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Hottest New Crypto Listing to Watch on Uniswap DEX

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The Burn Kenny presale has hit its hard cap, and KENNY will be listed on Uniswap DEX at 6pm, followed by a 30% token burn. New coin listings on Uniswap tend to experience explosive growth, with traders eagerly entering positions driven by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Their hope is to acquire a newly launched cryptocurrency asset at a low price before it skyrockets to achieve substantial gains of 10x, 100x, or even more. This trend is particularly evident in meme tokens, given the current market conditions.

An example of this phenomenon is the South Park-themed meme token Burn Kenny (KENNY), which rapidly sold out its low cap presale within just three days. Its launch took place on Thursday with a target of $500,000, and by Sunday, all tokens were sold out.

For those interested in staying updated on Burn Kenny’s latest developments before its initial DEX offering (IDO), visit for links to the project’s socials. Find the list of the latest memecoins to watch in 2023 here.

New Crypto IDO: Today’s Top Opportunity to Watch

$KENNY’s IDO on Uniswap is set for an exciting launch at 16:00 UTC / 18:00 CET on July 24, today. The chosen time aims to accommodate a wide range of traders, similar to its successful presale launch strategy. Due to the combination of a low market cap and extensive marketing, many meme coin traders missed out on Burn Kenny’s presale.

This scenario is likely to lead to a surge in buying volume during its IDO on Monday, as early participants on Uniswap eagerly acquire the new crypto token. $KENNY token liquidity has been securely locked with for an impressive duration of three months, providing an additional safeguard against potential post-IDO price fluctuations.

During the Burn Kenny presale, $KENNY was offered at a fixed low price of $0.0001875 per token, rather than employing multiple price stages. This strategic decision ensures that early participants won’t feel compelled to make immediate profit-taking moves.

A substantial 40% of the total supply, which amounts to 2,666,666,666 $KENNY tokens, was allocated to the presale phase. Moreover, as stated in the project’s Twitter and whitepaper, 30% of the Burn Kenny token supply will be progressively burned over a span of three days after the Uniswap listing.

This deflationary mechanism could play a pivotal role in supporting the price of $KENNY following its IDO, offering potential benefits to token holders. With careful planning and innovative tokenomics, $KENNY shows promising potential for sustained growth and value appreciation following its IDO.

Burn Kenny IDO Highly Experienced Marketing Team

The marketing team has initiated a strong promotional campaign, featuring Burn Kenny across numerous reputable news outlets in the industry, including CryptoPotato, Cryptonews, Finbold, and Cointelegraph.

Additionally, the project has gained significant exposure on leading crypto news publications and high-traffic price tracking sites like CoinGecko and DEXScreener, reaching millions of traders. This extensive outreach is likely to generate substantial interest in Burn Kenny’s Uniswap listing today, scheduled for 18:00 CET.

Notably, the listing coincides with the Worldcoin ICO on Binance, attracting traders who are actively monitoring the crypto market. Furthermore, the popular cryptocurrency Telegram group ‘Crypto Whale Pumps’ has assembled a comprehensive guide for participating in crypto IDOs and ICOs, providing valuable insights on setting exit points for profit-taking.

To participate in the $KENNY IDO, traders will need ETH and a crypto wallet to connect to Uniswap. It is crucial to follow official links posted by the team or use DEXTools for secure transactions. Visit the DEXTools link to trade $KENNY here at 18:00 CET.

The DEXTools link has already been shared, and trading is scheduled to commence simultaneously with the ability to claim Burn Kenny presale tokens at 18:00 CET. With such an extensive and well-executed marketing campaign, Burn Kenny has laid a strong foundation for an explosive week ahead.


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