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Investors Predict High Returns in New Stake-to-Earn Crypto Presale – Next 10x Crypto Gem?

Investors Predict High Returns in New Stake-to-Earn Crypto Presale - Next 10x Crypto Gem?
Investors Predict High Returns in New Stake-to-Earn Crypto Presale - Next 10x Crypto Gem?

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Investors are rushing to the Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) presale, which has already raised over $1 million, anticipating significant returns from its unique staking mechanism.

Furthermore, the strong support for the Bitcoin BSC presale reflects the cryptocurrency community’s growing interest in innovative staking solutions and their eagerness to participate in potential high-reward opportunities.

Bitcoin BSC surpasses $1 million in presale as the new stake-to-earn option

As Bitcoin’s future remains uncertain, traders are increasingly drawn to a newly emerging alternative that takes inspiration from Bitcoin and is seen as a potential source of substantial returns.

Traders are swiftly participating in the presale of Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) due to their belief in its unique staking mechanism, which they anticipate will create a supply shortage in the open market, leading to a sudden surge in its price upon token launch. At the moment, $BTCBSC is available for presale on at a price of $0.99.

Impressively, the Bitcoin BSC project has achieved a strong start by raising over $1 million within its initial week. Bitcoin BSC is a freshly launched project that reimagines Bitcoin within the Binance BNB Smart Chain ecosystem.

It’s a BEP-20 token that seamlessly integrates with a wide range of crypto wallets, DApps, DeFi protocols, and more. Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) follows the success of recent Bitcoin derivatives like BTC 2.0 and BTC20, which delivered a 5x return for early adopters during their peak performance.

What further distinguishes Bitcoin BSC is its cost-effective transaction system on the BSC blockchain, offering more affordable transaction fees compared to both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, Bitcoin BSC is touted as an eco-friendlier choice, consuming less than 0.01% of the energy compared to Bitcoin.

Earning passively with Bitcoin BSC staking: Reason behind investors’ 10x return expectations

Staking offers token holders the opportunity to earn rewards in proportion to the number of coins they deposit into a staking smart contract and the duration of their staking commitment. This staking feature not only provides price support but also delivers positive capital returns and income yields to network participants

Bitcoin BSC staking is currently active, even before the coin is listed on the decentralized exchange. What sets Bitcoin BSC staking apart is its transparent structure, avoiding the complexities associated with protocols like Terra Luna, which encountered issues, tarnishing the reputation of staking.

The Bitcoin BSC whitepaper clarifies the source of reward tokens, allocating 69% of the total token supply to reward distributions. Similar to BTC20, Bitcoin BSC emulates the block production process of the original Bitcoin, harking back to 2011, when Bitcoin was priced at around $1.

Consequently, the price of $BTCBSC is set at $0.99, with a corresponding block production rate and a reward cessation timeframe of 120 years. Stakers receive rewards based on their share of the overall staking pool and the duration of their stake.

Out of the 21 million total supply, 6,125,000 tokens are available in the presale, with the remainder scheduled for release over the next 120 years. Currently, over half a million $BTCBSC tokens have been staked by token holders, offering an impressive annual percentage yield of 434%.

This yield percentage will gradually decrease as more coins enter the pool. Similar to Bitcoin’s block production schedule, new $BTCBSC rewards are distributed every 10 minutes. The yield for $BTCBSC, operating on the BNB Smart Chain, spans a 120-year period in alignment with Bitcoin block confirmations.

In total, 69% of the token supply is designated for reward distribution. There’s a 7-day lock-in period for staked coins, and to begin earning yield before the presale concludes, purchasers must use BNB for payment. You can monitor the number of token holders participating in staking through the real-time Bitcoin BSC staking dashboard.

Experts anticipate a minimum 10x return on $BTCBSC when the token is listed on decentralized exchanges. This projection is grounded in the expectation that the majority of tokens will be staked, creating a supply shortage in the open market.

With most tokens locked in staking contracts, newcomers may need to pay significantly higher prices after the token’s launch, potentially resulting in up to 20x returns for early adopters. Consequently, investors stand to benefit from both $BTCBSC rewards and the increasing value of the $BTCBSC token.

Compelling reasons why investors are turning to Bitcoin BSC

  • It is built on a proof-of-stake protocol, which is more scalable, cheaper, and efficient than Bitcoin’s proof-of-work protocol.
  • It is built on BNB Smart Chain, which has much lower transaction fees and faster transaction speeds than Bitcoin.
  • It is an application layer, which means it can be used to develop a wider variety of applications than Bitcoin.
  • It offers staking rewards, which allow you to earn passive income by depositing your tokens.

As a result of these advantages, Bitcoin BSC has the potential to be a more attractive investment than Bitcoin. You can buy Bitcoin BSC with BNB, ETH, or USDT, and the minimum purchase amount is $10.

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