video announcement back in January.
In the announcement, he claimed that he had heard of a grand jury being convened against him by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). While he admitted that he didn’t know the nature of the allegations against him, he also confirmed that he hadn’t paid taxes in the past eight years.

As a result of the indictment and link to the 2012 Belize murder case, McAfee said he would run his campaign from international waters, through the use of proxies within the United States. It is also worth noting that he earlier described his presidential ambition as no more than an attempt to promote cryptocurrencies.

Speaking with Cointelegraph last year, McAfee expressed his confidence that no own would vote him as president. So, he was looking to use his platform to encourage people to buy cryptocurrency and get these assets in everyday American discussions.
It’s unclear whether he will be sticking to this tactic, although given his extensive legal infractions and the fact that he probably won’t be able to even step in American soil without getting picked up by the Feds, he would most likely be better off just promoting cryptocurrency adoption.

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