Hidden Bitcoin ‘Waiting to Be Discovered’ in No Man’s Sky Game

No Man’s Sky

A Bitcoin treasure hunt has been organized by two brothers, fans of the online video game No Man’s Sky, who hid approximately $30 worth of Bitcoin on two of the planets within the game’s ecosystem.   

Let the Bitcoin Treasure Hunt Begin

It goes without saying that there are plenty of different ways for Bitcoin to find mainstream adoption and video games are surely amongst them.

Two brothers, players of the online game No Man’s Sky have taken the opportunity to hide a relatively small amount of Bitcoin within the game’s ecosystem.

While it may sound fairly straightforward, it’s noteworthy that the game has more than 18 quintillion planets in its universe, spread across 256 galaxies. Hence, finding the hidden gem might be quite the challenge.

In order for the player to access the cryptocurrency, they’d have to find two different Comms Stations (there is one station per planet). Reportedly, the stations are labeled, so players will know the order of the seed, which is essentially the private key needed to access the wallet where the cryptocurrency is stored.

The creators of the hunt have already made it clear that players need to be on the Normal mode of the game so that they can interact with the Comms Station and that it is solely active on the PC version of the game.

Hiding Bitcoin Online

We’ve already witnessed plenty of clever ways to hide Bitcoin in different online releases. Most notably there are the popular Bitcoin puzzles which reward users for putting the bits and pieces together.

One of them appeared back in 2015, designed by Marguerite deCourcelle. The puzzle contained 5 BTC as a reward for the one who manages to crack it. It wasn’t until 2018 when a programmer managed to solve it.

Another puzzle appeared more recently, which holds 1 BTC of a reward. That one has yet to be solved.

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Images courtesy of Flickr, nomanssky.wikia.com

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