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Invisible friends NFTs finally become visible

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Invisible friends: NFT
Invisible friends: NFT

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Every week, new projects enter NFT marketplaces. It’s an exciting time for the community members. To witness the project they’ve been following for so long, get minted.

However, it’s getting increasingly exhausting for everyone else to keep track of the next best NFT project. It takes some research to decide whether a project is good or bad. It’s a different story with Invisible Friends though.

The recently minted NFT project has fostered a lot of anticipation; from community members and hundreds of thousands of followers. So, what exactly is Invisible Friends?

Invisible Friends is an animated art NFT collection that features invisible characters who rock everything from basketball shoes, detective hats and even rocket launchers. Yes, they went all-in in the creative department.

The collection features 5000 animated NFTs -of which 3503 are already minted, and it’s not slowing down- created by “our internet friend”; Markus Magnusson.

The Creator

The fact that the NFT project was created by Markus Magnusson, is part of the reason why the project is so hyped. The acclaimed animator has a fabulous following- 215k on Instagram & 79.6k on Twitter.

Invisible Friends is not his first NFT project; he has sold several NFTs before. The Go Play Outside NFT created by him was sold for 6.60 ETH or $17,510.99 last month.

Random Character Narrative

Markus Magnusson has created the NFTs, but the collection is part of the Random Character Narrative. Random Character Narrative is a collection of animated generative projects.

How it started is an interesting story. So, James Curran or as he’s called SlimJim was working on SlimHoods, his NFT project. SlimHoods is an animated generative project as well & while working on it James had the thought: I want to use everything I was learning to help other animators do the same.

In hope to expand animated collections in the NFT space, which at the time was low, he collaborated with artists and launched the collective. Under the collective, the project SlimHoods was launched in October and two months after another project, MoodRollers appeared on the NFT marketplace.

The prices of these NFT projects saw an upside on the announcement of the third project, Invisible Friends.

The Artwork

In the most literal sense, the artwork is really simple. In a positive way of course. Even before launching, when the NFTs were teased on Twitter, I could only hold my excitement. If you are even mildly interested in purchasing an NFT, you’ll find yourself hooked up to this collection and get on the white list asap.

The artwork is in the format of a gif and looks very crisp. The eye-catching artwork does not overwhelm you but makes you feel relaxed. Before you realise, you’ve already spent a couple of minutes staring at one. Along with the clean and lighthearted artwork, it’s the walk-cycles that hold our attention.

Expanding on that, Markus Magnusson said in a statement:

“ I think walk-cycles is just one of those things that infuse a lot of life immediately into a character without necessarily having to add a bunch of narratives. I think my main passion is really character design but then I also wanna have it come alive, hence why walk-cycles are great. Later on, it’s just become this thing where I try to perfect it. And it’s worked, if I go back 5-6 years the quality difference is quite significant.”

In essence, everything about the artwork makes it really distinctive, which is more the reason it has received much attention and following.

The Community

If you know NFTs, you know the community and the project are inseparable, almost co-dependent. For a project to succeed it needs to be backed by a community that supports it no matter what.

In the case of Invisible Friends, the community is the charm. To be a part of the Random Character Collective Discord server, which has over 288k users, is a big thing. The community is highly interactive and also has a mental health channel that encourages a positive vibe, an additional incentive to be part of the amazing community. As a member, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing memes and brilliant artworks, something definitely not to be skipped.

Additionally, the project’s Instagram handle has close to 150k followers and the engagement is impressive. If that were low, on Twitter, the project has a following of almost half a million. Yes, you heard that right, half a million and it’s just launched.

In all, it’s a great place to meet people, make friends and support an idea.

Owning an Invisible Friend

On 23rd Feb 2022, the NFT collection was made available to mint on the official website. By the time I am writing this, 3545 NFTs have already been minted. The mint price has been set to 0.25 ETH, which at the time is equivalent to $676.

Relatively speaking, the price seems very fair or even kinda cheap. Considering the rarity and popularity, there’s no fault in calling it a steal. But that’s my opinion. People on Twitter have expressed their views differently.

A Twitter handle, zeneca.eth said in a tweet: “I’ll buy as many Invisible Friends you have, right now, at 1 ETH. Sell me all you want. This is ridiculously cheap for the product they have, they could EASILY sell out at 2 eth – this is a respectable mint price, well below what the market would snap pay tbh.”

While this seems to be praising the project, another user; davidshinkle.x had to say: “Wow getting crazy now. $721 to mint? The fun slowly getting sucked out of NFTs. Only the wealthy I guess will be able to even Mint…Bad I think for NFTs/Crypto arena. Was fun when anyone could possibly get the next big NFT rising star. Greed sucks!! $3 million plus 10% royalties.”

In the broader picture, however, the project has received amazing appreciation. Soon the collection will be available on Opensea & hopefully receive an increase in the floor price.

In conclusion, it’s a great idea to get an Invisible Friend for yourself. For the artwork, the community and the artist.


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