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Jeff Brainbyte Unleashes His New “Sunny Side Pup Club” NFTs

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The latest reports confirm that Jeff Brainbyte, a highly experienced creator, has successfully launched his first non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The new NFT collections feature animated series on YouTube.

In a July 4 official site publication, Jeff Brainbyte confirmed the launching of his new digital collectibles dubbed “Sunny Side Pup Club NFTs. These digital collectibles feature 111 limited collectibles available during the Genesis phase.

Brainbyte has created a 3D science-fiction Metaverse gameplay that will allow holders to plug their NFTs and become part of the rich role.  NFT holders will have a chance to acquire real estate in the 3D Metaverse.

Brainbyte’s NFTs Overview

Brainbyte’s project features 5K NFTs with 100 super rare 1 of 1 randomly scattered collections on the Ethereum mainnet. According to the publication, the first phases of the pup NFTs will sell at 0.4 Ethereum.

The new NFTs aim to improve lives, with the project focusing on various initiatives, such as social justice, among other humanitarian utilities. Brainbyte outlined that 50% of proceeds from the NFT sale will go to live in war-torn countries, including Ukraine, among other vulnerable areas across Africa.

Moreover, the NFTs project also aims at supporting other parts of the world lacking humane living conditions, such as poor healthcare, low food supply, and clean water. Brainbyte intends to improve the world through the Sunny Side Pup Club NFTs, among other projects yet to launch, including DemonGirlz.

DemonGirlz is an artwork created by a 13-year-old girl to help her mother, who got stricken with multiple sclerosis before she died 20 years ago. The highly anticipated project will benefit all women globally.

Brainbyte, the creator of the Sunny Side Club, is an early tech adopter with more than 30 years of experience in film, television music, and games. He created his first digital fine art in 1994, including Hempwork, the first cannabis digital fine art ever created, available on OpenSea as an NFT. In addition, he also plans to offer 26 more collections.


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