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IMPT Presale Day 4: More than $2 Million Raised—Where to Buy?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Visit IMPT presale
Visit IMPT presale

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At the start of the month, there was a great deal of optimism in the cryptocurrency market due to the widespread belief that, as in previous years, October would bring about huge gains. Despite this storyline, crypto prices have yet to fully recover from the bear market of 2018.

Despite the bad market, shrewd investors are constantly on the lookout for the next great cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies like IMPT are one example. IMPT is experiencing one of its most successful pre-sales ever.

IMPT’s Pre-Sale Raises More Than $2 Million

Although the IMPT token was just made available to investors only four days ago, it has quickly become the market leader because to the overwhelming interest in the venture. Pre-orders for IMPT have surpassed $2 million, and they’re quickly approaching the next goal of $3 million.

Funding for the IMPT presale has reached about 10% of its goal. There is a fixed $10.8 million ceiling for the presale. The first step of three has just begun, and the price will go up with each succeeding stage. Pre-sale access to IMPT is available online.

On October 3, 2022, the presale began, and it has already been incredibly successful. Funds totaling $250,000 were raised in the first day of the presale. Pre-sale phase one currently has IMPT priced as $0.018. If the presale continues at its current rate, all remaining tokens might be purchased in under a month.

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Expect Exponential Gains in IMPT

Recent hype around IMPT suggests investors see it as a possible next big thing in the cryptocurrency market. Impact Project’s native token, or IMPT, is used across the ecosystem. The company’s whitepaper states that their ultimate goal is to provide a safe and convenient means by which any individual or organization may reduce their carbon footprint.

The IMPT token will be used in conjunction with a tokenization platform for carbon credits to help the Impact Project achieve its aims. Tokens that can only be used once to purchase carbon credits are possible (NFTs).

Carbon credit exchanges based on NFTs are also provided through the Impact Project. Businesses and people that have reduced their carbon footprint through this program will be eligible to receive financial incentives for their efforts.

This project has all the makings of the next big thing in the crypto scene, thanks to its robust foundations. There are hundreds of other environmental sustainability projects working alongside this one.

It’s worth noting that several major retailers are concentrating on increasing their share of eco-friendly goods. In this way, as the initiative continues to build alliances, carbon credits will become available to platform users. Buying or making purchases on the platform will earn users carbon credits.

The fact that the Impact Project operates on the Ethereum blockchain is another fascinating aspect of the initiative. Last month, Ethereum made the move to a proof-of-stake consensus, which drastically cut its energy consumption.

Non-fungible tokens have also been incorporated into the Impact Project (NFTs). When a user buys a carbon credit, the platform will convert it into a token and provide it to them as a utility token. In this way, carbon credits are not wasted twice.

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