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How To Buy Bitcoin BSC On Presale – Alessandro De Crypto Video Review

How To Buy Bitcoin BSC On Presale - Alessandro De Crypto Video Review
How To Buy Bitcoin BSC On Presale - Alessandro De Crypto Video Review

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Popular crypto YouTuber and trader Alessandro De Crypto reviewed the Bitcoin BSC presale and how to buy BTCBSC with a crypto wallet.

In his comprehensive analysis, Alessandro De Crypto explores the key features, potential risks, and strategies for maximizing returns during the Bitcoin BSC presale. Additionally, he simplifies the process of acquiring BTCBSC, making it accessible to a broader audience of crypto investors.

Alessandro De Crypto’s guide to acquiring Bitcoin BSC

The opportunity to purchase Bitcoin for less than a dollar may have faded into history, but there’s a new contender on the horizon—BTCBSC. This cryptocurrency project aims to mirror the success of Bitcoin while offering several unique advantages.

Alessandro De Crypto, a well-known figure in the crypto world, has crafted a comprehensive guide on how to buy and stake Bitcoin BSC during its presale. In this article, we’ll break down the five simple steps he recommends for investors looking to seize this opportunity.

Step 1: Download a crypto wallet

To embark on this presale journey, you’ll need a crypto wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. These options are highly secure and come in the form of mobile apps or desktop browser extensions.

Step 2: Fund your wallet with crypto

Subsequently, investors must have cryptocurrency stored in their wallets, which they can later convert into BTCBSC. BNB, ETH, or USDT is necessary for this purpose, and MetaMask provides users with the option to acquire these tokens directly on its platform.

This can be done through reputable third-party applications like MoonPay and Mercuryo or by transferring them from a cryptocurrency exchange. Regardless of the cryptocurrency chosen, it is advisable to keep a small amount of BNB in the wallet to cover transaction fees (gas fees) and also for potential staking rewards.

Step 3: Connect to the BTCBSC website

Visit, select ‘Connect Wallet,’ opt for MetaMask, enter your password, and connect to the presale site. If you opt for BNB, you will be prompted to switch chains, a necessary action

Step 4: Purchase BTCBSC

Specify the quantity of BNB you intend to invest or the amount of BTCBSC you wish to acquire. It’s worth noting that there is a minimum purchase requirement of $10 or 10 BTCBSC.

Once you’ve entered the desired amount and factored in the gas fee (typically under $3), you’ll have the choice to either ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Buy and Stake.’ Opting for the first option means the tokens won’t be immediately added to the staking pool; instead, they’ll be held until the presale concludes.

Afterward, you can claim, hold, stake, or sell them on exchanges following the launch.

Step 5: Stake your BTCBSC

Alternatively, you can select ‘Buy and Stake,’ immediately placing your purchased tokens into the staking pool. This option allows you to start earning APY right from the beginning. Keep in mind that staked BTCBSC tokens come with a minimum locking period of seven days.

Boost your earnings with BTCBSC’s high APY staking

BTCBSC, with its exceptional scalability, cost-efficiency, and eco-friendly attributes, holds an immediate edge over BTC. While Bitcoin primarily serves as a digital store of value with limited real-world utility, BTCBSC introduces a game-changing opportunity for token holders to stake their assets and reap substantial rewards.

As of the latest update, the staking pool has recently opened and remains relatively small, offering an impressive estimated Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 615%. However, it’s worth noting that this APY is expected to decrease as more tokens become locked in the pool.

In contrast to well-established Proof of Stake (PoS) tokens like Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana, which typically offer staking rewards ranging from 5% to 10%, newer staking tokens like XRP20 and BTC20 have set a high bar by providing returns between 40% to 60% upon their launch.

The BTCBSC project is poised to distribute 0.25 BTCBSC per block, with a significant 69% of its maximum supply earmarked for the staking pool. Following a page from Bitcoin’s book, BTCBSC adheres to a 120-year unlocking schedule, ensuring a promising future for the project.

This extended timeline gives investors a compelling reason to hold onto their tokens, as rewards accrue over the long haul. Stakers should bear in mind the minimum seven-day locking period, emphasizing the commitment required for participation in this lucrative opportunity.

Crypto expert’s forecast 10x gains for Bitcoin BSC

Following a strong start to its presale, Bitcoin BSC has drawn the attention of both Alessandro De Crypto and well-known crypto analyst and YouTuber Jacob Bury. In a recent video, Bury discussed the cryptocurrency’s potential for delivering returns that are ten times the initial investment, highlighting the significance of its Stake-to-Earn feature.

Jacob Bury is known for his ability to identify promising opportunities in early presales, often earning the endorsement of other respected YouTubers. As a result, it is likely that Bitcoin BSC will receive increased coverage from influencers and media outlets in the coming days, potentially contributing to its presale success.

To explore options for investing in low-cap cryptocurrencies, check out our guide to the best selections for purchase.

Bitcoin BSC’s thorough security assessment for investment protection

The development team responsible for this project has taken significant measures to safeguard investors’ funds. An audit of the project’s smart contract, conducted by the security firm Coinsult, has revealed no vulnerabilities or centralization risks, providing investors with protection against potential fraudulent activities.

Additionally, the token’s BEP-20 design ensures that investors can easily trade and store it using well-known cryptocurrency applications like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Considering the successful completion of its audit and its coverage in leading cryptocurrency news outlets such as Cointelegraph and NewsBTC, we can affirm the legitimacy of Bitcoin BSC.

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