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IMPT Presale Raises $1.8 Million in Just 3 Days— Most Successful Crypto Presale by Far

IMPT Token Presale raised 1 million—here’s What You Need to Know
IMPT Token Presale raised 1 million—here’s What You Need to Know

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In the most recent few months, there has been a lot of talk regarding the influence that cryptocurrencies have on the environment, and many initiatives have been competing to demonstrate why they are the most environmentally friendly and what credentials they have. The recent news and excitement around Ethereum’s upcoming switch from proof of work to proof of stake served as the impetus for our conversation.

It’s only logical that people would be pleased if they knew that the most popular and widely used cryptocurrencies weren’t harming the environment, as environmental protection is a fundamental part of our society.

When taking into account the net impact on the environment proportional to the magnitude of the project, the IMPT team may be developing one of the greenest cryptocurrencies currently in existence.

The Least Energy Consuming Cryptocurrency

New cryptocurrency IMPT aims to encourage users to cut down on carbon output by streamlining the management of carbon credits on the blockchain. The existing system for managing carbon credits is cumbersome and time-consuming because of all the bureaucracy and paperwork required.

In addition, since existing carbon credit management systems are tailored only for businesses, the vast majority of carbon credits are under the control of corporations.

The intention of IMPT is to alter this by making it simple for everyone, from the largest oil polluting companies to the average person, to monitor and control their carbon footprint. IMPT will greatly simplify the process of monitoring and controlling one’s energy consumption by taking the concept of carbon credits and placing them on a blockchain.

Day 3 of Presale: IMPT Raises $1.5 Million

Over $1.5 million has been raised in the first three days of the project’s presale. This is evident enough that there is a lot of interest in the project, and the community has been steadily expanding day by day. Those who opt to participate in the presale sooner will reap the most profits when the price of IMPT skyrockets over time.

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IMPT’s Unique Way of giving back to Investors

IMPT users may get cash back on their purchases from any of the more than 10,000 ESG-friendly businesses that IMPT supports. In this way, IMPT may be saved, traded, or even used to manufacture NFT carbon credits on the blockchain.

It is the company’s aim that by handling carbon credits in this manner, and especially by placing them on-chain as NFTs, the whole carbon credit sector can be streamlined and carbon footprint management for both individuals and businesses may be simplified.

2022 The Year of the Most Successful Cryptocurrency Presales

Experts suggest more warning indicators for impending sales if the 2022 cryptocurrency market was dismal. For instance, after raising $ 19 million in its ICO, Tamadoge had a jump of more than 100% in its first 24 hours of trading on OKX. In addition, the New Cryptocurrencies section of CoinMarketCap consistently brings to light freshly listed cryptocurrencies that are witnessing double-digit growth in their first few days and weeks, far outperforming others to the moon.

In this case, whether or not IMPT ends up being in the league of one of these alt coins only time will tell. With a solid foundation, and its pre-sale starting on an optimistic note, it is on track to join this league of super-successful crypto presales depending on the first quotations.

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