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Incubation Quasar raises $6 million in Seed Funding

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Advanced Blockchain AG, a famous venture builder in the blockchain industry, announced raising $6 million in seed funding by its incubation Quasar. The Germany-based investment company announced the development in a blog post relayed on its official handle. 

According to Advanced Blockchain AG, Quasar successfully raised the seed funding through the aid of numerous venture capitals. Reportedly, the leaders of the funding round include Blockchain Capital and Polychain Capital. Other participants are Galileo, Lightshift Capital, and Figment Capital.

Incubation Quasar was a subsidiary of Advanced Blockchain AG. It will henceforth function as an autonomous entity of the venture builder. This development emanated from Advanced Blockchain’s steps toward accelerating the initial phases of its project development. According to findings, the move was led by the CEO of Incubation Quasar, Valentin Pletnev.

Reportedly, Incubation Quasar is successfully trying to unveil the testnet by the first week of August. Recall that the protocol recently repurchased the total intellectual property set devised through collaboration with AB. Labs, another subsidiary of Advanced Blockchain’s Incubation. According to reports, Quasar paid the initial incubation fees to affect its autonomy.

According to Valentin Pletnev, his team is delighted to successfully carry out the seed funding round. Pletnev appreciated all the investors for showing faith in Quasar by participating in the round. 

The CEO further announced that Quasar now functions as an autonomous protocol, thanking Advanced Blockchain for its support so far. He added that his team looks forward to the imminent testnet unveiling. Additionally, Pletnev reaffirms the commitment of Quasar to revamping the future of decentralized finance.

Similarly, the CEO of Advanced Blockchain AG, Simon Telian, revealed that Quasar has been running as an autonomous entity since last May. Telian commended Quasar’s CEO for his efforts toward accelerating the project’s growth. The Advanced Blockchain CEO further wished Quasar well in its quest to unveil the testnet and full feature release in August.

Notably, Quasar now intends to run vaults capable of flowing liquidity without hindrance. According to the protocol, such development will allow retail investors to invest their virtual assets. Reportedly, the vaults will function differently via a different IBC-oriented chain. 

The vault will help consolidate deployed capital control to vault owners. Also, the protocol is accelerating efforts toward ensuring that the holders of its native token, $QSR, can initiate their vaults. As revealed, this will be possible by allowing them to lock their tokens, create a strategy and earn revenue for their efforts.


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