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Japan Gaming Giants Looking To Enter Play to Earn Space—Bright Days Ahead For Battle Infinity

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The video game industry is thriving in Japan, home to some of the world’s largest and most productive game producers. The island nation is home to the headquarters of a number of well-known companies, including Square Enix, Sony, and Nintendo, to mention just a few.

Now, it has been rumored that some of the top game producers in the country would start looking into play-to-earn (P2E) gaming as a potential new source of revenue and business prospects.

Strategic Partnerships to Propel Play-to-Earn

Even though P2E technology adoption has been gradual, it looks to be picking up steam as the sector has had sufficient time to expand and evolve. Square Enix’s Blockchain division head Yosuke Saito has today announced a partnership with P2E-focused blockchain platform Oasys. He said they were thrilled to be working alongside the Oasys team and the gaming community at large on this project.

They are looking forward to collecting insights that will help progress the production of all-new gameplay experiences that can be enjoyed by gamers all around the world as a result of this exciting cooperation, which is made possible by the fact that they both have a passion for Web3 gaming.

How this Affect Play-to-Earn Games Like Battle Infinity?

This is fantastic news for developers and projects who are concentrating on the development of P2E experiences. Battle Infinity is a good example of a P2E developer that is going to reap significant benefits (IBAT).

Buy Battle Infinity

The project just concluded its presale and was made available on PancakeSwap, where it was met with overwhelming demand, shooting up by about 400% on its very first day.

By tokenizing assets in the form of NFTs, the project gives users the ability to construct their own fantasy sports teams using cards that can be easily purchased, sold, and traded. In addition, Battle Infinity is working on a collection of player-versus-player games known as player-versus-environment (P2E) games, which have already generated a good deal of buzz.

Despite the fact that the BSC-based IBAT token and Battle Infinity in general have already gotten a great deal of good investor reaction, it is feasible that they may garner even more support if more prominent and well-known gaming developers board the P2E train.

It is quite likely that this move will bring P2E technology to the forefront of the gaming industry, therefore allowing previously established initiatives such as Battle Infinity to flourish.

The play-to-earn gaming industry as a whole is still very new, and the concept has not yet demonstrated its viability. Fans will resort to P2E games to receive rewards for playing their favorite titles, and developers will race to build new games and experiences to avoid being left behind if Square Enix is able to demonstrate that the concept can work for larger titles.

However, if Square Enix is able to show that the concept can work for larger titles, the entire sector will likely explode.

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