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Is Samoyed Coin Market Cap Surge Going To Be Bigger Than Tamadoge?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Over the course of the past year, meme coins have come to dominate the cryptocurrency market.
Samoyed coin is an example of a meme coin that has seen a surge in popularity over the course of
the past year (SAMO). The fact that Samoyed coins are generated on the Solana blockchain is what
sets them apart from other cryptocurrencies.

Samoyed Sees a Spike

In October of the previous year, SAMO achieved its all-time high price of $0.236. However, it has
been struck a tremendous hit by the bear market of 2022, and as a result, its values have fallen by
around 95% from their all-time highs.

Despite this, SAMO’s early investors are still seeing significant returns on their investments. The coin
has seen gains of 82% so far this year, and it has increased by more than 1300% since April of last

One of the low-cap cryptocurrencies is SAMO. According to this statistic, it has a market valuation of
around 34 million dollars, which places it as the 507th biggest cryptocurrency.

Due to the way in which it encourages scalability through high speeds and minimal fees, Solana has
been regarded as one of the best blockchains currently available on the market.
Investors who are interested in purchasing a  Doge-themed  enterprise on the Solana blockchain are
the focus of Samoyed coin’s marketing efforts.

Users of Solana now have the opportunity to participate in the meme currency craze thanks to
Due to the growing use of the Solana blockchain, there is a chance that the price of SAMO may reach
$1. However, in terms of the overall wealth locked up, Solana is still behind Ethereum.

Many developers have joined the Ethereum network since it was founded because of the enormous
Ethereum community.

In addition, the Ethereum network is moving toward a proof-of-stake consensus, which, in the long
run, may alleviate the problem of sluggish transaction speeds and high transaction fees.

Does Tamadoge Have It In Itself To Surpass Samoyed?

Running on the Solana blockchain is what sets Samoyed coin unique from other cryptocurrencies. On
the other hand, another new meme coin has been released, and unlike Samoyed coin, it has higher
usefulness and fundamentals, which means it has the potential to make large gains in the future.

4 Crypto Games

A cryptocurrency known as Tamadoge is presently participating in a presale. There are now fewer
than forty percent of the presale tokens available due to the fact that the Tamadoge presale has
already collected more than nine million dollars.

Since it focuses on delivering utility by functioning as a play-to-earn network, Tamadoge is
generating a lot of attention due to the fact that it operates in this manner.

Within the Tamaverse, users are able to breed, care for, and engage in combat with their Tamadoge
pets. This Metaverse platform is known as the Tamaverse.

Players who prevail in competitions against one another are eligible for awards in the form of TAMA
tokens. TAMA has broken new ground by being the first meme coin to enter the increasingly popular
P2E market.

As a result of the projections made concerning the expansion of the blockchain gaming ecosystem, it
is possible that TAMA coins may see considerable price increases.

The limited quantity of 2 billion coins is yet another one of Tamadoge’s distinguishing characteristics.
This is in contrast to the majority of meme currencies, which often come in a large supply. Strong
token economics generate demand, which has the potential to fuel price improvements for TAMA.

One of the noteworthy aspects of Tamadoge is the fact that the team has a well-developed route
map. When the presale is finished, the team’s attention will be directed toward listing the tokens on
both centralized and decentralized markets.

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