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How Quint Connects Metaverse to Real World Luxury?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Quint founders donate $16 million
Quint founders donate $16 million

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When we think of the metaverse, our minds go straight to the digital. Our focus moves to the digital articles to enjoy within the virtual world. But there is one crypto project out there pushing the boundaries of the metaverse and leveraging it for the physical space. Quint connects metaverse to real-world luxury in unique ways – and in this article, we explore how.

Quint’s Unique NFT Marketplace to Make NFTs Tangible

While no one can deny the tangible profits that best NFTs can bring, there is just so much more to luxury than just digital artwork. That is why the Quint team has created the Boutique NFT marketplace.

Quint NFT Marketplace

The purpose of this marketplace is to give consumers more than just simple NFTs. These tokenized assets will be personalized to the holders in more ways than one. That is, not only will they exist as great assets to show off in the virtual world, but they also are made tangible.

But how? The Quint team has teamed up with creative minds with an eye for luxury that helps it install the freshly minted NFTs into Token frames and deliver them to the holder’s doorstep.

These Token frames will be made from customized, high-end materials that you could hang on your walls to show off. Suppose you bought a 3D animated art NFT that you know will look better on devices other than your phone screens. You buy it from the Boutique NFT marketplace. Once you mint it, the team will put it on a Token Frame with a screen and deliver it to you.

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Quint Brings a “Super” Spin to Staking with Real Life Rewards

Crypto staking has always been a great way to generate passive incomes and get passive rewards. However, the issue with those legacy systems is that those rewards are often minuscule. They don’t offer more than regular APYs, and the locking period is sometimes so long that the ROI doesn’t feel worth it.

Quint’s super staking pools are different. While they do provide high APY rewards, they also yield real-life incentives such as:

  1. Complementary stays in your dream destinations: Lock your QUINT tokens in the pool and enjoy a dream vacation.
  2. Property purchases: If you are interested in buying properties in places like Dubai, Quint is your way to get a discount.
  3. Hotel bookings: Get huge discounts when booking stays in 5-star hotels.

The luxury rewards don’t end with this, there are spas, supercars, and much more on the cards, and the offers have just started.

Fractional Ownership to Real-world Properties

Quint’s DeFi system will allow the super staking pool stakers to become fractional owners of real-world luxury real estate. It will let the Total Values Locked (TVL) have real-world assets to back them instead of being overleveraged by borrowing tokens from a partner DeFi. That’s what make quit differentiate itself from many metaverse cryptos.

The Real-World Utilities of Metaverse Begin Here

For too long, people have only seen metaverse as a tool for socialization and branding in the virtual world. Yes, it keeps people connected and redefines brandings, but this technology’s real-world perks are so much more. Quint may be one of the first metaverse projects that want to tear down the virtual barriers and bring these utilities into the physical space.

It would be nice to see how this project grows. But for now, to know more about this project, refer to our how-to buy Quint guide.

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