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WAGMI United Confirms Plans To Launch New NFTs This Week

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WAGMI United, an avant-garde investment dedicated to bringing Web3’s innovative ideas and passionate communities to the sports industry, has confirmed plans to launch new non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection mid-this week.

In a July 4 blog post, WAGMI United  confirmed ready plans to unleash a new NFT collection this Wednesday, July 6. The crypto investment firm hinted about the NFTs project earlier last week.

At the time, WAGMI announced a new partnership with Adidas, a global leader in the sporting goods industry. The new partnership will see the two brands team creating new NFTs for its Crawley Town Football Club. According to the joint team, the new NFTs will allow sport fans have personal role in shaping the future of the sports team.

In April 2022, WAGMI United announced the successful acquisition of Crawley Town Football Club in League Two of the English Premier League, becoming the first Web3 firm to own a professional sports team. WAGMI United anticipates creating a global digital community of fans around the club and empowering them with governance voice in team decision-making.

WAGMI NFTs Utility

The highly anticipated NFTs in partnership with Adidas will play a vital role in turning the proposed ideas into practical shape. Those NFTs will give sports fans seamless access to club perks, including redeeming their physical items created by Adidas.

WAGMI NFTs will give holders an exclusive chance to vote on leadership in the sports club, including appointments of Club Chairmen and WAGMI United co-founders. Furthermore, the first-of-its-kind NFTs will give sports fans a deeper and more interactive experience.

Nonetheless, WAGMI United co-founders Preston Johnson and Eben Smith will decide whether to keep those roles if the Crawley Town sports club will not qualify for League One in the next season. While commenting about the NFT project, Johnson said:

“There are some traditional sports teams claiming to be ‘community-owned.’ But what do fans get? A piece of paper they can frame on their wall? We think they deserve more than that.”

“We want Crawley Town FC to be a community club that reaches anyone with an internet connection. Doing that means giving our fans a real voice in decisions that make a difference on the field and meaningfully contributes to writing the next chapter in the club’s storied 125-year history.”

The Adidas’ New Partnership

Adidas joined the digital asset space in 2021, paving the way for creators, athletes, and fans to enter the Metaverse. Nonetheless, the new partnership with WAGMI will unlock more possibilities in the sports industry, allowing sports fans to build a deep sense of community and belonging around their favorite team. While commenting about the new partnership, Nick Craggs, the General Manager of Adidas, explained:

“Our partnership with WAGMI United has allowed us to work with Crawley Town FC. We’re excited to be providing Adidas products for the club, to be part of their community, and to support their future endeavors in the game.”

Under the new partnership, Adidas will become an official kit manufacturer and a parallel partner of Crawley Town Football Club. Notably, this is the first time for Adidas to have this kind of partnership with the League Two Club. According to WAGMI, the new integration it’s a true embodiment of “We Are Gonna Make It” ethos.


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